River City Saga: Three Kingdoms Resources Locations + Hidden Shops

River City Saga: Three Kingdoms Resources Locations + Hidden Shops – WALKTHROUGH 2 - steamsplay.com
River City Saga: Three Kingdoms Resources Locations + Hidden Shops – WALKTHROUGH 2 - steamsplay.com

Listing where to find resources and hidden stores so you don’t have to wander all over the world looking for wood and metal for quests. Plus Ultimate Attacks as I learn them.

Resource Locations


    Chapter 1 – 3

  • Ohnozawa
  • Handan Sewers, 2x
    Chapter 3

  • Langya Highroad, 2x


    Chapter 1 – 3

  • Beiping Highroad
  • Jieqiao
  • Huazhou
    Chapter 2 – 3

  • Guangzong
    Chapter 3

  • Guanling
  • Xiapi Highroad
    Chapter 5

  • Xianyang Highroad, 2x
  • Xinye
  • Nan Highroad
    Chapter 6

  • Fankou, 2x
  • Chaisang


    Chapter 1 – 3

  • Zhuo Highroad
  • Balhae Plains
  • Henei Highroad, 2x
    Chapter 5

  • Xianyang Highroad
  • Wan
    Chapter 6

  • Jiangxia Highroad, 3x
  • Xishui Highroad, 3x


Hidden Shops


    Chapter 1 – 3

  • Julu Highroad, in third waterfall from the left.
  • Puyang, can use bow kick to hit the switch above the sluice to drain the water and gain access.
    Chapter 2 – 3

  • Shanyang Highroad, use Catapult tactics while standing to the right of the other blocks id est in the empty column.
  • Yuyang, under the bridge right side path.
    Chapter 5

  • Xianyang, all the way left right before the exit break the crates then walk up against the wall.
    Unsure if these count:

  • Chapter 1 and 2, Mysterious Shop guy hanging out in plain sight in Xu.
  • Chapter 3, same Mysterious Shop is up on the roofs in Xu.
  • Chapter 4, once again same guy is up on the roof in the stable area of Xu.


Ultimate Moves

Kills with skills can unlock Ultimate Attacks, when in doubt just keep killing ad nauseam. Various instructors around the country will give clues about how to unlock Ultimates, their advice will vary between specific, to matching skill descriptions, and pretty vague.
Here is all the ultimate attacks, things with question marks will need to be confirmed and filled in with your help:

  • Aura Gatling = Aura Punch + Mach Punch
  • Super Shadowless Kick = Mach Kick + (Aerial Guillotine)?
  • Green Dragon Crescent Blade = Rapid Slash + ?
  • Demonic Tide = Nut Shot
  • Slash Flurry = Iai Slash
  • Meteorite Special = Hawk Fist + Rocket Kick
  • Dragon Tail Kick = Typhoon Kick + Whirlwind Kick?
  • Blast Crash = Dragon Kick + ?
  • Vacuum Double Chop = Double Chop + ?
  • Absolute Lotus = Iron Mountain + ?
  • Celestial Spiral Fist = Human Drill + ?
  • Blast Shot = Explosive Shot + (Drop Shot)?
  • Big Bang Gazer = Big Bang + ?
  • Hyper Screw = Screw + ?
  • Super Special Offense = Given in chapter 4.



Bosses can drop rare gems (I believe Treasure Finder ups this rate). Use of these gems teaches skills:

  • Violence Gem – Big Bang
  • Marvelous? Gem –
  • Royal Gem –
  • Chaotic Gem –

I didn’t think to write down which did what so the 3 other skills are Charge Punch, Gorgeous Punch and Yamada Style.

Mountains/Ye Castle/Miscellaneous

Mount Taishan – Earthquake Tactics + Bow Kick
Need Earthquake Tactics to drop the scaffolds down into ramps, couldn’t find and easy way to jump onto the scaffolds because of sign so had to Bow Kick up as well. Reward for this effort? A He’s Jade you can sell for 5,000.
Mount Song – Freeze Tactics (but you can cheese it if your quick and use Bow Kick at the last moment)
Timestop at the last set of stones and you can easily reach the top but there is only a Star Knuckle up there which is a weapon that can cause a status that makes enemies drop money over time.
Ye Castle – Chapter 2 + Water Tactics
In chapter 2: flood Ye Castle’s trench with Water Tactics, jump up onto the ramparts. and head right into the castle. Navigate the obstacle course to nab the Achievement and an item needed to complete a sidequest. Ye Castle is also open in further chapters in case you missed it.
Nanpi Castle – Chapter 2 Sidequest
Suppose I should put this here as well since there is an achievement, in Chapter 2 you can accept the sidequest Nanpi Castle Inspection from the Notice Board in Pingyuan. Is open in Chapter 3 as well if you missed it.

Unique Gear

Every difficulty besides moderate has the chance to drop items with skill modifiers. Furthermore enemies can drop unique loot, Treasure Finder greatly increases drop rate and the skill modifier Discerning Eye increases it further (only seen this on helmets so far). Higher difficulties drop improved versions of these items. [Higher Tier Quality Name]


  • [Happy Yellow Turban] Yellow Turban – Yellow Turban Members.
  • [King’s Mask] Cherished Disguise – Bandits wearing hockey masks and yellow hoods.
  • [Bragger’s Helm] ? – Yuan Shao Troops? Got from Yan Liang and Wen Chou from Handan Sidequest involving the two soldiers who are hungry and attack you in Pingyuan Woods during Chapter 2.
  • [Demigod’s Sunglasses] ? – Dong Zhuo’s troops. Best places in Chapter 2 Boma, Guandu, and Xingyang. Other places include Chen Liu Highroad, Hulao pass and Heinei Highroad.

  • [N/A] Support Gear – Allied side quest sparring partners (guys in green armor, make sure you’ve used Treasure Finder since there are so few of these).
  • Prodigy’s Armor – Cao Cao’s troops.

  • [Bandit Gloves] Mountain Bandit Gloves – Bandits.
  • [Deceitful Gauntlets] Mean Gauntlets – Yuan Shao Troops, lots of them in Julu Highroad in chapter 3. Lots of them in Chapter 4, Jieqiao and Boma for example.
  • [Ruffian Gloves] Punk Gloves – Dong Zhuo’s troops. Best places in Chapter 2 Boma, Guandu, and Xingyang. Other places include Chen Liu Highroad, Hulao pass and Heinei Highroad.
  • [N/A] Wild Claw – Tigers

  • [Soldier Boots] Prodigy’s Greaves – Cao Cao’s troops.
  • [Rage Sandals] ? – Bandits.

  • [Bro Dumbbell] ? – Lu Bu’s troops.



Will update more of them as I come across feel free to contribute locations in the comments.

Written by Nordom

Here we come to an end for
River City Saga: Three Kingdoms Resources Locations + Hidden Shops
hope you enjoy it. If you think we forget something to include or we should make an update to the post let us know via comment, and we will fix it asap! Thanks and have a great day!

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