Songbird During Firestarter Gameplay in Phantom Liberty Cyberpunk 2077

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Songbird During Firestarter Gameplay in Phantom Liberty Cyberpunk 2077

Hey there, buddy! Imagine this—you just wrapped up the mission “I’ve Seen That Face Before,” where you and Alex pulled off some twin netrunner magic. Now you’re diving into “Firestarter,” another thrilling chapter of the game. What is your goal here? Cozy up to Hansen to get to the star of the show, Songbird. It’s all going smoothly until you reach a crossroads:

  1. Betray Reed | “I’m with you.”
  2. Betray Songbird | “One more second.”

So what to do? If you’re Team Songbird, you’ll want to pick “I’m with you.” This choice is a win-win: you get to keep Alex around, Songbird helps you make your great escape, and Hansen doesn’t even become a problem—thanks to Alex. The only catch? You won’t get Hansen’s cool knife, Fang. But hey, you get another sweet weapon: Murphy’s Law!

How to Make a Grand Exit with Songbird

Alright, you’ve chosen your side. Next up, you and Songbird need to get out of a high-security area inside a stadium. You don’t have your usual set of weapons because, well, they take those things seriously. But don’t sweat it; you’ll find some neat gear on your way out. Pick what you like and head to the next room.

Once there, you’ll notice it’s not a walk in the park. The room’s filled with BARGHEST troopers and a helicopter that’s on fire, literally. Keep your cool, think smart, and use your new weapons wisely. After all, you’ve got Songbird by your side!

Ways to Outsmart BARGHEST Troopers

The BARGHEST guys aren’t as tough as they look. You can either go all out, action-hero style, or be sneaky about it. If you’re more of a silent-but-deadly type, Songbird’s got your back. Even if your weapons aren’t the best for stealth, your netrunner skills can fill in the gaps. A little Sonic Shock here, a little Short Circuit there, and you’re good to go!

Putting Songbird’s Skills to Good Use

Now, Songbird is no slouch in the running department. You’ll soon find two options to wreak havoc:

  1. “Helicopter – ignite the rotor.”
  2. “Activate the bots.”

Either way, those BARGHEST guys ahead are in for a bad time. Make your choice, leave the helicopter room in flames, and head upstairs to freedom.

Back to the Lounge

Last but not least, it is time to backtrack to the lounge where you first met Hansen. Here’s why this is key: you can get your hands on his iconic weapons. So, pick ’em up and continue on your wild adventure!


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