Superfighters Deluxe Achievements Guide – WIP

Superfighters Deluxe Achievements Guide – WIP 1 -
Superfighters Deluxe Achievements Guide – WIP 1 -

SuperFighters Deluxe – unofficial achievements!

Thank you for visiting this guide! Here I have collected many achievements that could be in SFD.

Achievements of superfighter

1. Already a Superfighter

Create your first superfighter!

2. Rich selection!

Collect all the available items for the look of your superfighter!

3. Novice killer

Kill your first five enemies.

4. A good start!

Win your first battle.

5. Serial killer

Kill at least three enemies in one round.

6. I was just lucky!

Win 3 rounds in a row!

7. An ordinary killer

Kill at least 25 enemies.

8. Where is my trophy?

Win 100 fights!

9. And we are well done!

Win your first battle in a team with a teammate!


Tier 1

Complete the first list of Challenges!

Tier 2

Complete the second list of Challenges!

Tier 3

Complete the third list of Challenges!

It’s a pity Superfighters don’t fly…

Complete the “Rocket rider 1” and “Rocket rider 2”


1. Boxer

Kill at least 25 enemies with your fists.

2. Handgun expert

Kill at least 50 enemies with Handgun type weapons.

3. Rifle expert

Kill at least 50 enemies with Rifles.

4. Thrower

Kill at least 50 enemies with a throw.


1. This piece of iron wanted to kill us?

Complete the campaign: Operation Sunrise.

2. Will we get into television?

Complete the campaign: Prime Time in Sunny City.

3. Sunglasses on the floor.

Complete the campaign: Escape From Percent 9.

Prime Time in Sunny City.

Unusual achievements

1. Hunter

Turn at least 30 Doves into minced meat!

2. And here’s Johnny!

Destroy at least 50 wooden objects with an axe.

3. They are hate you!

Kill at least 120 enemies with grab.

4. And here is my workplace!

Go to the map editor for the first time.

5. I thought it was delivery!

Destroy at least 25 Streetsweepers!

6. Wow! Is this for me?

Open at least 15 supply crates.

7. Today for lunch – Meatgrinder!

Kill the Meatgrinder.

8. Have you seen my mine?

Blow up on your own mine.

9. I was stronger

Kill the enemy who used Strength boost, without running away from him.

Written by luminous

Here we come to an end for Superfighters Deluxe Achievements Guide – WIP hope you enjoy it. If you think we forget something to include or we should make an update to the post let us know via comment, and we will fix it asap! Thanks and have a great day!

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