Sid Meier’s Civilization III: Complete Basic Traits Overview and Mod

Sid Meier’s Civilization III: Complete Basic Traits Overview and Mod 1 -
Sid Meier’s Civilization III: Complete Basic Traits Overview and Mod 1 -

Engage in a dynamic multiplayer game from the Boxer Rebellion to all of the World Wars between. Select your Civilization trait, then hit the game button to begin. You have 75 turns and must kill as many enemies as you can and capture as many cities. Your total score is dependent on how successful you are in this task. So get out there and conquer the enemy!


The game starts at the end of the industrial age, and most of the industrial-era techs have been learned (irrigation with no water, faster workers etc.). At game start, you will want to immediately abandon despotism and choose an extra trait that suits your needs. You will then work with your team (or yourself in CTON) on researching any techs that you need to capture and eliminate as many enemy towns as possible.
The techs you'll be researching will depend on your resources. I'll explain this in "The Tech Tree". At game start, there will be a worker, a settler and an explorer. You'll be able pick your new trait in turn 2 since all civs are religious. Once you pick a government, it is important to immediately build your free small wonder for your trait gov.
After choosing a tech and planting, I would recommend setting your science/happiness slider for 70%/30% to maximize research and keep citizens happy as the capital grows quickly. If you are like me, this will help you avoid accidentally disordering your life. You can make adjustments if your drafts are heavy or you have additional luxury resources. If you are better at managing your happiness, then you can set teching up to 100% immediately and adjust the happiness slider each turn.
Buildings are often discounted in this game. Workers move quickly. The opening moves will likely look very similar to Future. However, there are some key differences when you decide which techs to explore with your team. Future and Trait Madness differ in that there is no wartime mobility and no golden age. To compensate, all citizens produce one amount each. This means that you can have your science and happiness sliders at 100% while still having extra income to rush production. It is important to be able to under-rush when min-maxing your production in this game. However, you don't need to have a friend declare war on to you to trigger a GA to activate an obsolete UU or enter/exit Wartime Mobilization.

Important Tip

If you haven't made any improvements to your home, do not switch governments. Many buildings have flags at the end of their names (Ind or Com, etc. They will not work if the government changes, and you will need to rebuild the improvement.

Download and Hosting

This is great news! To enjoy the special unit artwork, you don't have to download any additional files. It's a little more complicated if you want to host it (similar to Suede’s MDJ Mod).
1. Download the.biq right here – []
Current version: Version 0.1
2. Go to your Conquests> Scenarios folder, and rename your "9MP II in the Pacific" scenario. "9 MP WWII In The Pacific (conquests)."
3. Rename Trait Madness.biq "9 MP WWII in Pacific.biq"
If you plan to host, it is important to consider the size of the world.
Tiny = 60×60, tech rate 270, designed for 2v2
Small = 70×70, tech rate 180, designed for CTON with 5 or less players
Standard = 80×80, tech rate 360, designed for 3v3
Large = 90×90, tech rate 180, designed for CTON with up to 8 players
Huge = 100×100, tech rate 450, designed for 4v4
The tech rates have been adjusted to ensure that CTON players can both tech at a reasonable pace by themselves and that teams that coordinate their work don't go through the 12-tech tree in 25 rounds. The OCN is the exact same for all world sizes (16-16), with no reduction in OCN across different difficulty levels.

Scoring and Rules

Trait Madness has a 75-turn duration. The only requirement for victory is the accumulation of victory points. If every city they have captured or destroyed, no player is eliminated. The scoring scheme is as follows:
Killing a Unit – 0.2 points per shield cost of the unit. E.g. One point is earned for killing a barbarian soldier (warriors are 5 – 8). Killing an enemy infantry is worth eight points (infantry is 40 -, etc.
Capturing an Enemy City 25 points per capita in the captured city. E.g. Capturing a town of 5 people is worth 125 point.
Researching Tech – 1 point per cost of technology. The cheapest tech (Marksmanship), is worth 8 points. The most expensive tech (Nuclear Engines/Space Flight) is worth 24. Future Tech is worth 30 Points each, if your tree is not completed.
This game mode's new scoring system leads to two additional rules to the standard Civ 3 multiplayer rule set:
1 – YOU MAY NOT ABANDON ANY CITIIES. You can't abandon a city that's being captured by an opponent, as the whole point of the game is to capture them. A player should have a reasonable opportunity to retake a captured city (for less points as the population decreases upon capture and players can choose starve cities).
The exception to this rule is when you pop a city, not a settler. In that case, you may want to immediately abandon your city.

This should make sense. No scoring points by trading off the capture of a city or murdering your teammates units. It is perfectly legal to share techs with teammates in order to gain score.


All civs begin with the same three traits and have no unique units. This means that all civs offer the exact same gameplay (no different units, etc). The three traits you get are:


This is done to encourage land equity and make sure that all players can achieve one per-turn growth with a Granary. A player who has only two grasslands can still reach 1pt growth, and can still start drafting. Your capital's palace also acts as an aqueduct.


All players get two-turn chaos to begin the game. Players have even ground when it comes to getting their economy going. The drafting penalty can be offset by temples or cathedrals that are extremely cheap and offer extra happiness.


This is done to make sure that no player accidentally spit barbs from a goody box. All players begin with an explorer who will help them make an informed decision about where their capital should go, and what techs they would find most useful.
Now comes the fun part: CHOOSING A NEW TRAIT! The following are the options for government traits:


Passive Bonus: Workers work 50% more quickly (mine/railroad in a single turn on flatland).
25% bonus on production in your capital
Bonus for builders: Factories and coal/hydro/nuclear plant are 20% cheaper than other types of buildings
This government is best when you have coal near you and can take advantage if 1pt rails are in your empire.


Passive bonus – n/a
Free Small Wonder 1 (Colossus effect in capital – +1 commerce in every tile that has a commerce)
Free Small Wonder 2 Secret Police Headquarters (Forbidden Palace effect).
Building bonus: Markets, banks and stock exchanges are 33% cheaper than commercial docks.
This government is best when you can trust your teammates to tech for the rest of you (you can rush to produce gold a lot earlier), or you can build a wider, lower-corruption empire with your Secret Police headquarters. It is always a good idea to have more gold and lower corruption.


Passive bonus – n/a
Free Small Wonder (Copernicus effect at 100% in your capital)
Building bonus: Libraries and universities (which provide some happiness) are half the price of research labs (which produce some production).
This government will allow your to BLAST through technology tree twice as fast as any other person. This government is great whether you are teching for your team or trying to get nukes into CTON before anyone else. This government will also help you build "tall", stacking science building in only a few mega-cities to get the maximum speed without compromising an outsized empire that's not well-defended due to your more peace-oriented manufacturing.


Passive bonus – n/a
Free Small Wonder: Leader appearances more likely with larger armies and +2 happiness throughout all continental cities.
Bonus on building: 50% off for walls, bars, coastal fortresses or harbors, as well as civil defense and SAM missile battery batteries.
Are you an annoying neighbor who wants to completely terrorize the game? Did you spawn near horses for some Cavalry? Militaristic can be your next step. The extra happiness will allow for you to draft extra to harass and choke nearby enemies. And once you've constructed the Military Academy, your extra large army will be sure crush any enemy they face. You'll be a formidable force offensively with all your veteran units and defensively with your walls, (buffed), SAM missile batteries, and other defenses. This is a great choice if you don’t like building or just want to fight for 75 turns.


Passive bonus – n/a
Small Wonders Free: +1 Ship Movement
Building bonus: Coastal fortresses or harbors, platforms, offshore platforms, and docks are 50% more affordable and require little maintenance.
Seafaring is a staple of archipelago map, and will help you get all your coast cities producing and ready for fighting faster than any other government choice. Because ship movement is slower than that of naval units in Future it means that there is more benefit to scouting enemies and contacting your teammates.

What's the difference between them?

There are some commonalities in all government choices:
– 2/4/8 metro/city/metro unit support with 1gpt/unit over the cap
– The commerce Bonus (similar to Republic/Democracy).
Rushing production using gold
– Problematic Corruption (OCN is 16 cities in all difficulty levels and map sizes).
– 1 draft per City per Turn
– Veteran diplomats and spies
– One turn flatland/irrigating
– No war weariness
– Are immune to propaganda (no culture flipping lmao)

Worker Movements

Worker jobs take the following amount of time, given in flatland/hills/mountain turns if applicable:

Job Turns Turns (Industrious) Tech/Res is required
Road 1/2/3 1/2/2 n/a
Irrigate 1 1 n/a
Mine 2/3/4 1/2/3 n/a
Railroad 2/3/4 1/2/3 Coal is the only fuel
Plant Forest 3 2 n/a
Chop Forest 1 1 n/a
Clear marsh/jungle 2/3 1/2 n/a
Clear damage/pollution 2/3/4 1/2/3 n/a
Build Fortress 2/4/6 2/3/4 n/a
Build Barricade 3/6/9 2/4/6 n/a
Build an Airfield 1 1 "Flight"
Build Radar Tower 1 1 "Air Defense"



"Iron" (and "saltpeter") are considered to have a high supply during this game mode. This means that any units or improvements that rely on these resources do not need them. Instead, the iron splash artwork has been repurposed to make "lead" and saltpeter has repurposed to make "ammonia". Each have their own important implications for player build choice.
There are eight notable strategic resources in this game mode. Each strategic resource grants at most one shield or one gold.


Sid Meier's Civilization III: Complete Basic Traits Overview and Mod - Resources - CF9F6BD
1 shield, 1 trade
Horses aren’t essential to Trait Madness. However, horses are all you need to build Cavalry. If you have an enemy, it can be disastrous to their economy and their ability even to play the game.
Units that only have horses


Sid Meier's Civilization III: Complete Basic Traits Overview and Mod - Resources - ADE76D0
1 shield, 1 trade
Building is not possible without lead DEFENSIVE UNITS . For the top two units in the upgrade tree for draftable, defensive weapons, lead is required.
Units with only lead
Units with lead and other resource:
TOW Infantry (with ammonia).


Sid Meier's Civilization III: Complete Basic Traits Overview and Mod - Resources - 1A181F0
1 shield, 2 trade
Ammonia can be used to build. ADVANCED LAND & SEA UNITS – BOMBARD VALUE . This includes artillery and land units that are only defensive bombarded, as well as battleships. If you have ammonia hooked you should be rushing to "Advanced Munitions” on the tech tree.
Units that only contain ammonia
Units with ammonia, and other resources
TOW Infantry (with leads)
Heavy Tank (with aluminium)
Combat Engineer (with rubber
Battleship (with Oil)


Sid Meier's Civilization III: Complete Basic Traits Overview and Mod - Resources - 5F29D74
2 shields, one commerce
Coal is the only strategic non-military resource in the game. But coal alone grants you the ability build. RAILROADS , no "iron" required! Access to coal plants is also possible in cities with existing factories. When you start with coal, it is essential to have the ability to train quickly and build cheap factories/coal plants.


Sid Meier's Civilization III: Complete Basic Traits Overview and Mod - Resources - 989AC0B
2 shields, 1 commerce
BOMBERS BAY is what oil stands for. All things can be built using oil.
ADVANCED NAVAL UNITS . Oil is an essential resource for maintaining air and water superiority over your adversaries.
Units that only use oil
Aircraft Carrier
Units with oil or other resources
AC-130 (bomber/helicopter hybrid) (with aluminum)
Jet Fighter (with Aluminum)
Battleship (with ammonia).


Sid Meier's Civilization III: Complete Basic Traits Overview and Mod - Resources - 5338C20
2 shields, 1 commerce
Rubber is used to make OFFENSIVE AMPHIBIOUS UNITS . Rubber is the best weapon to terrorize your coastal enemies!
Units with rubber only:
Units made with rubber and other materials
Combat Engineer (with ammonia).
SEALs (with Aluminum)


Sid Meier's Civilization III: Complete Basic Traits Overview and Mod - Resources - 8BF724B
2 shields,3 commerce
Aluminum is another important resource that can be used for building, similar to oil. INTERCEPTOR AIRUNITS, AIRDROP AIRUNITS, AND FAST LAND UNITS. Aluminum alone can be used to mount an offensive at almost any theater.
Units with just aluminum
C-47 Skytrain (like flying a helicopter).
Light Tank
Units with aluminum or other resources
Heavy Tank (with ammonia).
AC-130 (with oil)
Jet Fighter (with Oil)
SEALs (with Oil)


Sid Meier's Civilization III: Complete Basic Traits Overview and Mod - Resources - F0D8D16
2 shields, four commerce
The fearsome, big brother of all strategic resources who just returned from twelve years at Folsom prison. Once you have done your research on Fission, it will be possible to identify uranium and construct nuclear plants in your factories. Also, once you have researched Nuclear Engines, you will be able build an armada. NUCLEAR-POWERED BEHEMOTH SHIPS as well as yours ATOMIC BOMBS .
Units that only contain uranium
Nuclear Cruiser
Nuclear Submarine
Nuclear Carrier
Atomic Bomb (once Manhattan Project has been built)

Bonus Resources

The agricultural trait does well to give all players food parity. This is why the bonus/luxury resource of the game is largely unchanged from base Civ.
The two resources that have had their food/shield amount changed are TOBACCO, which grants one shield in addition to its commerce, and TROPICAL FRUIT, which grants two food instead of one now. Other resources had their commerce value increase but food and shields were not changed.

The Tech Tree

This scenario comes equipped with a custom tech tree, which is unlike any other in standard Civ! It looks like the following:
Sid Meier's Civilization III: Complete Basic Traits Overview and Mod - The Tech Tree - 4B9BC45
Here's a description of exactly what you get with each tech:
Sid Meier's Civilization III: Complete Basic Traits Overview and Mod - The Tech Tree - 057EEB9
This may seem overwhelming. Here's a summary of the most important techs that you can use depending on your resources.
Sid Meier's Civilization III: Complete Basic Traits Overview and Mod - The Tech Tree - 1C2829B
A quick rundown:
If you have any aluminum and the enemy is within range (no jungle or marsh), you can go mid techs (and maybe Flight > Beyond Enemy Lines, too).
If you have oil, or aluminum + enemy are far – You should go to top techs
If you have lead or rubber and/or no res – You should go to the 3 bot technicians
Beeline advanced munitions is for you if you have ammonia, uranium, or any other resources.

Combat by Land and Artillery

Below is the land unit upgrade trees, with stats arranged in:
Technology required
Cost of shield
Stats – Attack(Defensive Bombard)/Defense/Movement
Special Traits
Sid Meier's Civilization III: Complete Basic Traits Overview and Mod - Land and Artillery Combat - 74C3B1D
This is the artillery upgrading tree (really complicated and large, I know).
Technology required
Shield cost
Stats – Attack(Bombard Strength.Bombard Range.Rate of Fire)/Defense/Movement
Sid Meier's Civilization III: Complete Basic Traits Overview and Mod - Land and Artillery Combat - CB08863

Naval Combat

This is the upgrade tree for naval units.
Technology required
Shield cost
Stats – Attack(Bombard Strength.Bombard Range.Rate of Fire)/Defense/Movement
Special Traits
Sid Meier's Civilization III: Complete Basic Traits Overview and Mod - Naval Combat - B8EE658

Air Combat

Here's the air unit upgrade tree with stats arranged in:
Technology required
Shield cost
Stats – Attack(Bombard Str/Bombard Range/Rate of Fire)/Defense/Movement
Operational Range
Special Traits
Sid Meier's Civilization III: Complete Basic Traits Overview and Mod - Air Combat - 7CC02BF


The "Air National Guard" can be built without ever researching flight. This gives you an option if you are bombed in the early stages, but you went down another part of the tech tree. Air National Guard has limited operational range, so it's not worth the effort.
The Patrol Aircraft can be built after you have researched Flight. This is a decent upgrade for the Air National Guard and provides better range and recon ability.

Wow, that's a lot! Is there any quick reference or cheat sheet? ?

Hell yeah, brother. – []

Important Buildings/Small Wonders

Trait Madness does not have regular Wonders. All Wonders in Trait Madness are small wonders. To build atomic bombs, you will need to build the Manhattan Project by yourself. No one can do it for you. Here are some important changes that buildings need to make that aren't intuitive.

SAM Missile Battery

The Future will see this building SUCKS. It can only be used occasionally for under-rushing. This building has a significantly increased air defense and a lower cost (20 shields for Militaristic and 40 shields for Air Defense).
The SAM Missile Battery now has 15 Air Defense, which means that it has a 5/12 probability of shooting down a regular Bomber if it directly bombs your town, and a 5/14 possibility of shooting down an AC-130/Jet Fighter, if it directly bombs your town. These probabilities take into account the possibility of no interception.

Small Wonders

There are many things to talk about here. First and foremost, MAKE CERTAIN TO BUILD RIGHT AWAY YOUR TRAITWONDER. It will bring a lot of benefits to your economy as well as your military. You should also remember to build your Secret Police HQ if you are a commercial business, preferably in an area with higher production potential.

Wall Street/Smith's

This double-effect small wonder eliminates maintenance costs for commercial flag improvements. You also get a 5% interest every turn on the treasury. This little boost is handy for 60 shields.

Military Academy/Intelligence Agency/Naval Academy

All three of these Small Wonders will be available after you have researched "Officer Training", but not at game start. They all have the exact same effects as Future, namely the ability build armies without a leader, spy missions and +2 ship movements. Espionage, just like Future, is cheap.

Battlefield Medicine

Similar effect to usual, but "Behind Enemy Lines” must be researched.

The Manhattan Project

This section is the only one you need to read.


The Manhattan Project can be built by anyone who has studied Nuclear Engines. You don't need Uranium for construction, but Uranium will be required to build the Atomic Bomb.


This guide and the mod I created took a lot of time. Please take a look at it. Host and join a group. I'll host as often as I can. It's possible to do it single player. I had a lot fun playing Always War on Emperor, and testing it against AI's. Let me know what your thoughts are, share balance ideas, constructive criticism, and good feedback. I'll be updating my scenario file with bugfixes, balance changes, whenever I can. So expect lots of updates to both the guide and the game. Hope you enjoy! 🙂


Written by The Perezident

Here we come to an end for Sid Meier’s Civilization III: Complete Basic Traits Overview and Mod hope you enjoy it. If you think we forget something to include or we should make an update to the post let us know via comment, and we will fix it asap! Thanks and have a great day!

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