Soulworker Game Mechanics for Beginners + Accuracy Information Guide

Soulworker Game Mechanics for Beginners + Accuracy Information Guide 1 -
Soulworker Game Mechanics for Beginners + Accuracy Information Guide 1 -
It’s a guide, that basically describes a game mechanic that a new player can’t know unless they specificly get told that it is in the game.


1. What is accuracy?

Accuracy is a stat that basically determines if you direct hit an opponent, if you don’t have enough accuracy it can happen, that you get a “miss” hit, which deals less damage and can’t crit. 

2. How do I know how much accuracy I need?

Well as weird as it is: Either from the community, from guides or from testing it yourself very painfully. 

3. Important raid accuracy numbers

Altar of Void: 1580 
Hidden Hideout: 1810 
Lunarfall: 2100 
Violent Sun: 2198 
You need these numbers to direct hit EVERY hit you do. 
(I choose to includ Violent Sun so that people can prepare for future content aswell with this knowledge) 

4. Does accuracy do anything else and do I get any merit from overcapping accuracy?

Yes and yes. 
First of lets take a look at how accuracy itself works. Basically a boss has a certain evade value lets take the AOV Boss Yorhaka as an example: Yorhaka has an evade stat of 580 evade, to direct hit every hit on him we need exactly 1000 accuracy more than he has evade, which means 1580 accuracy, this is the case because every 1 accuracy means we have 0,1% less chance to miss. 
There is a hidden mechanic with this whole accuracy though which is called “hidden crit” basically every 50 accuracy you have over the evade value the boss has gives you 1% crit rate (which isn’t shown in your stats but it’s there) so lets say for example you hit 1680 accuracy you can calculate it fairly easy with the following formula: (Accuracy – Boss Evade) : 50 = Hidden crit 
In this case it would be (1680 – 580) : 50 = 22 
So in this example we would actually have 22 “Hidden crit” against Yorhaka which is not shown in our stats but that we have to calculate in if we wanna know what our true crit rate against a certain raid boss is. 
So if your stats for example show 65% crit and you have 1680 accuracy and you want to run Altar of Void you actually have 65 + 22 = 87% crit and not only 65% crit. 

5.Hidden crit calculator:

I really did my best trying to explain this matter but in case you don’t wanna calculate your hidden crit rate yourself, I actually made a calculator for it! – need to download it though before you are able to use it) 
I hope you liked the guide and it was helpful to you. If you have any questions or feedback feel free to message me on discord (EisteeMango#0496). 

Written by EisteeMango

Here we come to an end for Soulworker Game Mechanics for Beginners + Accuracy Information Guide hope you enjoy it. If you think we forget something to include or we should make an update to the post let us know via comment, and we will fix it asap! Thanks and have a great day!

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