Serin Fate Game Overview – Perks-Home & Midtown-Tutorial Builds – Full Walkthrough

Serin Fate Game Overview – Perks-Home & Midtown-Tutorial Builds – Full Walkthrough 1 -
Serin Fate Game Overview – Perks-Home & Midtown-Tutorial Builds – Full Walkthrough 1 -

A complete walkthrough to Serin Fate. Complete the story, get achievements, find spells, secrets, mechanics, all here.


This guide started as my own notes while playing through the game- keeping track of where I’ve been and what I’ve done. I spent quite a bit of time on this guide and I hope it proves helpful! This guide is not 100% complete at time of publishing- I just wanted to get something out there so I can start gathering feedback. You may note TODOs throughout the guide- rest assured I’m still working on it, however please feel free to leave a comment if you already know something!

At the beginning of each walkthrough section, I’ve included an “at a glance” spoiler free list which should help if you’re just unclear on what to do next. Of course, the guide dives into further detail, revealing secrets, chests, and other more detailed aspects of the walkthrough that aren’t as obvious.

Most sections will have “Detour” subsections, which offer related goals to that area of the game that may not be directly related to the story.

Tutorial & Builds

Achievement note: there are four achievements that are only accessible in the tutorial- each of the race achievements and Keen. See the achievements section for more detailed walkthroughs.

The only thing I’ll add is this: if you want to play the game in easy mode, choose a Serin Nature witch, with a staff starter weapon, who is interested in Witchery. To be clear, all choices absolutely work, and have different advantages at different points in the game, but this makes the early game- when you’re at your most vulnerable- easier. Alternatively, Val’s make late game a bit easier, as the improved crafting speed is very helpful on some very long to craft items.

A quick note on the weapon- the sword starter weapon “Dull Dagger” is one of a kind, while the staff starter “Twig Staff” can be crafted. You can start with the sword for completionist sake and switch shortly after the tutorial. Note that you cannot notebook the Dull Dagger, but you can notebook the Twig Staff.

Basic reasoning for the choices is this: Serin’s passive mana regen means you don’t have to sleep / eat petals / consume potions every time you’re out of mana, and nature gets more XP, which in turn increases your max hp when combat levels up, increases your max pool when necromancy levels up, and provides a faster source of perk and skill points. The staff provides a little more distance between you and the enemies, and the mana stone provides an early chance of regening mana after spell cast, which again allows you to just make more of the low mana pool you have. In addition, the XP bonus and mana regen remain solid into late game, though the mana regen will be supplemented by equipment as well.

Because I haven’t seen it listed elsewhere:

  • if you are using a staff weapon, your primary damage will scale with INT
  • if you are using a sword weapon, your primary damage will scale with COM

In early levels, it’s a good idea to split stats between your primary damage, VIT, and CP / DEX, in roughly that priority. After you pass the Autumn Forest (or really, just get a bit more settled into the game), you should have enough gear to start deciding on a more focused build (like a chimera or pet build, as examples). Keep in mind, you should always be using happy, awake chimera (it’s free DPS!), even if they’re not core to your build type.

Note that you absolutely can do a pure hybrid build to keep your options open- just dump points more or less evenly into every stat. You may not ultimately be as strong as a more focused build could be, but the game is not that punishing (assuming you’re not playing hardcore).


The perk tree might prove slightly overwhelming at first, but it’s not too bad once you get into it a bit.

You have three possible starting points, one of which requires necromancy which won’t be available immediately. As such, your two starting skills are Witchery and Lumberyard. Witchery is a very good early skill, allowing for a chance at mana redemption. Lumberyard is really just okay, useful to get but shouldn’t be a priority.

Your first priority should be to get Forester II and Mineralogy II, which allow you to start harvesting better resources, after which your next priority will be to get Forester III, +Familiar, and Mineralogy III. Since the goal is to get high up the tree quickly, you should only invest in one level of the multi-level skills, as that’s all that’s needed to hit the next point on the tree.

So, your first few levels might end up with a tree like this:

Witchery > Monster Slayer > Siphon > Gold Digger > Forester II > Mineralogy II > Spell Shield > Forester III > +Familiar > Mineralogy III

By default you can cut down Spruce and Birch trees, and mine craggy rocks, stone, and copper. Forester II allows you to cut down Oak and Leafy trees. Mineralogy II allows you to mine durable rocks, iron, and obsidian. The III’s hit everything else.

From there you now have much more flexibility in what you’d like to do as far as your perks are concerned. Here are some good perks to look at:

  • Any XP boosting perk: Monster Slayer, Dusty, Angler, Green Thumbs, Quick Study, Skean, Wisdom
  • Gem Craft – provides more crafting recipes
  • Seedling – necessary for Juju grinding
  • Night Light – provides passive light in the dark, good so your equipment doesn’t need it
  • Lich, Summoner, Lucid Dream – Lich is a must for keeping your pool up, Summoner provides access to the pet build type, Lucid Dream is helpful in gaining necromancy experience from the graveyard
  • Spell Shield – 0 pool cost aura that turns your mana into functionally more health, a must have for early game survivability
  • Death’s Wisdom – no longer lose XP on dying
  • The two +Familiar skills provide access to the locked Chimera slots in your equipment menu, and will provide free DPS on the part of the Chimera, a bonus in any build[/list

    And with all of that said, let’s move on to the story walkthrough!


Home & Midtown

While the story guides you to tackle areas in this order, the game really doesn’t block much off at all other than where key items are necessary. As such, sequence breaking is absolutely possible and frankly trivial.

If you’re stuck, feel free to jump around to other areas or side quests instead of trying to grind levels.

At a glance:

  • Get Woodcut I
  • Get Summon Cloud (if storm witch)
  • Activate Owl Statue at Home
  • Get Mine I
  • Get Seed Praise
  • Activate Owl Statue in Witches Guild
  • Get Shovel




After the introduction of the game, you’ll eventually land at your new home. If you’re a storm witch, interacting with the window right next to Cane will give you the spell Summon Cloud. Interacting with the drawers next to the skull will net you 3x Juicy Apple and some copper. Grab the map by your bed, and the notebook upstairs. Interact with the skull if you want to turn on hardcore mode, you can ONLY do this now, once you leave the house your game is in normal mode. On your way out Coco will start a chimera capturing tutorial. Once done, leave the house and grab the contents of the chest which includes the spell Woodcut I (use the book to learn it). Finally, interact with the weird bird sitting on top of your mailbox. This will start the mail quest, which is ultimately required to complete the story, however does not have to be done this second.

Once you’re done running around your house, cleaning the ground up, and hitting the first (maybe few) mail quests, continue heading south. You’ll see Samara again who will give you the key item Samara’s necklace. To her left, you’ll see a stone covered in ivy, clear it off to receive the spell Mine I. If you head to the right into the woods, you’ll find a secret path leading to another spell, Seed Praise.

This is a good opportunity to do some basic setup of your base, consider checking out the Hidden Mechanics section of this guide for more information on what to consider as you scale. Cast Mine I on the rocks north of your house to clear a path through, getting to the other side of the rocks will give you access to a Magic Tree, which will spawn Tear Leaves around it which grant mana regen if in your hotbar, as well as access to your home’s owl statue- a fast travel point. You’re safe to notebook pretty much everything you find which might net you a few witchery levels, however don’t notebook anything that can be equipped unless you have something else that can go in that slot.

Once you’re content (or blocked on moving forward) continue south to Midtown.


Upon entering midtown you’ll be greeted by the Witches Guild on your left, and the other witch’s houses (Devlin’s, Tess’, and Sennia’s) on your right. Enter the Witches Guild, and immediately to your left interact with the owl statue. While there will eventually be a lot to do in the Witches Guild, for now just turn around and head back to the town.

Continuing south you’ll see your first shrine, which has an important key item, the Winged Chest, which will significantly expand your inventory. Sadly, we can’t get it quite yet- but keep an eye out for sun runestones or sun fragements (in a cauldron, sun fragment + null rune = sun runestone) and get this as quickly as you can. Keep following the path. After the cutscene between the princess and the prince you’ll be introduced to the first main story point.

Talk to all of the NPCs, many of them will add errands to your notebook or otherwise tell you about the lore of the game.

  • The girl by the clocktower will give you an errand about picking up flower petals
  • The boy running around the clocktower will give you an errand to find the Forest Carnival
  • The green haired Serin child will give you an errand to find the cemetary in Midtown

There’s a lot of loot ripe for the grabbing in town, here are the locations of some chests

  • Shopkeeper’s Shop (1x Mana Globe)
  • White / Green Egg House (1x Mana Globe, 250c)
  • Yellow / Blue Egg House x2 (1g 250c, 2x Health Potion)
  • Plants-on-Roof House (1x Wild Rose Seed, 3x Bread)

Explore the town, and when you’re ready head south.

The first map south of town holds the Bar and Prince Gowen’s camp. Interacting with Prince Gowen twice and asking “Monsters?” will start you on the full-game-long monster killing side quest. You can also beat up the dummies here for some free combat experience. Go to the left of the bar and walk behind it and up to the red heart to find a Juju globe, and hopefully a Juju seed. Juju globes increase your max health by 2, so it’s very useful early game to stop you from dying in one hit. Don’t notebook it quite yet, wait until later to do so, for now just use it and enjoy the larger health pool. If you do get a seed, you can plant them for more globes, however it might take a bit before you’re equipped to farm these effectively. Check out the grinding guide to see a good way to take advantage of this incredibly important resource.

Both the second floor of the bar and the basement of the bar have pots that can be broken for some quick coin. They’ll respawn eventually, but it will take a bit. The Carny in the bar will, if asked enough, ask two riddles:

Riddle 1:

I’m given and taken…

You must be present…

I must be passed!

What am I?

“Test” for 13 Terror Tickets (used at the Carnival)

Riddle 2:

How many pink flowered shrubs are in town?

“17” for Bone Charm, a pendant that can be quite useful early game.

Continuing south from the camp and bar, you’ll hit a crossroads map where Starwen will continue talking to you about the Autumn Forest and give you an errand about the Dark Maze. East of here is the Old Geez’s farm, south of here is the Sawmill Camp, and west of here is Autumn Forest. Before you hit the forest, head east to the farm. Here we’ll see two important things: another shrine containing the Herb Pack, a useful piece of early equipment, and a shovel. Come back here to grab the herb pack later, you’ll be able to get it pretty quickly once you get into Autumn Forest a bit, but grab the shovel now.

Returning westward, you can take a short detour south to the sawmill camp to see what they have to offer (a shrine for the Tree Hat and Tree Pack), you’ll likely be coming back here for a bit until you make your own sawmill.

Finally, from the crossroads go west and enter the Autumn Forest.

Detour: Explore

At this point, take some time to learn the game a bit more. Hit the mine, sawmill camp, or your garden, and get some harvesting XP. Try to complete up to Acquire a Super Slime mail task as ultimately this will unlock necromancy, your fourth skill type, which will make you much stronger in the coming areas. Any time you level, remember to place both your perk and skill points.

Providing 99x coal to Baron Emergold will get you the Property License key item, allowing you to expand your home plot even farther once you have the money for it.

Autumn Forest

At a glance:

  • Get Mine II
  • Activate Owl Statue in Autumn Forest
  • Get Glow
  • Find Dark Maze in Autumn Forest


The first room of the Autumn Forest is generally rather safe, but make sure to use your weapon to cut down the tall grass rather than walking through it.

Above the pumpkin on the cliffside is a secret switch (E to interact) to enable stairs up the steps, which will allow you to get the Juju globe here. Follow the path of the pumpkins will lead you to a red sign pointing left- the hint is to press E on the darkened grass will let you jump up and down cliffs in specific spots. Keep an eye out for these everywhere, as it will often lead to chests or other secrets.

In room 2 you’ll notice the darkened grass immediately to your right, and in that pit you’ll see another notch in the center of the bottom cliff to interact with. Jump down, hit the switch, grab the chest containing a copper helm – equip it, and jump back up. If you immediately break left after the stairs and jump over the rock, you’ll find a secret room to your left with a save spot. To get back, jump over the log. Before you move too much farther into the forest, make sure you do a bit of combat leveling or finding some chimera, some of the enemies coming up are pretty rough on new characters, and you might find you’re dying in one hit. You can go hit the combat dummies at Prince Gowen’s camp for some easy no-risk experience.

Once in room 4, follow the path north past the two stumpets. Just after the second one, head due west to grab the spell Mine II, then return back and head even farther east. Behind a giant tree is an area cut off via large bushes, breakable with your weapon, and an owl statue behind it.

From here, we have multiple paths and detours to take. Moving east of the owl, then north you’ll find the path forward to room 5, and a switch on the cliffside that opens the path southeast- to the Flowery Fields, as well as the Glow spell which will be useful in the Dark Maze coming up- and in the room right past the spell there’s a chest with a Sturdy Sword, as well as the Herb Hat shrine. Northwest of the owl will take you past an updraft, which guards a chest containing 3x Mana Globes- accessible by using Tess’s scry token (see Friends > Tess). Continuing past the updraft you’ll see the entrance to the Carnival in the trees above the stumpets, and eventually the Sailor offering fishing gear and a shrine for the Deep Lure. South of the Sailor is the entrance to the Carrion Nest.

Hit whichever (or all) of the detours you’d like, then move up to room 5, talking to the NPC right outside who mentions they’ve lost her daughter, and ultimately starts the long side quest The Lost Girl & the Carnival (see Side Quests).

Autumn Forest Detours

Carrion Nest

The Carrion Nest is a small area which spawns a bunch of Carrion Prey, big surprise. This is a great area for doing a bit of combat grinding, and importantly has the Geez’s hat in the northeast corner which when returned to him will move him to his farm and open up his shop. The shop has some one of a kind equipment for farming, as well as access to pretty much all of the seeds in the game (sorry, no juju seeds though). Be careful not to bite off more than you can chew- these enemies can hurt quite a bit, and the respawn rate in the nest is pretty high.


Northeast of the Carrion Nest, where many birds and two stumpets spawn, there’s an entrance through the trees to the Carnival which is open from 9 pm to 5 am.

Walking into the Carnival one of the first things you’ll see is a set of shrines- all set as redemption rewards for playing the Carnival minigames. North of the entrance is a “strength” game which is based on timing, costing 25 tickets and offering a reward of 100 tickets. West of the entrance, following the path on the mine cart is a memory game, which costs nothing and doubles it’s reward each time, starting at two tickets. Lastly, in the northern most tent, there’s the We Three Riddlers, which are part of the Lost Girl & The Carnival side quest. Solving each riddle gets 100 tickets, regardless of the use of the Token Ring.

There’s a chest in the southeast tent, and if you interact with the empty bookshelf here you’ll find a hidden path to outside of Zixis Manor- though note that the enemies in that area are going to be significantly stronger than you at this point, as that area is meant to be the endgame.

The quickest way generally to complete this area is via the memory game, generally stopping each run around 64 or 128. As soon as you can get the Token Ring and equip it to double your rewards, and then go back for the rest. The rewards and their costs are:

  • Token Ring (100)
  • Broom (55)
  • Null Rune (55)
  • Bone Bash (500)
  • Spirit Mask (120)
  • Magic Dust (60)


Flowery Fields

Much like the Carrion Nest, the Flowery Fields is a great place for grinding. To the northeast of the entrance here is a clump of stumpets guarding a chest as well as 3 Juju plants.

If you pick the flowers after hitting them three times with your weapon, you can get Magic Dust or Fairy Dust and the achievement Dusty.

To the northwest of the entrance is a large obelisk which takes 100 mana link power to activate and causes spawn rates to be significantly increased globally (most enemies will respawn within 3-5 seconds). Don’t activate this obelisk yet, as there’s no way to turn it off once activated. In general, unless particularly looking for a significant challenge, this should be activated after you beat Zixis Manor and get a relic. Note that this is the only “negative” large obelisk of the game, but it is really good for grinding later.

Dark Maze

At a glance:

  • Find Grave Girl’s Camp
  • Get Trusty Rope in Grave Girl’s Camp
  • Get 3x Maze Keys
  • Get Summon Cloud
  • Open the Forest Temple
  • Get Enrich
  • Get Raise Aura


Once you’ve entered room 5 of the Autumn Forest, you’ll immediately see a small obelisk, mana link it with 10 mana link power, and it will unlock the path forward. Follow the past west, then north, then a bit more west. Once you’re above the tree line in the center of the map, head south into the trees for a path into the Dark Maze. While walking around room 5, your screen might go dark, this is due to a nearby Dark Shroom- try to find where it is while you can see, then head towards it and harvest it to have it stop darkening your screen.

You’ll need some magical source of light to get into the Dark Maze, but the Glow spell we picked up earlier is just the thing. Glow is cast slightly differently than other spells- enter the recipe for it (1 moon), and then press V to cast it. This is how you cast any spell that targets self, like Home Teleport as well. Glow can be cast multiple times on yourself to stack it’s benefit, up to roughly about 5 times.

Once in the dark maze, hit the lever and grab the candle- it’ll be useful later. The Dark Maze is, rather appropriately, a bit maze like, and as such it’ll be useful to see the below map.

Serin Fate Game Overview - Perks-Home & Midtown-Tutorial Builds - Full Walkthrough - Dark Maze - 1E82DBD

One thing you’ll notice pretty quickly is some Fuzzy “enemies” who won’t hurt you, but if you get too close to them they’ll teleport you back to the entrance.

As you’re moving north, take the first left to go and hit the switch. Return back and continue north to hit the secret treasure room, which will get you a Bone Helm in the chest and the Mancer Aura- which gives you a stronger passive mana regen at the cost of pool, great to combine with Spell Shield. Head south from here and hit the other switch, then grab the candle to the east. Return back to take the path to the Grave Girl’s graveyard. If it’s during the day, you can speak to her to get a hint about what to do next- find the Maze Keys hidden by hooded men.

The candles you’ve been finding can be put in the graveyard for necromancy experience.

Dig the two graves marked on the map to find the key item Trusty Rope, which allows you to climb down holes, and a hole to climb down. The hole will lead to the first golden key as well as another candle. Return to the graveyard and head east through a long path south and a long path north whose gates have been opened by the two switches hit earlier. This area has many Fuzzy enemies, some of which wander around the area. Wait for the fuzzy to pass, then head northwest to hit the last switch which unlocks a path to a spell later. After the fuzzy passes carefully move east towards the candle, the fuzzy will pass back by you if you move too quick. Once at the candle, wait for the fuzzy to pass again and carefully head north but watch for another fuzzy that heads in a line patrolling this area. If you can’t get all the way north, head back to the candle and wait for another pass to try again. Ultimately you’ll head all the way north to get the second Maze Key.

Finally, we’ll head back to the graveyard and through the northwest entrance to get to the statue maze. This area is a pretty simple process-of-elimination area. From the first room, head right. In the second room head right but take the gate north which will get a Lost Egg and the spell Summon Cloud if you haven’t gotten it already as a storm witch. Head back out and head right, then left, then up through the trees- grabbing the final maze key.

Return to the graveyard for the last time, put all the keys in their pedestals and flip the switch. Once outside, the Grave Girl will say she’s heading home, allowing you to continue the Lost Girl side quest. Head north towards the stairs, but before taking them head immediately to your right and behind the trees. Follow these hidden stairs to a Juju plant. Head back to the temple entrance, and you’ll find on interacting with it you can’t get inside. Use Starwen’s Artifact to open the door.

In the forest temple, grab the spell Enrich immediately in front of you, then walk into the wall on your right. You’ll find a secret area with another Lost Egg, and a large obelisk to increase the rate at which Chimera spawn. If you don’t have enough mana, head back outside and scare away some butterflies, or use any flower petals or mana potions you might have. Head back to the main room, read through the cutscene, pick up the Nature fragments (which you can notebook!), grab the Raise Aura- which makes nearby seeds grow faster, and finally open the chest to get the key item Magic Machete. The Magic Machete doesn’t have a lot of uses, but importantly it can be used in the first room of the Autumn Forest to access a secret area with a small obelisk that spawns some jars for a noone rune, many magic trees, and another Lost Egg.

Before you leave, mana link with the Nature Shard, after about 15 mana link power it’ll activate. You can toggle these Shards on or off after activation. Having it on will significantly increase the power and health of enemies with the Nature element, but also increase the drop rate of rarer items, such as nature runestones. Long term we’ll need all of them to be activated, but it’s pretty quick to revisit later, so make your choice about whether you’re comfortable with the difficulty increase and take your leave.

After leaving the Nature Temple, head back up the hidden stairs and head all the way east. This will take you by yet another Lost Egg and allow you to activate the path that quickly takes you all the way back to the second room of the Autumn Forest.

Congratulations, you’ve gotten through the first major act of the game!

Return to Midtown

At a glance:

  • Explore holes on your farm
  • Access the Goblin Shop
  • Get Winged Chest
  • Get Blood Aura
  • Get Daydream


Before heading off immediately to the next area of the story, let’s explore a bit more now that we have the Trusty Rope. There are two holes on your farm that can be climbed into, one under a mana link rock immediately north of your house, and the other in the expanded property. The one immediately north of your house is a great place to farm mushrooms early game. Interacting with the blue potion next to the entrance will give an eyeball and paper, interacting with the potion shelf will give 5 bottles, a mana elixer, and 2 chimera tonics, and interacting with the box by the shelf will give a mana globe. The hole in the expanded property is just a slime farm, so don’t worry if you don’t have access yet, you’re not missing out on much.

In Midtown, immediately behind the Witches Guild there’s another hole which has a Lost Egg in it. You can also use the Trusty Rope in the clocktower for yet another Lost Egg.

You might not have found a sun runestone yet, however you likely found two null runes. Use one null rune in the secret area in Ruby’s shop in Midtown to unlock the stairs to the Goblin Shop. The Goblin Shop sells a sun fragment for a 2g 600c which can be put into a cauldron with a null rune to create a sun runestone. Trade this sun runestone and 12 gold at a shrine in Midtown, south of the Witches Guild, for the amazing Winged Chest, a key item which expands your effective inventory to 90 slots! Items will automatically go into the Winged Chest, and will auto-stack to nearby chests from there, but if you want to use an item you have to use the key item and move it into your main inventory.

With a level in Spell Shield, you can pretty safely get the Blood Aura in the graveyard which is by a tree that may have bats on it. The graveyard is past a secret path west of the Midtown Bulletin Board. Only go during the day, at night Raziers appear, an end game enemy. As long as you’ve already unlocked necromancy you can go into the chapel itself, which has the Daydream spell to the left of the speakers podium. Here in the graveyard you can place candles (crafted at the workbench), to get more necromancy XP, just like in the Dark Maze.

Emberore Mountain

At a glance:

  • Find Emberore Mountain
  • Rebuild bridge
  • Get something to protect from the heat
  • Get Runic Aura
  • Get Moonwalk
  • Get Ignite
  • Find Magical Calendar
  • Get Glimmer Aura
  • Return Magical Calendar to Legend the Dragon
  • Beat Crocavile
  • Get through the giant crack in the cavern



Entering the Mountain

From Midtown, head west past the mine to hit the start of Emberore mountain, defeating the trolls along the way. Soon you’ll hit a cutscene where our good friends the necromancers blow up a bridge to stop us from continuing. Exit the area for a day and when you come back bring 12 hard planks to the carpenter to rebuild the bridge. You can get these pretty easily by cutting down the trees at the sawmill camp. If you don’t remove the stumps they’ll grow back in a few days, which makes this a good renewable source if necessary. Once you give the 12 hard planks to the carpenter, you’ll need to wait another day for the bridge to be fixed.

After crossing the bridge, right before entering the next room, head south against the trees there to find a hidden path to a chest containing a Sunny Helm, which will protect against the heat and provide a passive source of damage on enemies. North of this area is the start of the Dream Garden section which has no enemies, if you want to sequence break.

If it’s during the day and you have no other source of heat proofing, equip this helm before moving forward. However, if you don’t want to give up your current helm, you can also get the Shade Aura from Ichorus, get the Ashen Aura from deeper in the mine, or even get the Moon Skin perk. Of course, if all of those feel like too much work, you can simply visit at night as well. Aren’t options nice?

Emberore Mountain is a bit of an interconnected maze, which while not as bad as the Dark Maze, can take a bit of wandering around to make sense. To make things a bit easier, we’ll split getting the chests and rewards and completing the story.

Chests and Quick Travel Owl

Cross the bridge and mine or bomb through the three craggy rocks. The flowers that fire fireballs at you can be picked up to be disarmed, and continue all the way north past the bridge and the trolls. A small path north will reveal itself leading to another room with the owl statue. Head back south and across the bridge to the west, then the bridge south. Watch out for the Snap Dragons here during the day, if you’re not strong enough they may well kill you. From here cross the bridge east to grab the chest that has (TODO, what does it have?).


Return to the entrance of the area. The first bridge you pass will occassionally have a large fish blowing air across it, walk straight into it to be blown into the water. You’ll regain control in the map with the carpenter where an Runic Aura is, and then walk around towards the cave. Immediately inside the cave you’ll see the spell pedestal for Moonwalk. Move north two screens, staying inside the cave, then west one screen to exit the caves. Walk south to grab the spell Ignite, then jump down and get blown off the bridge by a fish again. This time take the first exit out of the cave, continuing southwest from here will land you at a large obelisk that increases gold find by 25%. Activate that, then head into the cave right next to it.

The Goblin Caves spawn goblins as you move, so if you need a minute to heal, simply stop moving. Ultimately head to the back of the cave where you’ll find the Magical Calendar key item, grab the Glimmer Aura, and then leave here as well. Outside the cave, head straight north. On the way you’ll see a hidden button which activates (todo: what?). Head into another cave entrance that teleports you to a plateau with some trolls, and you guessed it, another cave entrance. You’ll now be even higher on the map with two bridges- both to your east. Take the one immediately to your right and follow the path north to the lair of the Legend.

None of the characters here will attack you, as this is the calm before the storm. Follow the path north east (heading in a semi-circle around the door) and put the magical calendar back on it’s pedestal. Then speak to the dragon to gain entry into his lair. Enter the lair to hit the first boss of the game, Crocovile.

Crocavile Strategy

Make sure to have Spell Shield and Aegis on, and if you have them consider Blade, Gnarled, and Minion. If you have the pool for it, you can also use Glimmer as killing Crocavile nets a pretty solid amount of gold. Ultimately pay attention to his attacks and try not to get hit too much, having your chimera do the attacking from a safe distance, and attacking him just as a means to restore your AP.

If you find you’re struggling, explore around a bit and kill some of the enemies in Emberore, such as Snap Dragons or Goblins, as many of them drop good equipment.

Once you’ve beaten him you’ll watch a short cutscene and Ichorous will ask you if you want to donate the loot to immediately open the Witches Guild basement. While it’s ultimately up to you, and Crocavile can have some good loot, the cost of goods sold plus the gold he drops is around 250-300 gold, so you’re getting a significant discount if you do the donation. Make your choice, and when you can move againt unlock two important shortcuts. Head west of the room to come out in the mine, moving the one way interaction blocks to unblock the area. Heading back east we can move similar blocks to create a path from the cave system to access the troll shop. From the boss room heading north we hit a small room with a crack in the floor and a chest. The chest has a Crocavile statue for use in the Witches Guild basement, and it’s one of a kind so hold on to it even if you didn’t choose to donate the goods.

The large crack in the floor can be opened by using Demlin’s Bling- his scry token that you can get by giving him black powder, a common drop off trolls. Once the floor is opened, use your trusty rope to get down there, but note that it’s quite hot. If you’re just going for the fragments you can be in and out without dying, and take another run in to mana link the shard, however there’s also a large obelisk for XP gain here. Activating the Ashen (found in the mine) or Shade (bought from Ichorus) aura will be good enough to get you through the area with no issue, allowing you the time you need to mana link the large obelisk.

Nymbus Isles

At a glance:

  • Find missing miner
  • Access beach
  • Get to Nymbus Isles
  • Solve Nymbus Isles puzzle
  • Get up the draft of air
  • Reach the top of the mountain and tame a sky turtle
  • Find a nearby island to land on
  • Beat the boss



Getting to the Isles

The first major hurdle(s) here are just getting to the area, where we have to do seemingly completely unrelated tasks just to get here. To start with we can start heading down the mine to rescue the miner. You can either do this from the right of the Crocavile fight, or by breaking the (annoyingly strong) rock on the mine tracks in the front of the mine in Midtown. There’s a few enemies on each level of the mine, but nothing that can’t be handled. Fight your way through and get to the third floor. In the northern section of this floor are a bunch of craggy (todo which?) rocks which won’t respawn. Mine through them (or blow them up), and eventually you’ll find an entrance to a secret area. The miner will reward you with a recipe for Sera Berry Pie. Step 1 complete.

You’ll need to craft the Sera Berry Pie to be able to move forward, which if you decide to craft the component parts will need a whopping 50 honey. Crafting bee hives and bee boxes can make this easier- place multiple bee boxes around one beehive to collect honey quickly. Alternatively, you can kill bees for a chance at collecting the aged honey (or even just honey!), and in the Flowery Fields that’s a pretty reasonable grind.

Last but not least you’ll need to access the beach requires the crafting of a Quick Bandana. Bring fishing gear, the pie, and wear the bandana and talk to the pirate harmless guy guarding the entrance in to the beach southeast of the Shopkeeper’s Shop in Midtown.

The water raises with the tides at night, so if it is night go kill some time until day (or go to sleep). You’ll find iron wood trees on the beach, useful for quite a bit of crafting, such as for barns. If you’re killing time anyway, this is a great time to gather some.

On the beach during the day, head to the farthest northeast corner you can and fish into the water as far as you can, the goal is to get into the whirlpool here, which may take a few attempts. Once you do, a whale will come out of the water and talking to them will hint that they’re hungry, the game will then ask if you want to feed the Sera Berry Pie to the whale. Upon answering yes, the game will hint that you might not be able to come back for a bit (which is a lie if you’re not playing hardcore mode, as dying still spawns you at your house, though Home Tele is blocked), so finish up anything you want to before leaving. Once you leave, you’ll go through a cutscene of you and the other witches bonding, and you’ll ultimately land at Nymbus Isles Beach.

Nymbus Isles

At the beach you’ll run into your old friend Samara, as well as a minigame where you can bet on the horses snails? You can also talk to everyone who traveled with you if you so choose.

Head north from the beach and keeping heading north past the bridge room. Now in the room with Rage Slimes and a single Cinder Hulk you’ll find three exits- one northwest, one northeast, and one straight east. By some weird twist of gravity, the northwest exit and east exit lead to the same place, though with rather different enemies along the way. Ultimately it doesn’t really matter which path you take though the northeast path might be slightly friendlier in the enemy department. Take either path and continue forward and ultimately you’ll end up on a watery screen with many Zarfangs. Take the northern exit to land you at the Nymbus Isles puzzle.

The puzzle is relatively straightforward. The goal is to light up all blocks, stars cause the light to move in the same direction it was moving, suns cause a clockwise turn, and moons cause a counter clockwise turn. One possible solution is shown below.

s = sun, m = moon, * = star
| | | | | | | |
| |s|s|s|s| | |
| |*|*|s|*|m| |
|s|*|*|>|s|*| |
|*|*|m|s|s|m| |
|m|m| |m|m| | |
| | | | | | | |

After you’ve solved the puzzle, if you have not already gotten Tess’s scry totem, it’s now a must. Luckily, her first scry totem only requires 3x copper bars which are easily found off of Rage Slimes, and Tess herself will be readily found on the beach. Once you’ve gotten her totem, head back to the room with the three-way fork and take the northeast route. At this point, if it’s night, go beat stuff up for a bit, this map is impassable at night. Once it’s day, head all the way north, passing many a bird enemy “Cracker”. These bird enemies drop most of the craftable cloaks you can make, and also drop golden and giant feathers, great for Starwen’s friend quest and the clocktower miscellaneous errand respectively.

At the northern edge of this map you’ll see an updraft, use Tess’s scry totem to receive the propeller hat and take the draft up and continue north. The propeller hat doesn’t have many uses, but back in the Autumn Forest there’s an updraft leading to 3x Mana Globes, so don’t forget to grab that when you get the opportunity. The path up the mountain is very linear, so keep going until you see the turtles. Use Samara’s Necklace to tame a turtle. With this game’s version of the airship unlocked, you can now fly almost anywhere! The boss, Storm Shard, and storm fragments are located on the small square island to the northeast, but alternatively you can fly back to Midtown to prepare. You can only attempt to land five times per day, if you run out of attempts press escape to return to the world where you were at and kill some time until you can fly again.

Boss Strategy

(TODO Name?)

Like Crocavile, this boss isn’t particularly crazy. They can only be hit on their head, so keep that in mind for regaining your AP. Stay aware of your surroundings, using your weapon to break down the electric plants when they become annoying. Your chimera can target the boss from quite a distance which can be used to your advantage in staying alive. The boss is pretty reasonable to dodge, so simply do your best to stay alive and take pot shots until they’re dead.

Once they are dead, grab the Storm fragments in the northeast corner of the island and activate the shard, then use Samara’s Necklace to return home.

Dream Garden

At a glance:

  • Collect 4 Timber
  • Cast Woodcut I
  • Plant a seed
  • Craft a Furnace
  • Acquire Super Slime
  • Make an Iron Bar
  • Kill a Troll
  • Craft a Cooking Cauldron
  • Talk to Ichorous
  • Dust bones


So strictly speaking this is the first time you need to have necromancy in the game, so if you’ve managed to not unlock it yet (impressive!) then go do so by completing all of the mail tasks listed above. With necromancy unlocked it’s now prudent to go get the Dreamcatcher skill, as this will allow you to find more ghosts at night which will be required- unless of course you sleep most nights and have already found a ton of ghosts. You’ll need roughly 20 ghosts to “build” the ghost bridge to access the shard.

Getting into the Dream Garden requires getting to Emberore Mountain entrance and heading north from there. During the day, break the bushes in your way and turn on the statue switch to reveal a shortcut that doesn’t involve those plants. Now come back here as your spectral self and dust the fancy gateway. You won’t be able to enter the Dream Garden at night, so spend the rest of the time dusting ghosts.

During the day, come back and enter the garden- where you’ll be immediately transformed into your spectral self (with spectral controls!). Talk with as many NPCs as you’d like to learn their dream thoughts. North of the entrance, if you see a complete ghost bridge, congratulations, you’ve beaten this chapter! If not, go dust a bunch of ghosts at night then come back.

The Moon Shard is slightly different in that it can be activated via dusting instead of mana linking.

Zixis Manor

At a glance:

  • Get to the manor…
  • … without dying
  • Find & beat Manith
  • Claim relic


There are two ways into Zixis Manor, and sadly neither of them are through the front door, because thats sealed FOREVER.

Option 1: the easiest way into the Manor, assuming the time is right, is via the Carnival. Head to the southeast tent, open the chest, and move the empty bookshelf to reveal a trapdoor. This will lead straight to the entrance to the Manor.

Option 2: Samara’s Necklace, just fly over the dark plot of land above Emberore Mountain and you’ll land on the other side of the fence in the Haunted Wood. To the southwest of your landing location you’ll find a Lost Egg. Continue north through the Carrion Waste, either fighting or avoiding the Raziers, Carrions, and Laughing Radishes, and eventually you’ll land at the entrance to the Manor.

If you take the Carnival entrance, you can walk back towards the Carrion Woods and find an optional boss Drifter. If you take Samara’s necklace, you might see this boss on the way towards the mansion. You’ll know the boss is near when it starts attacking your gold. See down below for the Drifter Strategy.

Once at the entrance talk to Zixis, and he’ll explain that he’s been kicked out of his own house by Manith, the big bad evil guy. He’ll also explain that he wasn’t the real bad guy, even though he made the decisions and followed through with them with no outside influence. Ultimately he’ll give you a key to his front door.

If you run straight for the front door, you’ll likely die. Instead, you’ll need to use Sennia’s scry token which will give you the Immortal aura, an extremely expensive aura costing 40 drain / min _and_ your max health. Turn on the aura, run for the door, and use the key from your Key Item menu to open the door. Immediately turn off the aura once inside, as the only thing that can hurt you here are statues that dash at you. If you timed it right, you should only lose two or three max HP.

You can dig some of the graves out in front of the manor, however there’s nothing of note there and it’s worth waiting until after you defeat Manith.

You’re free to explore the manor at this point- try avoiding the dashing statues but they won’t hurt much, especially with Spell Shield active. If you follow the path all the way to the right you’ll ultimately hit the garden, which has many Blink Shrooms, a large cauldron, a chest, and a save spot. You can interact with many of the pedestals now to read about some relics.

From the entrance, the path to Manith is one room right, behind an empty bookshelf you’ll need to move. Follow this path north to start this boss fight.

WARNING MISSABLE CONTENT: This is a soft point of no return. After this fight, entering your farm will cause a cutscene that removes access to the Chimera Castle. If you have not completed Starwen’s friendship line by now, go and get it and get the Mana Regen obelisk.

Manith Strategy

This fight is probably the first fight in a while that you might die to, between not seeing his health at first and how powerful the attacks are, stumbling into this room unaware is almost a guaranteed death sentence. The plus side is once you are aware, it’s not too tough.

Before you go in, do a quick check, ideally you should have

  • At least 200 health
  • At least 200 mana
  • At least 40 pool
  • Spellshield, Aegis, Blade / Gnarled / Minion
  • At least 100 in the primary offensive stat you’re using (COM, CP, INT)
  • All three chimera slots opened (it’s free DPS)

If you don’t have this yet, do some grinding in the Witches Guild Basement, or do some Juju farming (see Grinding), within a few in game days you definitely will.

Manith has 750,000 HP, and you must beat at least one of his add-ons to see his health. Not a big deal, but each time you beat once of his minions he gets powered up. If at all possible, aim to only kill one minion then focus on him. You’ll still get the loot for both minions once he dies.

Achievement note: if playing on hard mode, the achievement Fearsome requires that you beat both minions and then Manith, but timing shouldn’t matter much- just make sure to kill both minions first.

While you can use the Immortal aura to help stay alive- it does burn your max HP, so instead you can just use the aura’s listed above.

From there the goal is really just kill him before he kills you. You might grab the Golden Apple and Infinity Potion from the Runik Nak shop to help on the potion side, but keep in mind they have a long cool down, so you’ll still want to supplement them with other potions. Also keep in mind that potion sickness is a thing, so space out your potion usage if you’re relying on them.

If you have any trouble at all, also consider going and completing the friend quest lines as they will help out during the fight.

Relic Choice


  • Crown of the Dead: Raise 2x as many pets, dealing 2x damage – stacks with Chittering Mask
  • Tiny Voodoo: Monsters gain strength with each passing day
  • Pure Ice: Attacks freeze enemies
  • Cursed Coin: Money increases all stats, lose all money on death – multiplicative against your base stat, roughly 22% increase at 27r 600g
  • Crystal Quill: 3x movement speed, cannot be slowed – acts roughly as a passive wing pack, stacks with wing pack + broom. Cannot be slowed includes removing the in-combat slowdown
  • Eternal Candle: Pool drains much slower – seems to be roughly 4x slower
  • Chalice of Malice: Chimera deal 300% damage
  • Candelabra: double loot from slain foes
  • Living Gem: 50% chance to restore to full HP on taking fatal damage
  • Black Ball: Conjure Blast Bats to swarm nearby foes – one bat per nearby enemy every 2 seconds, scales off int and can crit.

Probably the best general purpose choice is the Black Ball- it trivializes fighting with a solid int stat, and since it can crit the perks Precision and Amplify both become very effective. Ultimately it’s not too hard to get this to over 10k damage per hit if specced a bit for it. You realistically get to walk through almost every area and pick up the loot as things die around you in one bat hit. Further, you can now afk grind even easier without a pet build, and beyond trivially with one. Very useful for a completionist run. A note on the black ball: for what I can only assume is a bug, it does not hit Drifter, keep that in mind for your strategy.

Most of the rest seem to have some reasonable utility, Crown of the Dead seems an obvious choice for pet builds, and the Candelabra could make grinding for statues or rare drops quite a bit easier.

The Crystal Quill is a solid alternative, but with the existence of the wing pack and broom, all it really does is allow you to equip something else in your cape slot. While there definitely are some good capes, none provide close to the DPS and control the Black Ball does. If you want to speed run from here (and possibly suffer some graphical glitches), you can stack the Crystal Quill, Wing Pack, and Broom for an absurd movement speed- but that’s really the only case where I’d recommend picking the quill.

The Eternal Candle might also appear worth it for heavy necromancy users, but between the Lich perk, the Slow Burn perk, and a high necromancy level in the first place such that you have a high max pool, it doesn’t seem that valuable.

The Cursed Coin may be worth it if you grind the Witches Guild basement to the point of having way too much money, but due to the mechanic of the Drifter boss, I still can’t recommend this relic.

Repairing the Fate Stone

At a glance:

  • Craft the Essence of Fate
  • Revisit the Shards
  • Repair the Fate Stone


After beating Manith any travel to your farm will cause the Chimera Castle to fall to the ground, locking you out of the castle permenantly. Now you can enter the path to the castle regardless of having a Royal Note, however the path is much shorter and leads directly to the fate stone.

Having notebooked at least one fragment will give you the Essence of Fate cauldroning recipe, which requires one of each type of fragment in a cauldron. Normal cauldrons only have 3 slots, so to do this you need access to a large cauldron. There’s two such cauldrons in the game: one in the Witches Guild, and one in Zixis’ Manor garden. The one in the Witches Guild requires you complete Coco’s Tasks side quest, but that should be beyond easy to do by now.

Once you craft the Essence of Fate (or two, if you want to notebook one), go turn on all the shards if you haven’t already. Then head to the fate stone at noon and use Starwen’s artifact. After one final set of cutscenes, we’re done. Congratulations on beating the game!

There does not appear to be any specific post-game content, and as such at this point your only possible remaining tasks are friend quests, side quests, and grinding to become a god.


Just because you have the item doesn’t mean that they’ll ask for it immediately, you may need to talk to them multiple times.

Time Key:

  • Morning: 5am to 8am
  • Midday: 8am to 6pm
  • Evening: 6pm to 9pm
  • Night: 9pm to 5am

After starting Nymbus Isles all friends will be on the beach at Nymbus Isles until you complete that section.

Princess Starwen

Can normally be found

Time Location
Morning Midtown, in front of the clocktower
Midday Witches Guild Library
Night Witches Guild Library


  • Rewards: Access to Princess Starwen’s room



Can normally be found

Time Location
Morning South of Mages Guild
Midday In front of mines
Midday In first room of mines
Evening In mages guild lobby
Evening In front of Ruby’s shop
Night Bar


  • Rewards: Moon Bomb recipe, Access to Demlin’s house, interacting with the mine in the house will give random ores



Can normally be found

Time Location
Midday In front of the Witches Guild
Evening In the Witches Guild lobby
Night In her shop


  • Spoiler: Purchase from Runik Nak
  • Rewards: Access to Sennia’s House, the garden will give random mushrooms



Can normally be found

Time Location
Midday Behind Sennia’s house, inaccessible
Midday Town Well
Evening In the Witches Guild library
Night In the Witches Guild library
Night In her house


  • Spoiler: Zapper + Void Bar ( + Cloud Spell to get thunder)
  • Rewards: Access to Tess’ House, Link-a-dink recipe


Side Quests

Coco’s Tasks


  • Easy way: stand below thunderstorm with empty bottle, thunderstorms can be summoned by casting Cloud multiple times in the same spot
  • Purchase at Sennia’s Secret Shop

Rewards: Witchery XP, Gold, access to guild cauldron

Prince Gowen’s Kill Quest

The prince wants you to kill 25 of pretty much each type of monster. These have to be done in order, so it’s a good idea to pick them up as you’re first going through the areas.

For each task completed, you get gold and combat experience.

You can find the list below as well as recommended areas for killing the enemy.

  • Slimes – Midtown at night
  • Grumpy Bees – Flowery Fields
  • Skeletons – Haunted Wood
  • Zom-Noms – Haunted Wood
  • Grass Goblins – Goblin Cave
  • Goblin Magi – Goblin Cave
  • Trolls – Outside Troll Shop
  • Troll Magi – Outside Troll Shop
  • Snap Dragons – Emberore Mountain, follow the bridges in the first room towards the goblin cave, but follow the southern bridge to an area where 3-4 can spawn during the day
  • Gnarish – Haunted Wood
  • Razier – Carrion Waste towards the entrance to the Haunted Wood
  • Cracker – Nymbus Isles – Northeast path
  • Zarfang – Nymbus Isles – Northwest path
  • Carrion – Carrion Waste

Reward: +35% increased damage

Lost Eggs

(TODO: other lost eggs)

  • Dark Maze, in the statue maze, by where the Summon Cloud spell
  • Forest Temple, in the secret area to the right of the spell pedestal
  • Witches Guild basement, behind the Witches Guild, hit E until “Too far down” pops up, use the Trusty Rope
  • Midtown bar basement, use the Trusty Rope in the clocktower
  • Autumn Forest, room 1, cut down the Mysterious Bush with the Magic Machete
  • Autumn Forest, side room off room 2, Outside the Nature Temple, head up the first east stairs and continue heading east, which will teleport you to this room.
  • Haunted Wood, other side of the fence, either work your way back from the carnival entrance or fly here using Samara’s Necklace


Lost Girl & The Carnival


  • Each riddle solved rewards 100 Carnival tickets, regardless of Token Ring
  • Riddle 1: Behind the sign to Midtown, 1 area south of the town itself
  • Riddle 2: “Mine is with the fish” Seaside Beach Docks, crate with fish on it
  • Riddle 3: “Mine is above the foliage, and below the rocky face…” Mine room 1, northwest corner


Adventure Pack


  • Get Herb Pack, Cost: 235c + 5 spotted shrooms, Location: Geez’s farm
  • Get Tree Pack, Cost: 2g + 50 Timber, Location: Far south of Midtown, at the sawmill camp
  • Get Mine Pack, Cost: 4g + 1 Gold bar, Location: The Mine, first room
  • Get Fish Pack, Cost: 10x Goldfish, Location: Seaside Beach, on one of the boats in the dock Hint: Get a diamond ring to make catching goldfish easier
  • Craft


Adventure Hat


  • Get Herb Hat, Location: Autumn Forest, screen before Flowery Fields behind a tree
  • Get Tree Hat, Cost: 20x Plank + 5x Hard Plank, Location: Far south of Midtown, at the sawmill camp
  • Get Mine Hat, Cost: 5g 1p + 2x Copper bar + 2x Iron bar + 2x Gold bar + 2x Obsidian bar, Location: The Mine, room 1 secret in the farthest part of the top left
  • Get Fish Hat, Cost: 10x Drift Plank, Location: Nymbus Isles Beach
  • Craft


The Fridge

Not so much a side quest as side content, the Fridge is a very cold place. Make sure you have some warm mittens or the Nova aura and fly there with Samara’s Necklace. Once you’re there, you’ll see there’s really not much to do, but this is the only place in the game with Mythic Ore as an ore (though it is available as drops from enemies). Mine as much as you’d like and go home. Once you smelt some in a powered furnace with fire salt, you’ll get the achievement Of Myth and Legend.

Miscellaneous Errands

This section is broken down via area where the errand is, while none of these will appear in your notebook, all of these are just further things to do in the game with some form of reward. This section is really meant as a completionists guide for things that may not be explicitly mentioned in the story walkthrough.

  • Note: Does not consume the Giant Feather
  • Spoiler: Drops from Crackers on Nymbus Isles
  • Reward: Egg Hat


Optional Boss: Drifter

Drifter can be found in the Carrion Woods south of Zixis Manor- the giant grim reaper looking enemy. You’ll know you’re in the right area once you start losing money.

Drifter doesn’t “hurt” so much as he “costs” – so make sure you’ve bought everything you could possibly want to buy before the fight. Also, if you’ve chosen the Cursed Coin he’s directly attacking your stats so make sure you have WAY TOO MUCH money. Note as well that the damage he does to your pocket is percentage based, so the more money you have the more you’ll likely lose.

He’s not a particularly tough boss, mostly just a DPS check, so have as much DPS as you can and go to town.

This boss is required for the Endless Drift achievement while the Moon Shard is flowing

With a not particularly optimized end game build (182 COM, 240 CP, 106 DEX, 255 INT, 120 VIT, 99 witchery / combat, black ball), it cost about 40r to take out Drifter with the moon shard active with an initial wallet of 52r.

Behind the Mural

(TODO: find answers)

There is a room in the nature temple past the mural. At some point in the game (I believe after you beat it?) it turns red, and you can enter via interacting with it. It’s cold, so make sure you have the Nova Aura, but then the room seems just empty?

My current thought is that this is for another optional boss due to the music and lack of obvious input, but this area could also be a developer entry point for the unimplemented cave that appears in the Fridge, which could explain the cold.

Hidden Mechanics

This section outlines both “hidden” mechanics, as well as those that are just poorly / not explained.

Base Building


  • Consider putting storage and crafting stations inside your house, time is stopped in your house, allowing you to better control the progression of time in game by not worrying about time while doing inventory management
  • Prioritize upgrading storage, magic chests are a huge quality of life increase since you don’t need to pull items out of them to craft.
  • Gardens (both flower and mushroom) operate best in two-wide rows. The more crowded a garden is, the longer a plant will take to grow.
  • The above garden note does not apply once link-a-dink’s are unlocked. Once unlocked, place one in your garden and crowd it to your heart’s content.



The two furnaces are not equal, and for that matter neither are all materials. Note also that crumbles turn to ash more frequently than ore.

There are two types of ore, low tier and high tier. Low tier only require a regular furnace and any fuel. High tier require a powered furnace and fire salt.

Low Tier

  • Copper
  • Iron
  • Gold
  • Obsidian
  • Ember
  • Void

High Tier

  • Evil
  • Moonlight – note that to mine Moonlight you must dust it first
  • Mythic

Any low tier ore can also be turned into a bar by Molb, the NPC by the Sun Shard. While this doesn’t require any fuel, it is based on how quickly he swings his hammer, which is slightly variable. He cannot be sped up by mana linking.

Of course there are other recipes for the furnaces as well, which are completely unnoted:

Wet Soil -> Sand

Dry Soil -> Dry Dirt

Stone -> Heavy Stone

El Rune -> Noone Rune

Noone Rune -> Null Rune

Null Rune -> Random elemental runestone (or null rune)


Compressor “recipes” aren’t really detailed anywhere, so here’s a list:

Coal -> Black powder, rarely diamond shards

Elemental Fragment -> 1-3 gem dust

Elemental Gem -> 2-5 gem dust

Unlike Molb, the compressor cannot turn ore into bars.

Pens & Barns

Pens and barns serve similar goals- reward the player for catching chimeras- but do so quite differently.

Mechanic Pens Barns
Socket Runestones Yes, boosts output for that chimera of that element No
Feed Yes, note: trough must be inside pen’s area No
Play Yes No
Possibiltiy for Eggs Yes No
Rewards Pearls, Eggs, Some Items, Small EXP Large EXP, no items

Early game, get a medium pen (or two!) as quickly as possible and fill it with chimera. The pearl income is very useful in purchasing spells and auras. Mid to late game, switch most of your chimeras to barns to get massive witchery XP.


The link-a-dink isn’t really a hidden mechanic, but the flavor text doesn’t tell you what it does at all- it provides a passive mana link to anything that could be mana linked in it’s range.

Once you have the recipe, make two or three for around your base- at least one for the garden, and one for your crafting stations. The one at the garden will make gardening for resources basically instant, and the one at the crafting stations will significantly speed up any crafting which is espcially useful for some equipment’s long craft time.

Home Teleport

Probably one of the most useful spells in the game, coupled with the roughest cost- all of your mana. However, there’s a pretty easy way to get around this cost, bat cages.

Bat cages restore, at minimum, 33% of your mana, so the easy solution is to put 3 bat cages somewhere around your home. Home teleport is now effectively a free cost!

Note that bat cages take time to “catch” a bat, so if you use this spell very often, you’ll want more than 3.


Witchery, Harvesting, Combat, Chimera Levels


  • Gear that helps / rewards levels – eg Heart Ring
  • Any perks that improve XP: Wisdom, Skean, Quick Study
  • Combat perks of your choice
  • Misc perks: Wealth

The Witches Guild basement is probably the easiest way to grind XP of everything except necromancy. Place fully charged statues (with the spacebar) onto the stars on the floor of the basement. Statues charge passively over the course of the day, and there’s a magic chest in the basement which serves as a great place to keep them.

The gist is really put as many statues down as you can survive, boost them up to 100 via mana link (again, as long as you can survive), kill everything and collect your rewards. Don’t disable your auras until you talk to the jester and claim the XP there as well.

Juju Globes


  • Heart Ring x2
  • Link-a-dink
  • At least 1 Juju seed

Save scumming works for seed drops, and since the Juju seed only takes a very small amount of mana to grow, you plant the seeds, mana link, cast enrich, then harvest and hope you get more seeds than you started with. If you don’t, simply reload the previous save.

Mana Globes

Laughing Radish enemies rarely drop mana globes. Get a bunch of statues, throw them in witch guild basement, and hope for the best. Lucky potion tooltip suggests it might help, but the buff itself says it only affects gold- whether it helps or not is untested.


Achievement Alt text How to get
Dusty Harvest some Fairy Dust. Harvest a bunch of flowers after hitting them with your weapon at least 3 times. May take a bit of grinding, try the Flowery Fields.
Endless Drift Defeat a Drifter with the Moon Shard flowing… Exactly what it sounds like
The Fated Fae Restore the Fate “Stone”. Beat the game
Fearsome Defeat both Servants and then Defeat Manith on Hard Mode Exactly what it sounds like
Keen Seeking secrets! Tutorial only: in the walk up the path to the Witch’s Ceremony, immediately upon entering go left towards the bit of tan at the tree edge. Follow that path back towards the entrance.
Ling-Ling Reel in a Spined Ling! As of, this seems to be bugged and unachievable.
Magic! Hew down a Magic Tree. After unlocking Forester III, cut down a magic tree. Can be found on farm, in Autumn Forest Room 1, or the void room in the Mine.
Riddler Mr Three’s hidden… Assumably complete the Lost Girl & The Carnival side quest, though this may be bugged? I did not receive this on completing the riddles nor gathering the Shiny Stone.
Royal Acquire a Royal Note. Complete the first part of Princess Starwen’s friendship questline.
Seeing Jujus Reach 200 Max HP. See Grinding > Juju Globes
Of Myth and Legend Craft a Mythic Bar. Use a powered furnace, fire salt, and mythic ore.
Of the Serin Play as a Serin! Tutorial only: Walk most of the way to the Witch’s Ceremony.
Of the Val Play as a Val! Tutorial only: Walk most of the way to the Witch’s Ceremony.
Of the Human Play as a Human! Tutorial only: Walk most of the way to the Witch’s Ceremony.


Written by headlessgargoyle

Here we come to an end for Serin Fate Game Overview – Perks-Home & Midtown-Tutorial Builds – Full Walkthrough hope you enjoy it. If you think we forget something to include or we should make an update to the post let us know via comment, and we will fix it asap! Thanks and have a great day!

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