SAS: Zombie Assault 4 How to Get Elite Augment Cores

SAS: Zombie Assault 4 How to Get Elite Augment Cores 1 -
SAS: Zombie Assault 4 How to Get Elite Augment Cores 1 -

Getting the core and strengthening your weapons and armor in this game will be one of the real thrills.
Since the core is a rare item, it is difficult to obtain it.
I wrote this article to help you get the core.

Acquisition method

Here’s how to get the core legally. It does not show the unexpected method.
First, there are the following ways to get the core.

  • Nightmare mode
  • Armory of Faction War
  • Epic Pack

I will explain each in detail.

Nightmare Mode

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You can get the core in Nightmare mode.
The probability is low. This is because there are several barriers as follows.

  • Your level is 35 or higher
  • The total level of the team is high
  • The appearance of Savage Devastator Elite or Savage Necrosis Elite as a boss
  • Your team has the ability to defeat the boss
  • That boss puts out a Nantonium Strongbox
  • That the Nantonium Strongbox contains the core

The core is obtained from the Nantonium Strongbox from the Savage Devastator Elite or Savage Necrosis Elite.
It doesn’t matter if the type of special effect given to this boss (Berserk, Extra Fast, Extra Strong, Dark Minion, Nightmarish) has a core or not.
Note that you can’t get cores from non-Elite bosses.
The probability of getting a core is said to be:

  • Nantonium Strongbox from Savage Devastator Elite: 5%
  • Nantonium Strongbox from Savage Necrosis Elite: 15%

Please grant High Roller to increase the probability that Nantonium Strongbox will appear.
The rank of all Strongboxes that appear will be increased by +1.
The effect of granting by other players is unknown.
At least you should grant High Roller.
It is said that Savage Devastator Elite or Savage Necrosis Elite will appear depending on the total level of the team.

  • Savage Devastator Elite may appear if the total is 200 or more
  • Savage Necrosis Elite may appear if the total is 396-400

You can predict whether the middle boss will have the Savage Devastator Elite or Savage Necrosis Elite as the last boss.
The following cases are highly likely to occur.

  • Savage Mech Zombie -> Savage Devastator Elite
  • Savage Necrosis -> Savage Necrosis Elite

Which boss will appear will be determined shortly after the game starts.
Whether or not the Nantonium Strongbox will appear will be decided the moment you defeat the boss. At the same time, it also determines if the core is included. (If you have the ability to go back and forth between the past and the future, you will be more likely to change the timing of defeating the boss and get the core.)
If the boss issues multiple Nantonium Strongboxes, you may get multiple cores.
A single Nantonium Strongbox may contain both a black key and a core.
Please note that you cannot get the core in Power Out. Because Savage Mech Zombie appears fixedly as the last boss.
The boss is strong. Get ready to defeat the boss.

  • Weapons with high power such as Stripper, krakatoa, Zerfallen, CM Proton Arc are recommended as weapons to defeat the boss.
  • Aim for 99% defense or increase movement speed so that you do not die.
  • Use Cyro Grenade or Cyro Turret to slow down the movement of the boss.

You need a ticket to challenge Nightmare Mode.
Up to 5 Daily Tickets will be awarded every 24 hours.
You can get Premium Tickets by purchasing.
If you have both, Daily Tickets will be consumed first.
The number of tickets is determined by each player.

Armory of Faction War

You can get the core in Faction War.
The odds of getting a core in Nightmare mode are very low, but compared to that, Faction War will definitely get a core if you take the time.
All you need is 40,000 Credits and 1,500 Planetary Favours.
Which Planetary Favours you need depends on your situation.
It takes time to get this much Credit and Favours.
You need to defeat 400,000 enemies or 2667 eggs or 1334 pairs of bosses to earn 40,000 Credit. In my experience, breaking eggs is an efficient way to earn Credit.
You need to control the target planet for a total of about 9000 minutes to earn 1,500 Favours.
A player can only purchase once. Armory items are updated every 14 days.

Epic Pack

Epic Packs will be sold every few days. It contains the 1x Elite Core.
You can get the core instantly.
It’s up to you to buy.

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