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Pixel Dungeon Enchantments & Glyphs 1 - steamsplay.com
This guide is made for the purpose of helping new players understand enchantments and glyphs and learn all the different types of these. All the information here can be found on the wiki [pixeldungeon.fandom.com]


What are enchantments and glyphs?



Enchantments are magical improvements that can be found or added on melee weapons and the Boomerang with a scroll of enchantment. Found melee weapons have a 1/(level+10) probability to already have an enchantment. 
Enchantments have various proc rates (probability of the enchantment activating upon a successful hit) for their effects. This chance is increased with upgrades. 
Here is a table that shows the effect of weapon’s level on enchantment application probability. 




Glyphs are magical improvements that can be found or added on armor. A randomly spawned armor has a 1/10 probability to already have a glyph and a scroll of enchantment can add a random glyph to a non-inscribed armor, or it can randomly change an already existing glyph to another glyph. 
Like enchantments, glyphs have various proc rates for their effects, and they also can be also increased with upgrades. 
Here is a table that shows the glyph probabilities. 



Enchantment Loss Probability

If the item is a +N enchanted weapon, or inscribed armor, the weapon/armor has a probability 1/N (1 if N=0) to keep its enchantment/glyph when upgrading. Consequently, using a standard Scroll of Upgrade: 

  • a +0 or a +1 enchanted weapon/inscribed armor will never lose its enchantment/glyph, 
  • a +2 enchanted weapon/inscribed armor has a 50 % probability to lose its enchantment/glyph when becoming a +3 weapon/armor, 
  • a +3 enchanted weapon/inscribed armor has a 66.66 % probability to lose its enchantment/glyph when becoming a +4 weapon/armor, 
  • etc.

To avoid the loss of an enchantment, a Warrior can use the reforging process. 
The other classes can also use the reforging process, if a short sword is passed on through pixeldungeon.fandom.com – https://pixeldungeon.fandom.com/wiki/Hero%27s_remains (but the Short Sword cannot be used on the Boomerang). 
In pixeldungeon.fandom.com – https://pixeldungeon.fandom.com/wiki/Update/1.7#v1.7.4 the Scroll of Weapon Upgrade was removed, so there is no other safe way to upgrade enchanted weapons. There is no possibility of safe upgrade for inscribed armor. 

What are scrolls of enchantment?



Its function is enchant melee weapons or the Boomerang, and inscribes armor; Repairs degraded/broken items. 
Pixel Dungeon Enchantments & Glyphs 


It can be found randomly at normal depths (not in boss floors) and in shops, or as a random drop from Gnoll Shaman. 
Since scrolls labels are randomized each game, you will have to read each scroll you find or use scrolls of identify until you know which is the scroll of enchantment. 
Pixel Dungeon Enchantments & Glyphs 

Scroll Generation Probabilities

There are 13 obtainable types of scrolls in the game and 2 of them don’t appear in a normal way. This is the table of possibilities for each scrolls to appear in the ground, in a chest, or like a drop. 

Scroll of Identify25.21%
Scroll of Teleportation8.4%
Scroll of Remove Curse12.61%
Scroll of Recharging8.4%
Scroll of Magic Mapping12.61%
Scroll of Challenge10.08%
Scroll of Terror6.72%
Scroll of Lullaby6.72%
Scroll of Psionic Blast3.36%
Scroll of Mirror Image5.04%
Scroll of Enchantment0.84%
Scroll of Upgrade0%
Scroll of Wipe Out0%



When readed a melee weapon, armor, or the Boomerang will gain a random enchantment/glyph. 
Any degraded/broken item will be repaired, this scroll does NOT give an update. 


Since enchantment scrolls are the most prevalent of the 3 repair items, it is advised to use them for when repairs are needed, saving weight-stones and upgrade scrolls for their more important original purpose. 

List of Enchantments


ImageEnchantmentEffectChance of Activation (proc rate)Effect Formula
Pixel Dungeon Enchantments & GlyphsBlazingOn a successful hit, it can apply the burning debuff to the target and immediate fire damage and deals a small amount of extra damage. Higher levels increases proc chance.For inflaming: Level+1/2(Level+3) 
For damage: Level+1/Level+3
Immediate damage: 1 to Level+2
Pixel Dungeon Enchantments & GlyphsVenomousOn a successful hit, it can apply the Poisoned debuff to the target. Higher levels increase proc chance and duration of poisoning.Level+1/Level+3Duration of poisoning: Level+1
Pixel Dungeon Enchantments & GlyphsGrimOn a successful hit, it can instantly slay the target (or deal up to 2x damage to a boss). Higher levels increase proc chance.Level+8/Level+100
Pixel Dungeon Enchantments & GlyphsStunningOn a successful hit, it can apply the Paralyzed debuff to the target. Higher levels increase the proc chance and duration of paralysis.Level+1/Level+8Duration of paralysis: 1 to Level+1.5
Pixel Dungeon Enchantments & GlyphsVampiricOn a successful hit, it can heal the Hero for part of the damage dealt to the enemy. Higher levels increases how much of the damage dealt to the enemy heals the Hero.AlwaysMax HP leeched: damage x Level+2/Level+6
Pixel Dungeon Enchantments & GlyphsChillingOn a successful hit, it can apply the Slowed debuff to the target and will prevent the Burning debuff. Higher levels increases the proc chance and duration of enemy debuff.Level+1/Level+4Duration of slowing: 1 to Level+1.5
Pixel Dungeon Enchantments & GlyphsUnstableOn a successful hit, it can randomly apply the effect of any enchantment. For the random enchantment applied, see that random enchantment.Always
Pixel Dungeon Enchantments & GlyphsEldritchOn a successful hit, it can apply the Terror debuff to the target. 
Higher levels increase proc chance. In the event that an Animated Statue strikes the Hero with an Eldritch weapon and the enchantment procs, the Hero receives the Vertigo debuff.
Pixel Dungeon Enchantments & GlyphsLuckyThis enchantment occasionally bypasses part of the enemy’s armor. 
When it procs, your weapon performs several additional damage rolls (ignoring target’s armor) and selects the highest one. If it is greater than the basic damage rolled on hit (after it is reduced by target’s armor), the difference is applied as a secondary hit.
Level+1/Level+3Additional damage rolls performed:Level+1 (potential damage on each subsequent roll is decreased by 1)
Pixel Dungeon Enchantments & GlyphsShockingWhen this enchantment procs, a lightning is generated, dealing extra lightning damage to the enemy. It can chain to multiple enemies, but not to the Hero. The damage is about 1/4 of the original attack damage for the first target. Each bounce reduces damage by about 25%. If the bounce target is non-flying and in water, the bounce damage is doubled for the target and the future bounces. The choice of the next lightning bounce target is a non-Hero random enemy that has not been hit by the lightning.Level+1/Level+4First lightning hit: 

  • 1 to attack damage/2

Subsequent bounce hit: 

  • Previous bounce/2 to previous bounce 
  • If it’s non-flying and in water, the damage is doubled
Pixel Dungeon Enchantments & GlyphsTemperedThis enchantment negates the degradation rate of the weapon.Always


List of Glyphs


ImageGlyphEffectChance of Activation
Pixel Dungeon Enchantments & GlyphsBounceCauses enemies to be pushed back after hitting the HeroLevel+1/Level+5
Pixel Dungeon Enchantments & GlyphsAffectionThe enemy will receive the charmed debuff for 3 to 8 turns while the Hero will be charmed for 1 to 6 turns but never more than the enemy.Level/2+5
Pixel Dungeon Enchantments & GlyphsAnti-entropyThe Hero will be illuminated and catch fire for 8 turns, and the enemy will be frozen for 1 to 1.5 turns.Level+1/Level+6
Pixel Dungeon Enchantments & GlyphsMultiplicityThis glyph causes the Hero to spawn a Mirror Image but be damaged by 1 to maxHealth/6. This glyph can be used to obtain the Death from a glyph badge.Level/2+6
Pixel Dungeon Enchantments & GlyphsPotentialThis unleashes a lightning-style blast, which will damage the enemy that attacked the Hero and will damage the Hero by 1 to damageDone (on average half the damage done to the enemy). This glyph can be used to obtain the Death from a glyph badge.Level+1/Level+7
Pixel Dungeon Enchantments & GlyphsMetabolismThe Hero will be partially healed from 1 HP up to 1/5 of his/her total health, before the enemy damage is applied. Only applies if the Hero is not starving. The Hero’s hunger will also worsen by 36 points.Level/2+5
Pixel Dungeon Enchantments & GlyphsStenchThe Hero will release a cloud of toxic gas that damages both the Hero and the enemies in proximity. This glyph can be used to obtain the Death from toxic gas badge.Level+1/Level+5
Pixel Dungeon Enchantments & GlyphsViscosityThe Hero will obtain the damage deferred debuff, which will cause the Hero to receive 1 damage per turn, instead of receiving the whole amount in one shot (e.g. 5 dmg received = 1 dmg for next 5 turns). This glyph can be used to obtain the Death from a glyph badge.Level+1/Level+7
Pixel Dungeon Enchantments & GlyphsDisplacementWhenever the Hero is hit, there is a chance that the Hero will be teleported to a random visible tile. Higher armor levels increase the chance of teleportation. This glyph does not work at boss depths.Every hit picks Level+1×5 random tiles in the level. If any of the selected points are visible, the Hero will be moved there.
Pixel Dungeon Enchantments & GlyphsEntanglementThe Hero may receive herbal armor with strength 5×level+1 but will also be rooted for 5-(level/5) turns at the same time.1/4


End of the Guide

I just want to remember that both the images and information here are a compilation of various wiki articles. This guide has the sole purpose of making the wiki more understandable and accessible from within the game. 
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Pixel Dungeon Enchantments & Glyphs 

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