Quake III Arena How To Protect Your Server From Hackers

Quake III Arena How To Protect Your Server From Hackers 1 - steamsplay.com
Quake III Arena How To Protect Your Server From Hackers 1 - steamsplay.com
Protect your server from nasty hackers and people who are really good at the game!!



Picture this: 
You’re remembering how fun of a time Quake III is with friends while you’re playing a botmatch. You reminisce in the glory days of Railing friends and giving them the good ol’ Shaft. You decide “Hey! I know! I’ll make a dedicated server for my friends to join!”. You work hard for hours upon hours learning how to make a dedicated server file and give your friends your IP so they can play with you directly. It goes mostly without a hitch and you guys are fragging like it’s 1999! But then, while you’re having fun, some random dude with the name “xX^2RailgunMasterXaero^7Xx” joins your server and ends your in-game lives for enjoying Quake casually! Well THAT’S not very nice, is it? 
So what can you do about this problem? Well, the solution is much easier than you might expect. You can set a password to keep those people with 20+ years of experience at bay! 

Setting a Password

Setting a password for a server is really simple. In your already configured server.cfg file, you’ll want to add these two lines. 

sets g_neeedpass 1 sets g_password (password) 

“g_needpass 1” will allow the server to check the client to see if they have entered the correct password before entering the server. If they don’t enter the password, the server will send them a message saying “Invalid Password” on the loading screen. 
That’s pretty much it! See? Quick and painless! But what about your friends that you want to join in? Well, there’s a command for that! Just have them type into the console (accessed by hitting ~ while Quake III is running)… 

 /password (password); connect (your IP) 

Quick and painless! You’ll be fragging without having to worry about random people invading your lobby ever again! 


Since the solution was rather easy, I decided to give you guys some extra tips for Quake III multiplayer that you might not have known already. 
Colored Names 
So does that ridiculous name “xX^2RailgunMasterXaero^7Xx” actually show up with those silly numbers in it? Actually, no! It will appear to have green text in between the “xX Xx” in their name. How is this possible? Well, in Quake III, you can access different colors to customize your name! When entering your name, either through the options menu or using the command /name, hold shift and hit the 6 (Number row 6) key. This will make a ^ appear. When this does, type a number between 0-7. This will give you a color you can customize your name with 
The colors are as follows: 
^1 = Red 
^2 = Green 
^3 = Yellow 
^4 = Blue 
^5 = Cyan 
^6 = Purple 
^7 = White (Default color) 
^0 = Black (Only appears on certain servers) 
Bot Limit 
Even though the gameplay of Quake III has aged like the finest wine from the finest country, the engine it runs on has some limits to compensate for the limited technology at the time. Some that I didn’t even know existed until I found out the hard way! 
I have an obsession with adding custom characters to the world of Quake III. I’ve downloaded so many characters that the total size of the ones I have combined is probably bigger than the install size of the actual game itself. Because of this, I like adding some of them in as bots to make my friends laugh. (Have you ever killed Krusty the Clown with a Rocket Launcher? It’s pretty satisfying.) 
The problem is that if you have too many bot files at once, the game starts to overwrite some of the bots so that if you try and add them in, an error will appear saying that the bot is “not defined” 
I’m not sure of the exact amount of bots you can have in one install of the game, but this is something to keep in mind when you’re making your server. 


Quake III is a great game. A wonderful game, in fact. A game that’s made even better with friends. With a server password, you can make sure everyone has fun without having someone who’s really good ruin the fun. 
Keep on fraggin’! 

Written by ViperLain

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