SUPER PEOPLE CBT New players beginner’s guide

SUPER PEOPLE CBT New players beginner’s guide 1 -
SUPER PEOPLE CBT New players beginner’s guide 1 -

This guide is provided to you by Super People Wiki – [] . The original guide can be found here – []  . It covers all the essential information for new players to jump into the game and chase their first “Super Sweet” – winning a game of Super People.

Welcome to Super People

SUPER PEOPLE CBT New players beginner's guide - Welcome to Super People - B23E4D4
Super People is an online multiplayer battle royale shooter game developed by Wonder People. In the game, players parachute onto an island where they find weapons and equipment to jump in a battle to be the last one standing. The available play area shrinks while an ice storm is incoming. Each player is playing with a special super-soldier, having 9 unique abilities and one ultimate ability. Super People has 12 classes of which players can choose:

  • Driver
  • Firearms Expert
  • Gas Soldier
  • Gatling Soldier
  • Marine
  • Nuclear
  • Seeker
  • Shotgun Master
  • Sniper
  • Strike Force
  • SWAT
  • Teleporter


Game Modes

First of all, players need to pick their game mode depending on their preference – Third-Person Perspective (TPP) or First-Person Perspective (FPP). Then, they have to decide whether they want to play alone (Solo) or with team mates – squads of up to 4 or duo. A game within the same game mode will be started.
TPP players cannot play against FPP players and also team size will be the same for all teams in the game (solo, duo or squad). A single exception is for Squad where you can select the size of your squad.

Beginning of a Match

In the beginning of a match, players are put in a warm-up zone where they can choose their class and see the helicopters’ path. A random class is assigned to each player, which can be discarded for a random one for 100 gold or players can select their class for 500 gold.
After the warm-up period, the players are put in the helicopters from which they decide when and where to parachute. Often, new players choose to jump in locations with lower density in order to be able to get equipped with weapons and gear before going into action and some experienced players decide to go in the action directly with their landing.

The Loot

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As soon as you land, you need to start looking for guns and gear. Most of the loot will be found in buildings so pick one, enter it and start going from room to room in order to find the stuff you need.
In order to be able to loot more stuff, you need to increase the capacity of your inventory. There are two types of items that will help you with this – backpacks and vests. It is just as important to find a weapon early, especially if other players have landed near your landing spot. The gear in Super People can be divided into the following categories:

  • Weapons
  • Attachments
  • Ammo
  • Equipment
  • Consumables
  • Throwables
  • Capsules
  • Materials

Make sure you don’t fill your backpack with stuff you don’t need – ammo for weapons you don’t use or materials that won’t help you. Additionally, there are vehicles you can find on the map to help you transport you and your teammates to the safe area.

Leveling up, Capsules and Crafting

SUPER PEOPLE CBT New players beginner's guide - Leveling up, Capsules and Crafting - 3593DF6
Leveling in Super People is an essential part of the game. Your character can level up to level 27 and each level opens up an ability. Abilities are split into 3 groups – red, blue and green. The fastest way to level up is if you find and consume capsules. There are 5 kinds of capsules in Super People:

  • Red – Unlocks 1 Level of Red Perks
  • Blue – Unlocks 1 Level of Blue Perks
  • Green – Unlocks 1 Level of Green Perks
  • White – Adds 2 Levels to random abilities
  • Golden – Unlocks a random ability to Level 3

Another important part of Super People is crafting as your weapons and equipment also have levels. Weapons, vests, helmets and backpacks can be upgraded up to Level 7. In order to do it, just find the required materials. To help you find materials, you have a detector which shows you the nearby materials on the mini map.

The Battle Begins

The goal of the game is to survive, while being pushed by the ice storm towards your opponents. There is no single valid winning strategy so you can pick your most favorable one – either engaging in battles or running from enemies, taking higher ground or hiding in the bushes. Just make sure you’re the last to survive and use your special abilities and an ultimate properly so you can have the advantage in every situation.
To learn more about the abilities and ultimates of every class, head to the classes section.
Using your weapons properly is a key aspect of winning fights in Super People. The different kinds of weapons can be divided into the following groups:
Close range:

  • Shotguns – high damage, but very close range
  • SMGs – low damage but high RPM (rounds per minute) and easier to control due to a low recoil

Mid range

  • Assault Rifles – these weapons have high damage but also higher recoil and are harder to master but will win most of the fights for you
  • DMRs – These rifles do high damage and are also good for mid to long range

Long range

  • Sniper Rifles – high damage, requiring high patience and accuracy


Gold & Crates

Around the map you’ll find gold and you can track your gold on the top right of your screen. You can use this gold for:

  • Changing your class at the beginning of a match
  • Revive killed teammates in battle
  • Open personalized crates

The personalized crate is a way to minimize your time to loot by having a personalized crate with your equipment of choice. This way, you can jump more quickly into battles without feeling your enemies are having advantage due to loot luck.

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