Progressbar95 Walkthrough & Basic Gameplay

Progressbar95 Walkthrough & Basic Gameplay 1 -
Progressbar95 Walkthrough & Basic Gameplay 1 -

This guide will discuss the scams, websites, points, and points that you can get by searching the web on Barari/Progress Browser/Beige.

The Eras of Internet

Just as the world wide web has changed, so too the PPP () Public Progress Plexus) can be divided into sections based upon the OS's time period.
Because Progressbar 1, 2.14 and PB–DOS are old, they don’t have an internet connection. You can’t use a web browser in these OSs.
First Era
Windows/ProgressBar Progressbar 95 Whisper
Server is NOT 4.0 Server. 2000 server
BarOS: BAR/X, BarOS 9
Progressbar95 Walkthrough & Basic Gameplay - The Eras of Internet - 79F7B1E
The first era is very similar to the design of the mid-90s. Any OS from this period requires a dial up connection. This is also the case for the EMail menu.
Second Era
Windows/ProgressBar Progressbar XB: Progressbar 8
Server Server 2002 – server 2081
BarOS BarOS 10, 10.II, and H@ckgresh
Progressbar95 Walkthrough & Basic Gameplay - The Eras of Internet - 7BB17C1
The second era begins in the early 2000s. Its design is similar to the first. This is also the era that introduced Ethernet. This is also where Bad Cookies and PBook were introduced. I'll discuss them later.
Third Era
Windows/ProgressBar Progressbar 10 Progressbar 11
Server Server 2011 – server 2021
BarOS: BarOS 10.III – BarOS 12
Progressbar95 Walkthrough & Basic Gameplay - The Eras of Internet - 5F272EA
The final era is simple and modern in design. It adds the ability to 'ring a bell' on websites, which earns you points. Both this feature and cookies require confirmation to be accepted.


All these collectible items can be found at the top left beneath the address bar. I'll be discussing everything from left to right.
Progressbar95 Walkthrough & Basic Gameplay - Collectibles -


Cookies appear at the top of the address bar (. To allow them to appear in 3rd Era click accept on the popup that asks you if you'd like cookies to be stored on your website)
There are three types:

  • Light Brown – Normal cookie. You get one cookie for clicking this link
  • Dark Brown – Dark Chocolate Cookie Click on this link to get two cookies
  • (starting in the 2nd Era) Blue/Cyan from now – Bad Cookie! You lose a cookie by clicking on this one

(Dog websites) A cute website about dogs, there's sometimes a button where you can give the dog cookies. This subtracts from your cookie count but gives the dog a bonus on your next level.
Each cookie is worth 5 points.

Asterisk (*)

Asterisks are the only collectible you won't get points for. Instead, you can use them to unlock bonus codes that require you to log in
Searcharoo requires 10 asterisks in order to access the treasure site.
To log onto a website, you need to use 3 asterisks
These can be lost by a malicious site (if time runs out), or a suspicious website with a single asterisk login.


Memes are magenta containers with an impact font that says Meme. You can find them randomly on web sites and they have no use for browsing.
Each meme earns you 5 points.

Browsing points

This is your main source for income when you browse progress browser
This is a numerical value which increases as you browse more
Browser Points can be obtained by

  • Go to another website
  • Click on a bonus button
  • Closing pop ups (annoying pop up, Etc.)
  • (3rd era) Ringing the Bell
  • (2nd era onward) activities in PBook
  • Favoriting websites

There are many points that you can earn from these activities.

Malicious Sites!

Malicious Site

This is the red page that pops up with the timer. To stop the malicious software, scroll down until you find a button to deactivate.
What happens if your timer goes down?
Side Notes
-There are sometimes (and) bugs that can be purchased for a crisp +2500, but the timer still ticks down
-Clicking any hyperlinks counts as the timer being reduced, meaning you lose all your stuff
-Sometimes a magic link appears on this website don't click it.. This is just like clicking the unknown hyperlink. You will lose everything
-There will always 3 bonus point buttons at bottom with the deactivate but this disappears once (is hit. This also applies to the cookies, magic links, and bugs you find on this site.

Suspicious Site

This site is orange or yellow and boldly proclaims "Hello! This site is not suspicious.
(may be used in conjunction with) to create a single login button with an asterisk. don't sign into it. All your asterisks are gone.
The button to take a cookie does nothing.

Sites (and): What they do


This article contains 4 hyperlinks

Broken Site

It contains randomly placed images as well as null/bonus buttons

Dog site

Occasionally, you will find a button that says "give the dog cookies". Clicking it removes a cookie, but gives you a dog bonus


These sites don't have much information about them.

Under Construction

This site is a dead-end. You will need to go back if you wish to continue to navigate websites. Sometimes this site might have an unknown hyperlink. However, they often point to another Under Construction website.

Puzzle Sites

PBML Puzzle

It is essential to organize html in the right order
This is the order
<title>Code Puzzle</title>


The Web-Design Puzzles

These ones are simple. There are three sliders and three values. The numbers/hex values that you need to match the square are inside the square. The outline color is what should is. It should be the same as the middle box.
The web-design 3.0 puzzles are the most confusing. While you must give the RGB values, the puzzle gives you HEX numbers. My best advice? To convert a hex to rgb. – []


Pbook has a few things you could do with it
-Report trolling using the red report button to earn 50 points
-Like comments and statuses (, even your own) for 5 Points
-click on the red) icon at the top of your screen to get the (notifications for your comments and heart.
-post a status using the list of premade ones
If you complete things such as defeat system 32, get 95%, get an achievement or even get a perfect bars, your profile will post. So make sure to check back after a while.


Written by RamsberryJam

Here we come to an end for Progressbar95 Walkthrough & Basic Gameplay hope you enjoy it. If you think we forget something to include or we should make an update to the post let us know via comment, and we will fix it asap! Thanks and have a great day!

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