Star Valor Permadeath hardcore guide

Star Valor Permadeath hardcore guide 1 -
Star Valor Permadeath hardcore guide 1 -

Permadeath Hardcore Guide


This is a guide that I have created, but others may find it useful. It will contain spoilers because it is a guide. However, it will still provide some helpful information.


Starting perks and ship and trait and co-pilot
Anything goes. I find +1 acceleration guy helpful, though scanning bonus are very helpful early on.
You can choose anything you like based on what roleplaying you will do
You can do whatever you like, but +2tech for survival is essential.
If you prefer, any ship based on roleplay. The true power comes from the weapons and gear.

/// STRATEGY level 1, level 15, ///

The main goal of life is to survive.
If you got corvette or frigate i recommend getting extra gyroscopes.
One extra booster.
You don't need extra shields to protect against tankiness unless your ship is a venghi. In that case, you can pick hull parts. Even +20 is a good value.
Your main goal is to obtain railguns. They are very low in DPS but have great range and can quickly dispatch enemy ships. You should be quick and tanky if you face a group enemy.
Ship graveyards can be very difficult, but they are the best.
If you choose traits that allow you invade even more than ussual, having a warp device becomes mandatory.
Farming money is the best strategy. Kill ships and buy parts to later use for xp. This is the best option.
You can't reach ship graveyard if your pirate role is played. In 20 seconds, you will be invaded by a group marauders or other players.

/// STRATEGY level 15, 25 ///

This is the time to have railguns, enogh money and money for corvette.
Don't be afraid to buy and don't be slow. All you need is your gyroscopes to turn fast and boost away or turn quickly and kill ships.
Keep farming gold, and fill your weapon slots as much as possible with railguns. Level 25 enemies that are silver star, gold star, or higher will not be killed. However, you should still be able and able to farm other areas.
It is important to be friendly with all factions. This is the goal, because farming is conflict-prone.
You don't want your friendly faction to be harmed and have a bad reputation. This is why friendly faction ships must be green.
Conflicts are the best.. You can still get kills with railguns. You must remember to feel fragile, just like paper.
If conflict is defensive), you can also see (friendly station (. You will find great gear there.
regen items or shield regen items are priority.
Once you are on frigate, you can switch to lasers. They deal constant damage and are less likely to miss as many as projectiles. Keep one large railgun, but keep as many lasers as possible because enemies will be constantly swarming you.

/// STRATEGY level 25- Endgame ///

Try to get tanky by risking warping higher sectors in an attempt to find an ally station that can provide better gear or farm all levels of sectors until you are able to buy a cruiser (370kship).
At this point, you will feel weak and should only be cautious.
Endgame tips: You should have energy cells, even if your energy is used to warp. In some situations, you may run out energy and die. Cloaking can drain your energy. You can also overestimate your abilities or be careless.

/// summary ///

I created venghi dreadnaught with HC permadeath. This guide should still be valid. My current goal is for me to be a pirate, and then pick the CoT faction. I've heard that venghi can use deathrays. I want them to tank me. Pirate also means that everyone is your enemy, civils included.
p.s. This is my first guide.

Why I created this guide

This is my first guide.. Not because I care about writing guides, but because this game just so good!
I hope you find it useful!
Although it may not be as informative as you would like, it has a general strategy so it should suffice.


Written by HellSlayer

Hope you enjoy the post for Star Valor Permadeath hardcore guide, If you think we should update the post or something is wrong please let us know via comment and we will fix it how fast as possible! Thank you and have a great day!

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