Spin Rhythm XD PC / Game settings tweak to decrease input latency

Spin Rhythm XD PC / Game settings tweak to decrease input latency 1 - steamsplay.com
Spin Rhythm XD PC / Game settings tweak to decrease input latency 1 - steamsplay.com
Are you having trouble with how your mouse reacts to your movements? Feels like your mouse lags behind on fast inputs? Well hopefully this guide will fix your issue.


3 things we will go over in this guide

1. Windows settings 
2. GPU settings 
3. Spin rhythm game settings 
Tweaking these 3 settings should still help regardless of your computer hardware. 
You just need to find what settings work best for your rig. 


1A. Check that your screen is running at it’s highest refresh rate. 
You can do this by right clicking your desktop, click Display settings, then Advance 
display settings
, and then by clicking on the refresh rate drop down menu. Then 
select the highest refresh rate your screen will output. 
NOTE: If you’re using a TV (Which u should avoid when playing rhythm games) It might be 
best to use a slightly older 1080p TV over a 4k TV. Reason is, a lot of 4k TV’s have slighlty 
worse input latency unless you have a very expensive 4k TV. 
1B. Make sure windows background game captures is turned OFF. 
Type in the search bar, settings, click on the Gaming tab, then click on the Captures tab 
on the left, and now, turn OFF Background recording
1C. Set the graphics performance preference to High performance. 
Type in the search bar, Graphics settings. Click the browse button and find the SpinRhythm.exe 
(For me it was in – Local disk (C:), Steam, steamapps, common, Spin Rhythm) And set to 
High performance


2A. Basically turn almost everything to Disabled / OFF / Standard 
1. You can try surface format optimization ON and see if it helps. 
2. If you have a AMD FreeSync compatible display, you can try AMD FreeSync ON 
3. You can try Anti lag ON (Made things worse for me) 
Sorry, i’m not to sure on Nvidia settings. 


3A. Tweak the Spin rhythm Visual settings. 
1. Set the Resolution and Hz to the correct setting for your screen. 
2. Set Screen window mode to Exclusive fullscreen. Windowed / borderless increases input lag. 
( You might find it better with borderless window if fullscreen doesn’t help.) 
3. Set Graphics quality to Low or Very low
4. Turn OFF Anti-aliasing
5. Turn OFF VSync.[ You might find it better with this ON if OFF doesn’t help.] 
6. Change frame buffering to Single buffering (Responsive) 
[ You might find that Triple buffer works better on lower end systems.] 
7. Set framerate to unlimited
Now the final and most important step after all the tweaks
3B. Tweak General settings. 
1. Turn OFF Peripheral RGB. 
2. Click on the calibrate button and calibrate your input
NOTE: Calibrate 2 to 3 times to get a more accurate latency 
Now with all these settings applied it should hopefully improve your mouse inputs / remove latency. 
Hope this guide helps. 

Written by Liquid Claymore

Hope you enjoy the post for Spin Rhythm XD PC / Game settings tweak to decrease input latency, If you think we should update the post or something is wrong please let us know via comment and we will fix it how fast as possible! Thank you and have a great day!

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