Stardew Valley Dinosaur Egg

Stardew Valley Dinosaur Egg 1 -
Stardew Valley Dinosaur Egg 1 -
this guide’s primary objective is to tell you all about the dinosaur , and how to obtain it but we will also be discussing various aspects regarding it



Hi everyone , some of the contents used in this guide are used from the official stardew WIK
the information that this guide provides is accurate and reliable 
Stardew Valley Dinosaur Egg 

Dinosaur ?

its a farm animal that can be hatched by placing aDinosaur Egg into an Incubator in a Big 
Coop. Dinosaur Egg takes approximately 12.5 days to incubate and a it can produce an Egg 
every 7 days. 
Stardew Valley Dinosaur Egg 
Stardew Valley Dinosaur Egg 
Stardew Valley Dinosaur Egg 

Location / ways to obtain

there are various ways to obtain it they are as follows — 
1 ] digging up an Artifact Spot 
2 ] fishing up a Treasure Chest 
3 ] dropped from a Pepper Rex 
4 ] foraged on Prehistoric Floors in the Skull Cavern 
5 ] Can also be won as a Crane Game prize in the Movie theaterStardew Valley Dinosaur Egg 
Stardew Valley Dinosaur Egg 

Production and Products

You might think that it will earn you a fortune but thats not the case it fetches u a meager amount of money when compared with the other animals late game 
the produced egg can be placed in an Incubator to hatch another dinosaur, or can be sold for 350g. 
the egg too can be placed in aMayonnaise Machine to produceDinosaur Mayonnaise, which sells for 800g. 
the dino is worth much more when sold withmore hearts. A Dinosaur with maximum hearts sells for 1,300g. 
Stardew Valley Dinosaur Egg 
— DINO MAYO — It’s thick and creamy, with a vivid green hue. It smells like grass and leather 


Eggs — 
Stardew Valley Dinosaur Egg 
— A giant dino egg… The entire shell is still intact! 
SELL Price — 
– — base price — 350 G 
3 ] SILVER — 437 G Stardew Valley Dinosaur Egg 
2 ] GOLD — 525 G Stardew Valley Dinosaur Egg 
1 ] IRIDIUM — 700 G Stardew Valley Dinosaur Egg 


Considering chickens/ducks lay eggs every day that can be turned into mayo, their daily profit is way 
more than our dino boi But is it cool to have a dinosaur running around in the coop? Hell yeahh .. 
i mean why wouldnt u want a ♥♥♥♥♥ dino as ur pet huh ? its such a cool thing to have and it makes 
your farm way more cooler . just get it already 😉 
Stardew Valley Dinosaur Egg 

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Here we come to an end for Stardew Valley Dinosaur Egg hope you enjoy it. If you think we forget something to include or we should make an update to the post let us know via comment, and we will fix it asap! Thanks and have a great day!

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