Predator: Hunting Grounds [Hunt] Fireteam classes

Predator: Hunting Grounds [Hunt] Fireteam classes 1 -
Predator: Hunting Grounds [Hunt] Fireteam classes 1 -
Basic fireteam class and character properties.



I didn’t even know this game existed until a few days ago, but I am really enjoying playing it. 
The only resource I could find online was an –, I was recording values before I found this but decided to combine all data and bring all information to the steam guide page for accessibility. 
This is a work in progress (WIP). I plan to add to this guide in the future. 


Here is a run down of the stats for each character: 

  • Health represents health of your character (wow 5 stats). 
  • Stamina represents sprint length. 
  • Movement speed reflects raw velocity (knife). 
  • Gear roughly infers gear limit/ceiling. Player ammo and gear uses are not influenced by the gear stat

The stat boxes shown on the character menu give you a rough idea of the character but the numbers behind the illustrations show a more detailed picture. 

Class Health Movement speed (sprint, m/s) Movement duration (secs) Gear limit Perk limit
Dutch 2025 160 7.15 23 8 9
Dutch 1987 155 7.15 23 7 11
Dante 160 7.4 18 9 10
Assault 150 7.15 18 10 9
Recon 125 7.4 23 8 15
Scout 125 7.5 23 6 12
Support 175 6.75 15 15 6
OWLF 135 7.15 23 12 8


Perks and Multipliers

Action Hero: -23% hip fire spread radius 
Efficient: +8-25% xp for various tasks 
Flesh Ripper: +30% damage to AI 
Gearhead: +1 gear use (for all except Self Revive) 
Multi Tasker: +20% movement speed when aiming 
Persistent: +1 more bleed out down 
Prepper: +22% ammo 
Shuffler: +50% bleed out movement speed 
Sludge Blood: +75% bleed out duration 
Thick Skin: +25 hp 
Dexterous: +25% interaction speed (use) 
Heavy Hitter: +15% melee damage 
Double Time: +10% movement speed 
Pig in Poo: +50% mud up speed, +50% mud duration 
Yautja’s Bane: +10% damage to the Predator 
Tracker: +100% spot duration 
Ice Cold: Lowers heat profile and your footprints disappear immediately 
Body Armour: -40% damage from AI 
OWLF Trained: -8% damage from Predator 
Weapon’s Training: -25% recoil radius 
Quick Release: +20% reload speed 
Silent: Silent to predator thermal vision 
Sixth Sense: Detect all predator traps and tools within 50m 
Iron Lungs: +75% movement duration, 10% faster stamina recovery 
Fast Hands: +20% item swapping speed 
Perks and multipliers in this game act as static buffs; they take the attribute they affect and increase it by a constant amount (irregardless of class stats). Multipliers here are stackable, for example the Support class team ammo buff (+22%) and Scout duelist pistol ammo (+214%) stack on top of Prepper. 

Written by Phresh

This is all for Predator: Hunting Grounds [Hunt] Fireteam classes hope you enjoy the post. If you believe we forget or we should update the post please let us know via comment, we will try our best to fix how fast is possible! Have a great day!

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