Purrgatory Tips and Hints + Solution in Game – Walkthrough

Purrgatory Tips and Hints + Solution in Game – Walkthrough 1 - steamsplay.com
Purrgatory Tips and Hints + Solution in Game – Walkthrough 1 - steamsplay.com

A little guide by the creator (me) in case you get stuck! The topics are organized by character, and each one has a hint or two followed by the full solution. If you’re still having trouble or have something to add, feel free to leave a comment 🙂


i can’t find any of the locations or characters you’re talking about…
hint #1: i’m sorry, the navigation is a bit funky ;_; make sure to mouse over the edges and corners of each screen to see if you can go that direction. sometimes the path forward is even behind you
solution: have you tried… clicking on the bottom of the room outside the elevator? clicking on the top-right of the room with the escalator?
how do i get through the door next to kyungsoon?
hint #1: kyungsoon seems reluctant to give you the key… maybe you can do something for her in exchange?
solution: check out a book from oliver, give it to kyungsoon, then talk to oliver again
how do i get into the vent?
hint #1: looks like you need a screwdriver to loosen the cover
hint #2: the screwdriver is somewhere near the garden…
solution: the screwdriver is on a shelf in the room with numa, above the flowerbed
how do i get into the house with the doorbell?
hint #1: the moth seems to be fast asleep… maybe there’s another entrance?
hint #2: you may not be able to get into the house till you explore more of purrgatory
solution: go all the way through the meowseum, up the escalator, and through the warehouse. there’s a back entrance to the house with a little stained glass window next to it
how do i get into the meowseum?
hint #1: maybe some characters nearby have an idea…
solution: ask elijah and sean. if you still need help, see “where’s the poem in the park?”
how do i get up the escalator?
solution: this isn’t a puzzle! click on the top right of the screen
i’m waiting for something to happen, but i don’t have anything else to do in the meanwhile — what should i do??
solution: time passes in purrgatory whenever you move from one room to another. if all else fails, just walk back and forth for a while! depending on what you’re waiting for, it should take anywhere from 20-50 clicks
i helped every character in purrgatory. now what?
hint #1: what’s left in your inventory?
hint #2: have you returned natalie’s books to oliver yet?
solution: return natalie’s books to oliver to get a business card. then call the number on the card
how do i dial this stinking phone number?
hint #1: try converting each letter to a number
solution: enter “5555824387” and press dial. this wasn’t meant to be a puzzle — i didn’t realize this type of phone number wasn’t common knowledge!
are there multiple endings? how do you get the good ending?
hint #1: yes, there are multiple endings :3
hint #2: did you help everyone you could?
solution: look at the pause menu while in game. if you’ve completed a character’s story arc, you’ll see their head in color. if you’ve met them but not completed their story arc, you’ll see their head in black and white. to get the good ending, you have to get all seven colored heads, then call lucifur
what do i do with the snowglobes?
hint #1: the snowglobes are purely for an easter egg — they’re not necessary to beat the game
hint #2: you need to find a place where it looks like seven objects are missing…
solution: bring them to the indented table next to the escalator
i’m missing a snowglobe!
hint #1: have you checked the library closely?
hint #2: have you checked the closet?
hint #3: have you checked the lockers?
solution: the snowglobes are in the following locations: a shelf in the library; the lockers outside the commons; the closet with the electrical box; the back room of the meowseum; the bedroom outside of natalie’s attic; buried under the X during tori’s digging minigame; in the dropoff during tori’s climbing minigame
what do i do with the ladder?
hint #1: maybe you could use it to reach an object that’s far from the ground?
hint #2: maybe somewhere near the escalator?
solution: you can use the ladder to get the cat toy in the warehouse


how do i get started on her story arc?
hint #1: she doesn’t seem very chatty… maybe it’s better to focus on someone else for now
solution: kyungsoon is part of numa’s story arc. focus on numa first!


how do i get started on his story arc?
hint #1: try chatting with him and see what comes up!
solution: ask him about his work, then ask if you can help
where’s his study?
hint #1: a previously locked area might have opened up somewhere…
hint #2: it’s somewhere in the library
solution: it’s behind the door in the library room with the statue of david
i’ve never seen this this owl lady before — where is she?
hint #1: she quite far away from the library; it might be best to return to this errand once you’ve explored more of purrgatory
hint #2: she likes to hang out near the warehouse
solution: go out the back door of the meowseum, up the escalator, through the warehouse, and into a train station
where do i find orange soda?
hint #1: it’s conveniently located for parched pianists :3
solution: go to the meow keyboard, then go up the stairs
where do i find a cup?
hint #1: what kind of place would you usually find a cup?
hint #2: check near natalie’s place
solution: go into the house (either by going through the door with the doorbell, or by going through the warehouse) and check the kitchen on the right side


how do i get started on her story arc?
hint #1: she seems reluctant to open up… maybe if you explore purrgatory thoroughly, something relevant to her will come up
hint #2: when you ask her if she spends all her time gardening, she mentions she has a room somewhere. wonder where it is?
solution: get into the vent near the park and explore what’s inside — you’ll run into numa soon enough. if you need help getting into the vent, see “how do i get into the vent?”
this flower minigame is too hard!
solution: if you fail the minigame twice and offer to help one more time, numa will give you an option to skip the minigame
how do i help with poetry?
hint #1: who in purrgatory has experience writing poetry?
solution: go talk to elijah!
how do i help with food?
hint #1: sometimes the direct solution is best
solution: ask kyungsoon what her favorite food is
what do i do if she shuts herself in her vent?
solution: maybe talk to kyungsoon instead…


how do i get started on his story arc?
hint #1: you need to get into the meowseum first!
hint #2: when you ask him if he needs any help sweeping, he has some advice for you. maybe you should take it!
solution: meet all seven characters in purrgatory, then return to elijah. keep chatting with him and you’ll discover the way forward
where’s the poem in the park?
hint #1: there’s a piece of paper somewhere in the park…
hint #2: have you checked near the fence?
solution: it’s under the fence in the room with the big hill. read it, then talk to sean and elijah again
where’s the bell i’m supposed to ring?
hint #1: check near the start of the game…
solution: go to the room that you started in, the one that says “welcome to purrgatory”. go forward until you reach the T intersection, then turn right. oh, and make sure to click on the rope instead of the bell itself
where did he lose the poem for the slam?
hint #1: what location did he mention when he asked you for help?
hint #2: maybe you should find elijah and check up with him…
solution: talk to elijah in the entry hall of the house (behind the door with the doorbell). the poem is stuck to the bottom of his foot


how do i get started on his story arc?
hint #1: have you explored the meowseum and hung out with him at the meow piano yet?
hint #2: he and elijah are pretty close — maybe talking to elijah will help you move forward with sean
solution: you can get pretty far in sean’s story just by talking to him at the piano, but to complete the story, you need to plan a certain event with elijah. then you’ll be able to invite sean to it
where are the batteries?
hint #1: one of them is near the keyboard…
hint #2: the other one is near natalie’s place…
solution: one of them is in the closet with the electrical box, just up the stairs from the keyboard. the other one is on a table in the house with the doorbell
how do i convince him to join the slam?
hint #1: maybe you can warm him up to the idea by chatting with him first…
solution: play the keyboard with him, then ask about dani. after that, he’ll accept the invitation.


where the heck did she go?
hint #1: what’s the last thing she said to you in the last place you hung out? there may have been a hint in there somewhere…
solution: she can be found in the following locations, in order: the train station near the warehouse, the graveyard in the garden, the closet near the meow piano, the dropoff at the end of the cave, and the top of the spiral staircase in the warehouse
i can’t find all the dig spots in the park!
solution: there are three spots in the room with the doorway on the right; two spots in the room with the graveyard; four spots in the room with the broken-down shack; two spots in the room with the bench; two spots in the room with the doorway to the front; and three spots in the room with the hill
where can i find a light source?
hint #1: it might not be a flashlight…
hint #2: who in purrgatory is attracted to light?
solution: go to natalie’s attic and talk to natalie to borrow a candle
this wire puzzle is impossible!
solution: just wait for about two minutes and you’ll be given an option to skip the puzzle! note that this only happens after you make the lights go out, find a light source, then return to the electrical box
i can’t go any deeper into the pit!
hint #1: is there something you can click on?
solution: click on “lucifur wuz here too”
how do i get through the door that won’t budge?
solution: you can’t! if you got tori to sit down, you’re done with her storyline — no need to wait


how do i get started on her story arc?
hint #1: chat with her about her attic — does she mention anything you could follow up on?
hint #2: if you’ve already returned the draw-a-paw, try asking her how her drawing’s going. if you’ve already done that, then patience is the key 😉
solution: find her draw-a-paw, return it, then ask about her drawing. then, you need to wait while she works on it — maybe go chat with someone else in the meantime
where’s the draw-a-paw?
hint #1: did you check the meowseum?
hint #2: it’s half-hidden behind something else
solution: it’s on the floor of the room with the famous paintings

Written by Niv

This is all for Purrgatory Tips and Hints + Solution in Game – Walkthrough hope you enjoy the post. If you believe we forget or we should update the post please let us know via comment, we will try our best to fix how fast is possible! Have a great day!


  1. Heyy this game is awesome!! Thoroughly enjoying it but can I ask how do i get back to the welcome to purrgatory room with the bell because everytime i try yo get there i just come back to the same room i was in before. (the one with the cat)

  2. I have completed all of the characters other than natalie, weve done the mural and now her and tori are in a forever loop of a vine quote and idk what to do next?

  3. i finished all characters except oliver and im not getting any questions about orange soda, hes just sitting in his study, i dont know how to progress

    • while on his wild goose chase for “meopw” he works himself too much and the player can keep checking on him to make sure he’s okay. There is one time where you can ask if you can help him and he tries to decline, keep pushing eventually he’ll admit it and let you go get him a glass of orange soda. there’s still more to him but that’s how to get to the orange soda thing

  4. im with tori and about to climb down the hole, but i cant figure out how to climb down????? how??? pls someone help me, it just says “hold up or down to climb the rope” but i cant figure out how<33333

    • Lucifur only chooses the characters you have helped (if their heads are colored in the pause screen then you have helped them).
      You can restart the game by helping 1-6 people (bad ending) or by not helping anyone (other bad ending). Both of them are bad in their own ways.

    • You’re not supposed to get to cup tbh. Just go tell Oliver you don’t know how to get him any orange soda. He’ll be sleeping and you’ll be able to continue his character arc!

  5. Can’t find natalie. I have draw-a-paw, but I can’t return it to her, because I can’t find here anywhere. I checked all locations. I have access to her house. I need to fund natalie to ask a light source. But can’t find her. Can anyone help?

    • Go to the bedroom with a cat bed, on the ceiling will be a square shape with a thing hanging down, press it and you should find her in her bedroom, you may have to ring the doorbell first though

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