Serin Fate Tips & Tricks & Playthrough

Serin Fate Tips & Tricks & Playthrough 1 -
Serin Fate Tips & Tricks & Playthrough 1 -

This is a compilation of useful general knowledge and tips in a list and will help provide a good grounding for new players and those returning since the 1.0 release.

Tips & Tricks Part 1

  • Your choice of Species gifts you with innate buffs! so pay attention to the upper left hand of your screen in character creation and game as if you hover over your species symbol, it will tell you what they are gifted in!


    – Gains a buff that allows buying/selling stuff for lower/higher at shops & 10% bonus damage to ALL sources, Higher base COM stat & Increased rare drop chance!


    – Gains a buff to starting Mana pool amount, has a small innate passive mana regeneration, 40% increased magic damage, increased Chimera spawn rate & monsters sometimes drop Chimera Pearls! They will take 15% MORE damage from All sources.


    – Gains a buff to starting HP pool, they will take 10% LESS damage from ALL sources, 30% increased crafting speed! & NEVER fail to smelt ore into bars! (ore is different from crumbles)

  • Your choice of Elemental Attunement gifts you with a variety of bonuses that like species, can be viewed in-game by hovering over your elemental symbol in the upper left-hand corner of your screen.

    “Like a sapling” will attune you to Nature. This provides +20% exp from ALL sources, plants will grow faster, & have a chance for giant growth to form without the skill tree trait.

    “Electric!” will attune you to Storm. Providing you +20% damage, an innate attack & will make dry soil wet when you pass by (you have an innate watering can).

    “Bright and radiant” will attune you to Sun. This makes mining/woodcutting spells 40% more powerful, & gives you an innate Heat Proof I.

    “Luminous…” will attune you to Moon. This provides more chimera spawns, night glow, & all moon monsters will not outright attack you.

    “Dark and mysterious” will attune you to Void. This gives an additional 100% base mana link power, extra Hp/MP refill drops from monsters, +10% runic resistances & you will also have a partial resistance to void sickness.

  • Your choice of Interest.


    – Magnifying Glass – when equipped, find shiny spots on the ground to loot with ‘e’

    (you can even rarely find mana or juju globes!)


    – Mana Stone – when equipped, a chance to regen mana after casting a spell


    – Watering Can – when equipped, walk near crops to water them


    – Lucky Stone – when equipped, has a small increase to chimera spawn chance


    – Bug Net – when equipped, bugs on flowers will be squashed when walking by, providing bait to fish with


    – Magnet – when equipped, walking past mine-able nodes has a chance to give crumbles of it’s type (very useful to get very early access to iron)

    (Don’t worry as you can craft ALL of the others at a bench, once you have notebooked enough to unlock their recipes)

  • In options, you can toggle auto-run, auto-cast chimera abilities in battle, low HP warning and others!
  • Talk to Cane after you get your first chimera from Coco, They can explain and help with so many things!
  • Each Element has a part of the land that harmonises with it, and within each of these parts lay a trial to be overcome and secrets to be found!

    – Nature is one with the forest and so your first trial shall be found hidden deep within the bounds of Autumn Forest, finding your way true will let you seek the shard of nature held inside.

    – The seared lands of the Emberore Mountains embrace much of the suns rays and so there shall another trial await to reach the sun shard.

    – The hidden Nymbus Isles face fierce winds and lashing storms where lightning crackles the sky and so lay there too another trial and shard to find, that of Storm, a freed miner with help you with finding a way across the sea!

    – Only in Dreams can one open the Passage to the Realm of Moon.

    – The Lands of Void are a haunted place!

    (The Fringe is a place of desperate cold!)

  • Elemental Runic Advantages & Disadvantages – Every monster has an Elemental Affinity, boosting the element that is strong against them through gear, spell bottles, chimera type and more! will help you prevail against even the toughest of foes! (as an example a high runic nature chimera with a good attack will do great against storm aligned monsters!)


    Strong against Storm, Average against Sun, Weak against Moon, Feeble against Void!


    Strong against Moon, Average against Void, Weak against Sun, Feeble against Nature!


    Strong against Void, Average against Storm, Weak against Nature, Feeble against Moon!


    Strong against Sun, Average against Nature, Weak against Void, Feeble against Storm!


    Strong against Nature, Average against Moon, Weak against Storm, Feeble against Sun!

    [[*] You can cast, then leave spells to run as they are timed, & come back later to collect the drops, even across load areas!!

  • Buy the larger and more advanced version of inventory that loyally follows you around! *Flap! Flap!*
  • Take a seat around town, it’s rejuvenating to just rest a while!
  • Meditation is very useful at the start, especially while your mana pool cap is so low!!
  • Buy the broom Ichorus sells or you can craft your own later!
  • Collect falling mana when dream walking at night to recharge your mana! Very rarely you might encounter a fallen star!
  • Alt-click to move placed items like workbenches etc, Ctrl-click to quickly move items from chest to inventory and vice versa, Shift-click when in inventory to grab 1/2 of a stack and Alt-click when in inventory to grab 1/3 of a stack, you can also while holding a stack right-click to deposit a single of that stack
  • There is a send to chest toggle on the left of your hotbar that when in range will send items in your inventory to stacks of the same in nearby chests
  • There is a noise indicator located next to your mana gauge on your HUD! so be sure to pay attention to it when sneaking up on chimera!
  • Woodcut/mine spells only vary in strength (speed), not the ability to cut or mine higher tiers. To do that you need the corresponding perks from the tech tree.
  • Crows have a chance to drop items when scared away!
  • Eating petals restores a small amount of mana
  • Found yourself surrounded by enemies? don’t think you can take them all? Hide (H) in plain sight!!
  • Selling planks, coal, glass, silk early game are great ways to make money!
  • Level ups give you both stat points as well as skill tree points so don’t forget to spend both!!
  • Flowers (if not eaten by bugs and fully grown) will routinely shed petals, providing a brilliant source of them for use indefinitely! compared to a single petal when plucked! so having a flower garden properly warded from bugs is very useful!
  • Bombs can be gained from goblin drops, crafted or bought from the goblin shop which can be opened using a special walkway that is hidden inside the town and unlocking its mini obelisk by paying its toll – bombs are also awesome as you don’t need to have the resource tier lvl unlocked in the skill tree – you can blow up all nodes from the start…. if you have enough bombs that is!!
  • If you have stone or wood in your Hotbar you can place them in your home garden as paths – you walk faster on paths – you can also ‘cook’ stone in the furnace to make hard stone, which can also be used as pathways but has many more uses in potions i.e. making more rune stones.
  • You can ‘cook’ dirt in the furnace to make the dry yellow dirt if you dig too deep in your garden.
  • If you’re looking for something soggy, try fishing without bait! Carrion Prey and skeletons also rarely drop it!


Tips & Tricks Part 2

  • The Basic 3 Rune Stones i.e. El, Noone, Null – El can be cooked in a furnace to make Noone or ash, Noone to make Null or ash, Null for a chance of an elemental runic stone, a Null back or failure aka Ash.


    – Type of elemental rune wanted can be guaranteed by cauldroning a Null with a gem shard of the elemental type you wan! i.e. Null + Sun Gem Shard = Sun Elemental Rune etc.

  • Mana linking is your best friend – you can activate obelisks with it, speed up crafting and crops and also while capturing chimera and they’re in the orb being caught, if you mana link with them in that phase, the longer you do the higher the chance of capture is, but always remember that spells like mine and woodcut is always better for their job!
  • Gowen has a training yard south of town that is brilliant to gain at least starter levels in combat before one normally gets slaughtered by the forest, so it reeeeeally helps, particularly if the skill points gained go into the AP skills in the tree if you’re a chimera combat type.
  • Use the Sawmill and Furnace that can be found out in the world till you can craft your own on your farm!! There is even a more advanced cauldron to use once the guild thinks you are advanced enough!
  • Use Brood – fill him with fish, crops, honey brittle, eggs, extra ore crumbles you have – gems/shards give massive amounts of exp but be careful as generally harder to come by early game and need for staffs firstly! and much more – he will return Ash for unliked items!
  • Breathing Rocks can be mana linked to speed up resource spawns!!
  • Fish can also be used to feed chimera along with chimera food, and most have their own effects. for chimera food, buy it early game from the general day store till you can farm the needed wheat. Once you are able to, constructing a snack bin is vital!
  • Monster bones of all types can be planted in your garden for a quick mana boost, they can also be used in some potions
  • Crunchy grass will give grass seeds you can place on your home garden to grow grass for fibre (or just to look nice), but beware! as it’s very loud and can spawn monsters!
  • Bat Cages are Bat-teries XD they recharge a percent of your mana pool depending on the colour of the bat!


    – Red Bat = 33%, insect wings

    – Blue Bat = 66%, monster blood with a chance of 2 blue capes,

    – Yellow Bat = 100%, 5 void bars and a chance of 2 monster souls.

  • Chimera and some plants react negatively to sound!! It scares them away.
  • For general chimera catching, the closer to the chimera you are when you cast capture, the higher chance you have. chimera will spook at loud sounds and also when you get to close, so stay out of the grass and watch your noise metre or cast the Moonwalk spell once obtained, to sneak up on them better. chimera potions made in the cauldron also increase the spawn rate of chimera
  • Snoozle bin reduces sleepiness of the chimera it is placed in the pen with for faster re-equip time as chimera needs to rest unless they have the trait that allows them not to aka ‘Hyper’
  • Chimera need to be kept happy as the more unhappy or tired they are the less their attacks do damage or hit their target
  • Chimera lay eggs when they’re happy, have a nest in the pen with them and the female or hybrid has been fed its favourite snack. To make them happy feed them plenty of chimera food or fish, better is both as fish can have other effects when fed to chimera and keep crows away from them – playing games with them also helps but in general you don’t need to as long as you feed them and they’ve got a scarecrow – to scare away crows.


    – F+M are the genders needed but the rare hybrid can reproduce alone.

  • Pen or Barn chimera instead of selling them, especially at the start as when penned they give pearls overtime vs. a single pearl when sold as well as other resources.
  • Pens can be boosted with an elemental runic stone to increase the chimera resource production if it matches the runic alignment of the penned chimera.
  • Chimera can have different special traits – noted by a diamond shape next to their elemental affinity strength on their profile.
  • Chimera can have a highest possible runic elemental rating of 999, this will effect it stat growth – so the higher the better!
  • Bred Chimera will have a runic lvl that is the average or higher of their parents!
  • There are extremely rare chimera that trail gold sparkles and give more gold and Pearls when penned!
  • The higher the elemental strength of the chimera, the better its preferred stats can grow when levelled
  • Going into placement mode for dirt also shows all ranges of placed items like the watermill, scarecrow, birdhouse etc
  • Nurture will help crops grow and Enrich will increase harvest yield! (and not only of crops! try it out on some resource nodes or trees!! :D)
  • The Harvest spell can be used to great effect outside your home garden!
  • Guarden toads …. guard crops from bugs
  • Scarecrows …. Scare Crows (& lil birds)
  • Bird Houses….. feed birds! so they don’t eat your crops or flowers
  • The Watermill needs to be charged with mana link
  • Wild roses are a natural bug repellent! in a radius of 5 around the flower
  • Sunfire Flowers provide an innate boost to the growth of those planted around them in a radius of 8 around them!
  • Crops like to have room to grow! so don’t crowd them! rows of 2 work great 🙂
  • The fisherman will also give you a very useful spell if you bring him a Moonling
  • Mushrooms of all types can be found all over the world as well as grown in the dark. If some unique conditions are met, some very rare ones can be found!
  • hard wood can drop from Stumpets in the forest or have the woodcut II perk unlocked in the skill tree and cut down oak trees
  • Iron wood comes from beach trees, Magic wood from magic trees
  • There are a Shovel and Rope located in the world that will be very useful
  • Ignite – is brilliant for clearing bamboo, shrubs, grass and trees – provides mountains of ash! ‘WARNING’ stay clear of anything flammable when casting unless you want to die.
  • Follow the lights at night in the forest 🙂
  • To enter the Dark Maze one needs a magic source of Light (not a torch) or try calling a friend!
  • Cutting grass is a great way to recharge your chimera AP, alongside attacking enemies with your weapon
  • Potions are your best friends, so don’t forget to use the recipes from your notebook in your Cauldron!!
  • Your notebook will also tell you what recipes or potions an item can be used in!
  • Your Key Items can be used in the world once selected from the Key Items inventory!
  • The Basement – you need to carry Statues around in your inventory to charge them, then have them on your hotbar when charged and press space when standing next to the stars on the basement floor to use the charge to summon it. you can also mana link the summoned statues to make it a higher lvl (stronger) to fight, WARNING to start at a low mana linked lvl as you can be crushed easily by higher mana linked statues when summoned. once all are summoned to the stars on the ground and mana linked if you want to do so you step onto the middle disk at the stroke of midnight to activate the summoning, bringing the summoned to life for you to fight. the statues will need to be recharged before you can use them again but you can do this over multiple days/nights to fill up all the stars in the basement to summon them all at once, they don’t vanish the next day if not activated, they stay till awakened.
  • You should never forget to call your friends if you find yourself stuck! by using their Artefact in your Key Items! Only once you have earned them through gaining friendships through gifts they want!


Written by Nyx Muirinn

Here we come to an end for Serin Fate Tips & Tricks & Playthrough hope you enjoy it. If you think we forget something to include or we should make an update to the post let us know via comment, and we will fix it asap! Thanks and have a great day!

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