Supreme Commander 2 [EN] Cooperative Guide

Supreme Commander 2 [EN] Cooperative Guide 1 -
Supreme Commander 2 [EN] Cooperative Guide 1 -
In this guide, I will tell you in detail and explain how to play “simple” coop SC2


Introduction and setup

First, we need to download the archive, which contains all the files we need: – 
Supreme Commander 2 [EN] Cooperative Guide – 
Supreme Commander 2 [EN] Cooperative Guide 
Next, you need to unpack these folders into the game folder 
Note! This mod contains a file that will replace the original one, so for this we make a backup file or rename it (but you can also “Verify integrity of game files”) 
Supreme Commander 2 [EN] Cooperative Guide 
To do this, we need to go to the game folder, you can do this through Steam, or by finding the game along the way 
[Drive letter]:\[Steam]\steamapps\common\Supreme Commander 2\gamedata 
Supreme Commander 2 [EN] Cooperative Guide 
Next, find the lua.scd file and rename it, for example, to lua_original.scd (This is done for backup and the ability to play the original MP) 
After the steps have been taken, you can unpack the archive into the game folder 

Starting server


The important part is choosing – who is the host

Your main task is to move files and customize the lobby. Those who will connect to you do not need to do anything. 

First stage

Supreme Commander 2 [EN] Cooperative Guide 
The choice of the map is done here by leaving the desired file 
The most important thing is to know what is responsible for what in the title. 
SC2_CA_ is skipped and there is an important difference 

  • C – Cybran 
  • I – Illuminate 
  • U – UEF

The numbers next to it are the campaign mission number. 
After selecting the card on which you will play, this file remains in the folder, the rest are moved to another folder so that they are not in the list. 

Creating server

When creating a server, if you see this notification, it means that is working: 
Supreme Commander 2 [EN] Cooperative Guide 
Before starting the game, you need to do the following 

  • Victory Condition: Supremacy 
  • Spawn Position: Fixed

It is advisable not to change the rest. 
Supreme Commander 2 [EN] Cooperative Guide 
After that you need to find a map [4]Iskellian Coast (2v2) Without minimap  
Next, you need to add the required number of bots for the current map. 
You can find out the required amount on the NexusMods website, the table below, or on my –

Mission №UEFAeonCybran

Then you can invite your friends, and after that something like this should come out: 
Supreme Commander 2 [EN] Cooperative Guide 
The rest will put the mod as needed 

Notes (edit)


  • When partners appear, their spawn consists of ACU and two engineers. 
  • By adding bots as mates, they will stand still and do nothing. 
  • Co-op only up to 4 players. 
  • The maps remain from the original, and are not adapted for the co-op. 
  • For the lobby creator, in some missions, his units may be under the map. 
  • Upon completion of the mission, the original single player menu is shown. 
  • – 
  • Some missions have problems with the passage due to scripts that are not designed for this. Below is a list of levels that can be passed:
Mission №UEFAeonCybran
  • Basically, this bug is the cut-scene stop at some point, which is why the game cannot be continued, as in missions 3 and 4 for UEF.


By Kolzar

Here we come to an end for Supreme Commander 2 [EN] Cooperative Guide hope you enjoy it. If you think we forget something to include or we should make an update to the post let us know via comment, and we will fix it asap! Thanks and have a great day!

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