Slate Locations for Burden of Proof Quest in Starfield

Slate Locations for Burden of Proof Quest in Starfield 1 -
Slate Locations for Burden of Proof Quest in Starfield 1 -

Slate Locations for Burden of Proof Quest in Starfield

Joining the Crimson Fleet: A Walkthrough of Key Faction Quests

Ah, so you’re diving into the Crimson Fleet quests, eh? Feels like being a detective in space! Let’s unravel where to find those pesky evidence objects you need for the “Burden of Proof” quest.

Deep Cover: Your First Steps

  • Adler Kemp: Sneaky one, this! When you first bump into Adler Kemp, scan his desk. You may not see it in scanner mode, but trust me, just grab it. It’s right there!

Unlocking the Past: Echoes and Secrets

  • Kryx’s Legacy: Hunting for lockers? Spot a locked one next to Carter’s locker and bingo, you’ve got your evidence!
  • Riots on Suvorov: Once you make your way into the Warden’s Office, snoop around the desks. It’s just casually laying there.

Breaking the Bank and Trust

  • Evgeny Rokov: Make your way to the Captain’s Quarters. Peek at the nightstand or even a shelf. You may also stumble upon a terminal that spills some juicy details.
  • Dumbrosky’s Embezzlement Scheme: Good ol’ Gabriel Vera has this one. Just ask him nicely, will ya?

The Crimson Fleet Extraordinaire: Side Missions

Back to the Past: Reclaiming Memories

  • Solving Maddie’s Murder: Look either in the chest where your quest object sits or check the Ecliptic Merc guarding it. He’s got a name you can’t forget!

The Clinic’s Secrets: Doctor’s Orders

  • Medical Pipeline: Head to the Clinic space station and look in the office corner. If someone’s blocking the view when you arrive, wait your turn. It’s there!

Where the Ordinary Meets the Extraordinary: Overworld Exploration

The Key to the Overworld

  • Jasmine’s Supply Line: You’ll find this behind Jasmine’s booth, cozied up next to her terminal.
  • Shinya’s Enhancements: Check inside the Command Center. Hunt for Delgado’s Terminal, and there it is!
  • Radley Jaso’s True Identity: On the first floor, between naps in the bunks, you’ll find this gem. Look for weights; they’re your clue!

Oddball Locations: Red Mile and Beyond

  • Stolen Chunks: Just chat up the bartender and glance around. You’ll spot it!
  • Fate of the Chiroptera: At Lizzy’s bar, look for this one. It’s almost like she’s serving it up!
  • Target HopeTown: Step into The Pit Stop. You won’t need a drink to find this one; it’s right in front of the bartender.
  • Return to Kreet: Climb to the second floor and find a table facing an “Open” neon sign and the Trade Authority booth. It’s practically waving at you!

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