ROUNDS How to enable 4 player mode

ROUNDS How to enable 4 player mode 1 -
ROUNDS How to enable 4 player mode 1 -
This guide will show you how you can use dnSpy to enable 4 player mode in Rounds. It’s a little buggy, but it works


Download dnSpy

dnSpy is a tool used to edit and debug assemblies. We will be using it to set the maximum number of players to 4. The latest version can be downloaded – 

Open the code

Find steamapps\common\ROUNDS\Rounds_Data\ManagedAssembly-CSharp.dll and open it using dnSpy. In the assembly explorer on the left, you should see Assembly-CSharp. Inside that you will find the .dll we opened, and inside that a namespace (with a {} symbol next to it) simply called – 
ROUNDS How to enable 4 player mode 
There will be many items in that namespace, but keep scrolling until you find GM_ArmsRace and click on that to view the code inside. 
ROUNDS How to enable 4 player mode 

Edit the code

ROUNDS How to enable 4 player mode - Edit the code 
Look for the Start method near the top (shown above) and right-click somewhere in the method. Select “Edit Method” and another window will show up with code that you can edit. Change the code so that it looks like the image below and click the “compile” button. 
this.playersNeededToStart = 2; was moved above PlayerAssigner.instance.maxPlayers = this.playersNeededToStart; and the 2 was changed to a 4 
ROUNDS How to enable 4 player mode 
Once that is done, go to File>Save Module… and another window will pop up. Leave all of the settings alone and click OK 

Play the game

The character select screen will look the same when you start a versus game. If you press the A button on other controllers after the blue and orange players have joined, you will hear the sound of players joining, but you won’t see them on the screen. The third player you add will be red (on the orange players team) and the fourth will be green (on the blue players team). Only the orange and blue players need to press start for the game to begin. 

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Here we come to an end for ROUNDS How to enable 4 player mode hope you enjoy it. If you think we forget something to include or we should make an update to the post let us know via comment, and we will fix it asap! Thanks and have a great day!

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