Solitude Underwater Tips how to win in-game

Solitude Underwater Tips how to win in-game 1 -
Solitude Underwater Tips how to win in-game 1 -

Solitude Underwater is described in this guide in a more-or-less comprehensive manner. It also describes how to overcome it. If you find any problems in the manual, do let me know.

Part 0 – The Boat

After you enter the game, you board a boat as Zane and start talking to Dominic with a Walkie Talkie.

To beat this part, walk up the cabin door and hit ‘E’. However, you can get achievements for playing with the objects on your boat (shotgun and gold coins. Talking to Dominic six more times (will cause Dominic to scream at the you for annoying him).

Part 1 — In The Cage

1.0 Info

The Cage has four sides. (duh).

  • The one with the O2 container right next to it, and the Gray Shark outside, is the “front” side.
  • The “left” side is the one where the Green Shark lingers.
  • The one you cut off and escape from later is the “right” side.
  • The side you push to reach Cutter is called the “back”.


1.1 Pushing The Cage

Your objective is to get Cage over to Laser Cutter, which you lost when Cage fell to the seafloor. This is done by

  • Push the back end of the Cage.
  • You can rattle the cage when the Green Shark tries to get in.
  • Shining your flashlight at the Gray Shark periodically (. There are sound cues, but sometimes they seem random).
  • To… not drown, you can breathe from the O2 cartridge in the Cage.

The game is very forgiving in this stage.

Keep a steady pace of pushing and exhaling from the canister. You can reach the Green Shark by walking to its front-left corner in the Cage and yelling, ‘E!

Tap’ F’ twice when you finish one task and want to start another. This will direct you towards the Gray Shark. Do not leave your flashlight on, it is not possible to use the (.

While you push, you are faced with DBD-esque skill checks. Every one you fail, you lose O2, but it is not as bad as the devs thought. To get past them, listen out for the sound cue. Then, tap very quickly to instantly release Space’ when the needle passes through the highlighted areas. You lose some O2 if your press is not successful (.

Warning! Warning! For example, if you get it wrong on the way to the O2 canister, you could be two steps away from death. Avoid this by not breathing right after a skill check.

1.2 Cut yourself free from the cage

Your goal is to get out of the Cage using your Laser Cutter. This is accomplished by

  • The Cage can be cut in three pieces at a given location in the Cage.
  • You can rattle the cage when the Green Shark tries to get in.
  • Shining your flashlight at the Gray Shark periodically (. There are sound cues, but sometimes they seem random).
  • To… not drown, you can breathe from the O2 cartridge in the Cage.

Instructions are the same as ever. To enter the Laser Cutter View, walk up to the Cage’s upper-right corner. To begin cutting that section of the cage, click and hold one the red flame symbols. (remains unchanged for the shark and breathing objectives. This is precisely why half of the battery was used to save this part. If you aren’t a fool, 4% should be enough… just barely.

Part 2 – Ascent

2.0 Info


  • Start the ascent immediately once the sequence starts. You don’t need to pay attention to sharks; you will die to the Gray Shark between the 10th-16th times Zane swims higher up.
  • The Gray Shark will only die if you do nothing other than shine your flashlight in front of you and behind. This can take anywhere from 16 to 20 seconds.
  • You have exactly 60 seconds to use up air. Yes, gas amounts can be measured in seconds.
  • To reach the surface, you must hear every Zane upwards movement 30 times. You will still have about 5-10 seconds of air left if you balance fending against sharks and ascending.


2.1 The Ascent

Your goal is to get back to the surface and not die to the sharks. This is accomplished by

  • Holding ‘Space” to swim upwards (will stop you from shining your torch or looking around).
  • You can look behind you by pressing ‘S,’ and shine your flashlight at Green Shark in the center of the screen.
  • Looking in front of your flashlight and point at the Gray Shark(. This Gray Shark can be seen approaching from any side of your screen but is rarely dead-center like a Green Shark).

The flashlight objectives must be treated like you have limited power. The sharks will be more likely to approach if you shine your flashlight unnecessarily.

The Gray Shark will almost always hide in one corner of your screen. To defeat the Gray Shark, move your mouse around in a circle and ensure that you are checking every inch of your screen.

You can swim up to 5 miles per hour, then find BOTH sharks by finding them and scaring them off.

The Green Shark is passive, making it nearly impossible to escape it. The Gray Shark can hide anywhere on your screen. It is rare in the center of your vision, making it a greater threat.

Even if you make 5 upward movements, it is still possible to fend off Green Shark don’t go on. The Gray Shark might still be hiding or about to spawn.

Note: This trick will make your life easier. You can turn on your flashlight by tapping ‘S,’ then continue your ascent (Space). Sometimes, your flashlight will stay on until you stop rising and click again. Move your mouse to your screen’s top and move it left or right. You might get the screen effects of fighting off sharks if you’re lucky. In this case, the Gray Shark was approaching from above your screen and your flashlight managed to scare him away.

You can either take a chance with the Green Shark and continue making the usual five upwards moves or try to scare it away.

Part 3 — Swimming back towards the Boat

Your goal is to swim back to Boat to Dominic once you have reached the ocean surface. You do this by

  • Swimming towards the Boat, holding ‘W’ (and using ‘Shift’ whenever possible).
  • Use ‘Q’ or ‘E to avoid sharks.

If you wait too long, you can get eaten without warning.

What is not so obvious even if you swim constantly? However, they don’t hold Shift’ when possible You may be eaten without warning at also.

As you swim, you occasionally hear sound cues that warn you of approaching sharks from the right or left. Avoid being run over by sharks by using ‘Q” and ‘E’ to dodge in the other direction.

You can always dodge the shark again if you’ve just dodged one. It felt like it helped.

Multiple warnings

  • Dodging requires a cooldown. If you don’t feel comfortable dodging unnecessarily or feel unsafe, keep going.
  • Never, EVER deplete your stamina. It permanently ceases regenerating, which almost ensures your death.
  • This is the last part of the game. It sometimes feels like the game isn’t “fully” paused. If you stop swimming, you will die instantly. Just get killed if you have to leave or take breaks. This part takes only a few minutes and you can always redo it. The sharks will do that for your 🙂


Part 4 — On the Boat

4.0 Info

Dominic turns the lights off on you back on the Boat and ambushes with the shotgun. After Dominic’s long-overdue monolog has ended, you are free to play the most horrific minigame in human history.

4.1 Ambush

Dominic’s first ambush is your objective. To avoid Dominic’s shotgun blast, press ‘E.’ You can just hit ‘E’ to close the door after interacting with it.

4.2 Minigame

Your goal is win the close-up battle for the shotgun against Dominic. This is accomplished by

  • Spamming ‘Spaces’ constantly is a common practice.
  • You will need to pass the same DBD-Esque skill check you had to pass while pushing the Cage. However, this time with W, A, and D.
  • You can dodge Dominic’s punches with ‘Q’ or ‘E’ as appropriate.

Here’s the big “but”. The whole thing is a big Funny(TM)

The joke is that if you can spam Space’ fast enough, nothing else in this minigame matters. Because Dominic’s resistance is all that matters, you will win. Failing skill checks and failing to dodge Dominic’s punches won’t hinder your progress.

Based on this, I would suggest using a tool such an as
Auto Key Clicker

You or your programmers can do programmable spamming of ‘Space’ (AKC users will find a 10ms interval works well).

You should be careful of his punches. The progress penalty for not doing so is quite large.

If you are a purist (sad*st, I dunno about) and want this fair-and-square…

  • You can pass up to three skill checks simultaneously by learning to coordinate your left-handed. This is not a trick, you need to keep practicing. The skill checks are the only place to be looking. They will not pass if you look anywhere else will
  • Recognize Dominic’s exact location and time of the attack and plan to press the button to avoid him.
  • Do this while using your left thumb (, which is not recommended) or your entire righthand to spam ‘Space’ as fast and as possible.

The compromise is to avoid punches and spam ‘Space’ while disregarding skill checks. Technically, it’s possible but not practical. It is impossible to spam Space’ fast enough to offset all the progress lost to failed skill checks.

4.3 Dominic held at gunpoint

After winning the 4.2 minigame you are now holding the shotgun, aiming at Dominic. He’ll try and convince you to stop shooting him. If he succeeds, he’ll stab you and you’ll lose. don’t do this. You will have to play the minigame 4.2 again. Continue on.

Simply press ‘Space” while the game gives the option.

Enter the cabin, turn on all lights, and then press ‘E’ on the dashboard to close the game.

Hardcore: Differences

The game’s overall mechanics make Hardcode mode quite obvious. But here’s a quick overview:

Aside from normal gameplay

First, there’s no intro sequence. Instead of starting on the Boat alongside Dominic, you’ll be stranded at the bottom of the ocean and will need to push the cage immediately.

Second, the tutorial (does not exist. It is technically distinct from the intro sequence). The game doesn’t give you the option of playing or skipping it. You must immediately fight the sharks, and keep your lungs full with fresh canned water.

Part 1 — In The Cage

Both sharks will be aggressive in both sections. Instead of changing your position only once, you’ll need to stop and flash the Gray Shark after a few seconds.

For obvious reasons, it’s better to flash in its direction too often than too little. Green Shark is still a threat when it attempts to enter the Cage. It’s not worth worrying about.

Flash Gray Shark before you begin and after your stop doing anything. You will hear the sound cues when they are coming. These sounds will be constant, but they indicate Gray Shark activity. It’s better safe than sorry.

Part 2 – Ascent

As you may have guessed, the Ascent section is the same.

Instead of swimming upwards 5 times per second, only swim for 3 at most. The Gray Shark will then be found after 3 upwards moves.

I found that flashing Gray Shark after every 3 upwards movements was a good strategy. Green Shark after every 6 was also a good strategy. If Gray Shark was not at any time after 3, flash one more, and then flash both. Repeat.

Part 3 — Swimming back towards the Boat

First, you’ll notice that your stamina drains twice the speed of Normal mode. It would be best if you were vigilant about managing your stamina bar. Normal mode drains it twice as fast as Normal mode. However, it refills twice faster, so you’ll still be swimming fast at the end.

Second, although I have no proof, the game seems to track how long it takes to respond to the sound cue about a shark approaching. Once that is done, it adds up to some amount.

The third is when you cross the halfway point when the thunderstorm starts. This is Hardcore. It will mask the sound of another approaching shark. You can also be killed if you do not respond to this one correctly.

Don’t forget to ignore my trick for dodging back. The cooldown will almost certainly make you die.

Part 4 — On the Boat

Nothing changes regarding Dominic’s ambush.

I don’t think it’s necessary to say that Dominic’s struggle to get the shotgun is more challenging now. It takes much longer and requires more effort. The key difference is that the progress penalties you receive are larger. It will take almost twice as long to complete a minigame if you use a key-spammer like I suggested.

Dominic also tries to punch your face a lot more often.

The only thing that is encouraging is that the frequency or speed of the skill checks has not increased. At the very least, not significantly.


It’s more nerve-wracking in Normal mode, but not necessarily harder as the game’s mechanics do not change. It’s just a matter of paying more attention to your rhythm. It’s as simple as that.

Final words/Dev message

Credits roll while you “sail off to the sunset “…

Have fun!

I want to thank you for reading and for playing on behalf of the Devs.

P.S. Hardcore mode is unlocked by beating the game once. Have fun with death even more


Should a/the Dev see this…

I found your game through Insym YouTube and was immediately hooked (.

The game was fun to play and even more, fun to understand. It also features a hardcore mode that amps it up.

The only thing I would change is the skill checks. They are terrible. Failing them quickly because the game doesn’t filter repeated/held inputs can be frustrating, especially on Hardcore when fighting Dominic “byhand” (without having software spam).

Otherwise, good game.


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Here we come to an end for Solitude Underwater Tips how to win in-game hope you enjoy it. If you think we forget something to include or we should make an update to the post let us know via comment, and we will fix it asap! Thanks and have a great day!

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