Phoenotopia Awakening Main Story Walkthrough (v0.1)

Phoenotopia Awakening Main Story Walkthrough (v0.1) 1 -
Phoenotopia Awakening Main Story Walkthrough (v0.1) 1 -
(This guided is still a WIP)

This basic walkthrough of Phoenotopia: Awakening, the bare minimal of getting you through the main game!



(This guide is not complete, but I am planning on updating it on a daily basis as one of my current projects) 
The game can be basically divided into 6 main Regions: 

  • Panselo 
  • Atai & Sand Drifts 
  • Daea 
  • Cosette 
  • Past the First Wall up until Mul Caves 

Please be aware that the length of story relevance does not always reflect to the amount of collectibles in certain regions or something like that. Daea is stupidly large region with many locations, and the final region is mostly just a really large combined-location in itself until you have the thing for the optional area (that gives OP upgrades too, btw). 
The guide is just an infant, and I haven’t slept enough to type coherently. Pardon me. That said, I am trying to fit in as much useful bits as I can, albeit not in the most pretty way. 

Region 1 – Panselo

In Phoenotopia: Awakening, you play as a young village girl named “Gail”. After a brief cutscene, Gail wakes up in her bedroom and is ready for her adventure. 
Before leaving the orphanage, Nana asks you to fetch the kids who went out to play in the forest. Head to the east side of the village and enter the warehouse next to Adar for the Wooden Bat, which you will equip and hit the switch that opens the village gate with. 
East to your hometown Panselo Village is the Doki Forest. As you keep heading top-right to navigate the forest, you meet up with the orphanage children one by one. At last, you find Alex, Amanda and Seth, the last three of the children, waiting at the entrance of Anuri Temple, and they agree to head back as soon as you bring back a falling star that fell into the temple a while ago. 
After the quick introduction of Anuri Pearlstones being the keys of this dungeon, the main portion of Anuri Temple opens up. The layout is more or less just a big circle with small individual rooms as branches, and these branches hold either another Anuri Pearlstone or treasure, or both. 
At this point, there are up to 5 Anuri Pearlstones you can hold, and you only need 3 of them to open the big gate towards the first boss – Slargummy
(I am planning on writing a detailed guide for getting used to combat in this game, please be patient) 
Almost all enemies in this game does not deal contact damage, and experienced players will know when to get up close to attack, and when to stay afar to avoid attacks. Enemies generally wait for about 2 seconds between each attack, and that is where you dash out a few hits before retreating. 
Same goes for this big slime, so before you try to rush in, I recommend learning how to dodge its 3 attack patterns first. 

  • Spike: Sprint-jump away 
  • Whip: Run behind it 
  • Spawning small gummies: Ignore them unless they get close

After you are used to dodging, you may being sneaking in 3 to 6 bat swings between its attacks. The slime should take around 50 hits to defeat, 35 hits if you can perform aerial attacks. Good luck! 
Upon defeating it, you can advance further and find a Mysterious Golem Head. As you bring it back to Alex, a short cutscene takes place. Talk to Alex again back in Panselo Village and then sleep in your room to progress to the next day. 
You next task is to find a golem expert that can understand what the Mysterious Golem head is about. Thus, you leave the village and journey North-East to the next region – Atai. 

Region 2 – Atai


Heading towards Atai Town

Pass through Sunflower Road 
Pass through Kingdom’s Bridge. 

  • (Please ignore Fran, the trapped scientist for now, there is nothing you can do to help her… yet)

Cannot head to Daea, you next destination, yet 

  • Kingdom’s Bridge is even more broken 
  • Moonlight Ravine is filled with water, but Gail can’t swim and the ferry service is not available

Enter Atai Town and explore around (Weapon Shop & Tailoring Tracy’s) 
Go to the middle of Atai Town, and talk to Lisa, your bosom buddy. 
Talk to Mayor about Lisa’s indenture. 
Agree to help with capturing Birdy, the Ouroboros Bandit boss, in exchange for Lisa’s freedom. 

Preparation for entering Ouroboros Hideout

Go to the prison (east side of Atai Town). 
Talk to Zeke, the imprisoned Ouroboros Bandit. 
Buy him a Bottle of Wine, but fail to do so because you don’t have an ID card. 
Ask Lisa to give you an ID card. 
Dye your hair to look like Lisa on the ID card. 
Go buy the Bottle of Wine for real this time, then give it to Zeke. 
Learn the Song of Ouroboros (play it in front of him!) from Zeke. 
Go to Adar’s House for explosives, since he makes bombs. 
Adar is not home (cause he is kidnapped just now, duh) and his house is locked. 
Ask Lisa to pick the lock for you. 
Lisa recommends Garnet instead since Garnet is not tied to a ball-and-chain. 
Garnet agrees because Lisa is her friend, but you need to help her look after the kids. 
You play hide-and-seek. (will include locations here later, use – for now) 
The house is now unlocked, so enter to obtain the Bombs. 

Breaching Ouroboros Hideout

Head to Sand Drifts Access, south of Atai Town 
Blow up the rubbles in the way 
Play the “Song of Ouroboros” to enter Sand Drifts 
Enter Sand Drift Ruins 
Play the “Song of Ouroboros” to enter Forlorn Ruins 
Pass through the area to reach Ouroboros Hideout 
Play the “Song of Ouroboros” to enter Ouroboros Hideout 
Grab a Stink Root from the food storage for easier time in Obstacle Trial 
Finish the Obstacle Trial 
Learn to stun-lock bandits for an easier time in Combat Trial 
Defeat Atri, a mini-boss 
Finish the Combat Trial 
Don’t get spotted during the Stealth Trial 
Finish the Stealth Trial 
Face Bubbles (& Birdy) 
Capture Birdy 
Talk to Lisa after the cutscene in Atai Town 
Talk to Lisa again in the east exit of Atai Town 

Region 3 – Daea


Meeting Thomas

Lisa just gave you a Lifesaver… somewhere from the village somehow 
Rescue Fran! Don’t be heartless and ignore a cute trapped scientist 
Pass through Moonlight Ravine 
(Hunt down a Raw Knife Krill for a side quest later, if interested) 
(I swear those spiders are way worse than the ones IRL) 
(You will have a much harder time to hunt the fish for now, too) 
Enter Daea City for new upgrades if needed (Concentrate & Steel Bat) 
Enter Thomas’ Laboratory 
Present yourself for “safety inspection” before “internship” 
Pass through 6 out of 8 tests 
Enter a room nearby to learn about the Wrecker’s weakness 
Defeat the Wrecker 
Cutscene follows, Thomas fixes the golem, now onto Daea City 

Entering the Castle

Enter Daea City (grab the aforementioned upgrades if you haven’t) 
Head to the east-end of Daea City 
Talk to the old man in purple clothes, in the east-end again 
Ask about a secret canal 
Go to the Student Dormitory and ask around 
Talk to Bimmy sitting near the underground Noodle Shop 
Receive the stamper card 
Talk to the Master Smith in, well, the Smithy 
Talk to the restaurant owner in, well, the restaurant named The Blue Lobster 
Talk to the female librarian in… *sigh* Library 
Talk to the male librarian, not in the Library! (It’s the first old man) 
Enter the Aqua Line 
Head further right to reach the “big hub room” 
Head to the room in the bottom-left 
Turn on the light switch 
Interact with the “flickering light” (lower row around the middle) 
Return to the “big hub room” and head top-right 
Pass by the two Slargummies to a room with lots of statues 
Hit the switch to see which light is “flickering” (second-to-last) 
Enter the Dungeons 

Daea Dungeon 1 – Dungeons

Enter the bottom-left room in the Dungeons 
Break the jumping box to reveal the helpful knight inside 
Defeat the knights in the “Terminal Room” 
Rescue the trapped knight Hall C and return him to “Terminal Room” 
Rescue the trapped knight Hall B and return her to “Terminal Room” 
Survive the enemy gauntlet in Hall A 
Rescue Thomas and obtain Sonic Spear 
Exit the Dungeons through top-left 

Daea Dungeon 2 – White Towers

Make sure to unlock the left shortcut (the gate back to Daea City underground) 
Make sure to unlock the right shortcut (hidden overworld exit) 
Upgrade your equipment if needed 
Climb the 1st screen of White Towers 
Climb the 2nd screen of White Towers 
Climb the 3rd screen of White Towers 
Climb the 4th screen of White Towers 
Fight Katash and save your princess 

Region 4 – Cosette

Go to Cosette 
Light up tower 1 
Light up tower 2 
Light up tower 3 
Go to the archives 
Beat giant computer 
Get shard 

Region 5 – Past the Wall

Go north from Daea City to the First Wall 
Talk to Knight before the gate 
Wild goose-chase but not really a goose 
Go north from the First Wall to the Last Wall 
Go north from the Last Wall to Scorched Lands 
Pass through Scorched Lands 
Pass through Mul Caves 
Obtain Rocket Boots 
Learn about blowing up nests with explosives (yes, you can do it before as well) 

Region 6 – Forbidden Lands

Suffer when passing through Megalith Fields 
Obtain Spheralis 
Enter Pristine City 
Turn on the elevator that is somehow off before you get here 
Turn on the 3 lights 
Enter E.D.E.N 
Go to the hub 
Realise there is a map right at the top of the hub 
Explore branch D & E for 2 extra Chrystalis 
Head to branch A 
Unlock rail car, now accessible from Megalith Fields 
Return to hub WITHOUT collecting the 2 Chrystalis (You should have 0 on you now) 
Backtrack back to Pristine City (You should have 3 on you now) 
Backtrack to rail car of Megalith Fields to E.D.E.N (branch A this time) 
Return to hub collecting the 2 Chrystalis (You should have 5 on you now) 
Explore either branch C or branch F for 1 extra Chrystalis 
Now you have 6, go down and face the final boss 
Defeat big computer 
Defeat naruto’s 
Defeat flying cheater (or don’t, this fight is the one and only optional fight in PHOA) 
Enjoy the credits seeing the people you have helped 
(Or seeing nobody if you are speedrunning the game for the badges) 

Final Thoughts

I swear this game is longer than the list of debts I owe my friends. This is gonna take some time before completion. 

Written by Pimez

Hope you enjoy the post for Phoenotopia Awakening Main Story Walkthrough (v0.1), If you think we should update the post or something is wrong please let us know via comment and we will fix it how fast as possible! Thank you and have a great day!

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