STAR WARS™ Republic Commando Basic Guide to Survive on Hard Difficulty in All Levels

STAR WARS™ Republic Commando Basic Guide to Survive on Hard Difficulty in All Levels 1 -
STAR WARS™ Republic Commando Basic Guide to Survive on Hard Difficulty in All Levels 1 -
Welcome to the Basic Guide of Surviving on Hard Difficulty
We have played through Star Wars: Republic Commando and some of us just rage quit and uninstall the game when playing on hard. I learned how to beat hard difficulty and it took me several hours to figure it out so I decided to share my experience. If you have not played yet, still feel free to read this as it will make your lives easier. Here’s my take on beating this game in the easiest way possible on hard mode.


Your Team


  • Delta Squad is basically your biggest weapon in the entire game. They literally have infinite ammo and can shoot down basically every enemy you come across. 
  • Scorch is the demolitions expert, Sev is the sniper, and Fixer is the hacker; however, they all have the same stats and abilities as well as aiming. It’s just their dialogue is different and expecting you to position them correctly, but it doesn’t really matter. Just send them to available sniper, grenadier, and/or anti-armor positions and do some damage. 
  • These three will also try to revive you right away if you requested it or you wait for them to take out the enemy first and then revive you. In hard difficulty, just get your teammate to revive you immediately or you lose the game with your team down for the count.


What You Should Be Doing in the Game


  • Play as a support role and fight at a distance. Do NOT get close to the enemy at all! You will get rekt and in 90% of the game will get your team killed because either you are too close to a group of enemies or because you are the only one to revive your down teammates and the AI is not programmed to figure out a losing battle like that. 
  • Take cover wherever you can find and hide. You will be taken down in only a few shots from even the weakest enemy like the basic battle droid or even a couple of shots from a SUPER battle droid. Your rechargeable shield can only take at least one shot to protect you so the best is to hide. If you are literally one shot away, hide right away, shoot one or two shots often, and let your team handle most of the work. Come out of hiding if your team has been downed and needs reviving. If it seems cowardly to you, don’t worry because hard difficulty makes enemies seem impossible to take on so survival is important. 
  • Stay ABSOLUTELY away from melee enemies. They are one of the biggest headaches you can find in all three planets on the game. Always be at a distance and take them down quickly. The MagnaGuard is the tankiest enemy there is and will take you down in a couple of hits. 
  • Revive your team AT ALL TIMES. Focus on reviving your team as they are your biggest friends and weapon in the game. You will survive longer with them and they can take down enemies quickly than you can. 
  • Find bacta dispensers to replenish your health. This is the only way to get health back! If you see at least one dispenser with enemies at a distance nearby, hunker down and take out the enemies. If you are low on health, quickly get your health back and start fighting again. 
  • Find and equip weapons right away. Hard difficulty makes all enemies extremely tanky and bullet sponges so you will find yourself running out of ammo fast. If an enemy drops a weapon or you happen to find one, equip it right away so you have some sort of decent weapon to defend your self with. The main DC-15s pistol has infinite ammo, but got the worst rate of fire and dps in the game so use that as your last option. Your little melee blade should ABSOLUTELY not be used as your opponents will destroy you in a couple of melee hits or a couple of shots unless you have no choice in close quarters.


Best Weapons in Your Main Loadout (aka Your Best Friends)

Main Loadout Weapons 

  • Delta Squad: Your team is your best weapon in the game. They will take down your opponents quickly and with ease especially when they are in sniper, grenadier, or anti-armor positions. There are rare turret positions that you NEED to place them at unless you plan on manning them yourself. Revive them when they are down right away so they can continue fighting for you. Also get them to target specific enemies that are hard to take down. 
  • DC-17m Sniper Rifle: One of the best weapons in the game as it has a solid dps and can fire at a really far distance as a sniper should. Enemies will miss more than half the shots if you are really far away, but at the same time have the most annoying accuracy or luck to take you down in a few shots. Aim for their heads to deal maximum damage. 
  • DC-17m Anti-Armor: I would recommend this better than the sniper rifle, but you are only limited to only 4 shots in total before finding more ammo. It has the best dps out of your loadout, capable of taking out most enemies in one or two shots, and can deal a decent splash radius. 
  • DC-17m Blaster Rifle: This weapon should be used only for fodder enemies such as the basic battle droid or Geonosian soldiers with pikes. It works on Trandoshan slavers (fat green lizards), but they are bullet sponges on all parts of the body so aim for the heads.


  • EMP grenades (Electric grenades): Your best grenade to use against most enemies including droids. A single EMP grenade can take out most basic battle droids or at least stun armored droids for a long time. It is less effective on Geonosians and Trandoshans since they are organic enemies and mostly be stunned for a few seconds. Use the opportunity to take out the enemies while they are stunned. Also avoid the grenade blast as it will destroy your shield and most of your health. 
  • Thermal Detonators: Capable of taking out groups of enemies quickly, but does not have a large blast radius. It would not kill most enemies that are capable of dodging so use that time to kill them when they are getting up. It will take multiple grenades to take out armored units. Best used after using EMP and Flashbang grenades. 
  • Sonic grenades: Same as Thermal Detonators except those are impact grenades. Best used after using EMP and Flashbang grenades.


Useful Tips and Comment


  • There are explosive barrels in the game. Use them to your advantage. 
  • Trandoshans are capable of throwing back grenades except sonic grenades. Other members of Delta Squad can throw back thrown back grenades, but happens rarely so don’t rely on it. 
  • Allied clone troopers are near useless except being fodder so use them as meat shields. Wookiees are durable and useful in defeating enemies in one or two shots except MagnaGuards, but are a little slow and have clunky AI to figure things out.

Feel free to comment and provide additional tips that was useful while playing hard difficulty. 

Here we come to an end for STAR WARS™ Republic Commando Basic Guide to Survive on Hard Difficulty in All Levels hope you enjoy it. If you think we forget something to include or we should make an update to the post let us know via comment, and we will fix it asap! Thanks and have a great day!

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