Rust Console Commands/Keybinds Guide

Rust Console Commands/Keybinds Guide 1 -
Rust Console Commands/Keybinds Guide 1 -

To bind something in console, press F1 (default for console) and copy-paste the following commands.
You can change the binds to your liking.
The general formula: “bind key action”
Clearing keybinds: “bind key clear”
bind [leftshift+k] kill – Instant kill, no need to press F1 and type it out.
bind f1 consoletoggle;combatlog – Instant combatlog, no need to press F1 and type it out.
bind m +forward;+sprint – Auto-run
bind j +forward;+sprint;+jump – Auto-run + jump (good for auto swimming)
bind z duck – Toggles crouch until you press crouch again
bind [leftshift+N] attack – Auto-attack until you manually press attack again (good for soft-side degeneracy)
bind mousewheelup “craft.add -2072273936 2” – Crafts bandages with scroll-wheel up
bind Mouse1 +attack2;+lighttoggle – Always toggle flashlights or lasers when aiming down sight
bind 6 “+slot6;+attack” -Auto apply bandage or medical syringe in slot 6

“bind o fov 90” – Changes FOV to 90
“bind p fov 60” – Changes FOV to 60 (good for zooming even further)
More nice commands to know:
hitnotify.notification_level 2 – Disables hitmarkers from invalids.
perf 1 – See your FPS
graphics.vm_fov_scale false – Reverts the weapons FOV
player.recoilcomp true – Will make your weapon reposition to where it started after firing just 1 shot (great for m249 tapping)
physics.steps 60 – Jump higher much easier
graphics.waves 0 – Disable waves
bind mouse1 “+attack2;+input.sensitivity .7;input.sensitivity .35;” – Different hipfire and ADS sensitivity. (first is hipfire, second is ADS)
client.lookatradius “20” – increased radius to open doors, boxes and other stuff.
input.autocrouch “True” – Makes your character auto-crouch when needed (like jump-ups or through windows)
Comment below if you want me to add more!
Now go beam some losers B-)


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