Subnautica Ultimate Base Location and Guide

Subnautica Ultimate Base Location and Guide 1 -
Subnautica Ultimate Base Location and Guide 1 -
I’ve seen many guides for Subnautica base locations, this is my take on the best location. Not a list, just what I think works best.



Subnautica Ultimate Base Location and Guide - Location 
So I’m going to keep this short and to the point. Outside the Jellyshroom cave entrance is the spot I recommend. In the Grassy Plateaus, near Lifepod 17 around coordinates (-513, -95, -43), it’s about 100 meters down. I build right by the rift leading into the Jellyshroom caves. 



  • If you build right next to the cave entrance and upgrade to a full range scanner room you can scan for all of the low level resources up top as well as some of the mid level resources in the jellyshroom cave from that base (magnetite and shale outcrops for lithium, gold and diamonds). 
  • You can power the whole thing with solar at that depth. I had 2 moonpools, a water filtration and a fully upgraded scanner room on my last run and never had a power problem with 15+ solar panels. 
  • Some folks like multiple bases everywhere but I find that it just means more time spent shuttling materials around from one place to another. Build a couple of extra power cells, which is a lot cheaper than a whole additional base and just take a slightly longer trip each time, which is so worth it to me if I can consolidate all of my material in one place. 
  • Endgame, I don’t want to spoil too much, but there are other ways to get back and forth beyond just travelling all the way down each way.




  • Longer travel time to some locations from just one base. 
  • Each trip deeper takes longer to come back. 
  • There are some predators in this area, but as long as you don’t leave yourself afk outside you should be fine, sand sharks aren’t that dangerous really. I wouldn’t start the base until you have at least basic level fins and tank upgrades.


Power/Base Structure

I would just build 15 or so solar panels for simplicity. If however you wanted to go a different route you could build a bioreactor and an alien containment, throw some Reginalds in the containment and use them to power the base in the bioreactor once they start reproducing. No real source of thermal in this area, and nuclear is way too involved and unnecessary here. 
Base Structure: 
Mostly do what you want, but one recommendation I have is build a bit up from the sea floor. If you build right by the seabed, you will run into problems when the ground slopes upwards, particularly for rooms like the moonpool which needs a lot of space (and space underneath so that you can dock ships. 
I would recommend using some foundations to build up off the ground a bit (which will also help with the structural integrity of your base) then build on top of that to give yourself some height. If you need more height you can stack 2 multipurpose rooms and use that to allow yourself to go up to another level inside your base. (One tip there is if you are going to do that, build the 2 stacked rooms before building any interior components to those rooms as sometimes that will keep you from being able to stack rooms). 
Also highly recommend building 2 or 3 exterior growbeds right away near the base so if you pick up seeds from plants you want to replant in your base, you can plant them immediately rather than having to carry them around and possibly forget or lose them before planting. Also some of those items take up 4 inventory spaces so it’s nice to be able to immediately plant and get them out of inventory. 

Written by Brainwave

Here we come to an end for Subnautica Ultimate Base Location and Guide hope you enjoy it. If you think we forget something to include or we should make an update to the post let us know via comment, and we will fix it asap! Thanks and have a great day!

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