Sapiens How to Plant Guide

Sapiens How to Plant Guide 1 -
Sapiens How to Plant Guide 1 -

Quick guide on planting and what to expect / look out for

How to plant Easy.

Be sure to start planting your wood / fruit tree source early as it takes several years for them to yeald any fruit or seeds that you are able to eat or plant to make more! Vegetables will yeald food and seeds afther the first growing cyclus
To be able to unlock and plant something you must have discovered it, aka made a sapiens gather said plant or tree. when this is done the plan will unlock in your planting page. and in order to plant anyhting at all you need to have the stone axe head in your storage along with a seed or fruit from the groth you wish to plant.
If you want to plant any kind of vegetables or fruit trees make sure your sapien is not hungry when gathering it so he carries it straigth to storage or to an already desegnated spot, or else your Sapiens will eat it instead. if you want to make a farm to get resources from all types of trees make sure you do not harvest the branches, as i have discovered that this slows down / prevenst the yeald of fruits or pine cones that you can gather, if you leave the branches alone i saw a bigger / more frequent yeald of fruits and pine cones, limited to the seasonal growth time ofc.
if you find a patch of any plant or tree that is very far away and you want to grow it in your base you need to first make one or two storage spaces where the tree or plant is and then send sapiens there manually, when they get in range of the plant or tree they will respond to your work order and start to gather and store it in the storage, you then need to make a route from that storage to your main storage so your sapiens will carry it back to your base.

To plant trees you need to gather the seeds from the tree. be careful so your sapiens dont use the pine cone for fire wood, they will do this if you dont have branches or logs in your storage and one of your fire’s need fuel.
All fruit Trees
Gather the fruit from the tree.
All Vegetables:
Gather the vegetable, keep in mind that most, if not all vegetables will leave a sapling form where you just harvested it so you can go back to gather it again for more food or seeds to plant more.
Pro tip here is to get your Beetroot patch as big as possible as this grows all year round and is a steady and secure way to get food.
Berry bushes:
Gather the berry.
Rasberry is also a good choice as this grows fast and also provides a steady food source if you have enugth bushes.

Here we come to an end for Sapiens How to Plant Guide hope you enjoy it. If you think we forget something to include or we should make an update to the post let us know via comment, and we will fix it asap! Thanks and have a great day!

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