Persona 3 Portable – How to Play Aigis

Persona 3 Portable – How to Play Aigis 1 -
Persona 3 Portable – How to Play Aigis 1 -

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How to spend every second with Aigis and everything about her I like Aigis very much.

Aigis Info

Aigis enters S.E.E.S. on the 21st of July, but she is not playable until the 24th, when the party returns from their vacation in Yakushima.

Aigis specializes in dealing all forms of physical damage, learning the Strike and Slash skills in addition to her Pierce normal attack. She acquires all three -kaja boosts and then replaces them with their group-affecting counterparts in order to support her allies. Due to her superior Endurance and vitality, she can withstand more damage than the other SEES members. Unlike Junpei, the other physical bruiser in the cast, she cannot exploit elemental weaknesses, but she has simple access to group-targeting physical skills beginning with Swift Strike and progressing to Heat Wave.

Orgia Mode is exclusive to Aigis and can be activated from the Tactics Menu. It requires one turn to execute and removes all conditions from Aigis upon activation. For the next two turns, Aigis’ offensive strength increases, but she becomes completely uncontrollable, which is ideal for swiftly ending battles. However, once Orgia Mode ends, Aigis overheats and requires three turns to calm down, during which she cannot be controlled.

Aigis’s Orgia Mode makes her abilities free to use in Portable, reducing the risk of entering its cooldown period due to low health when using a skill.

Aigis eventually learns the healing spell Diarahan at level 59, but unlike Akihiko and Mitsu, he does not acquire any of its earlier iterations.

Aigis has some immunity against Pierce’s attacks and weakness against Electricity; she can also withstand Poison immunity as she is part of an automated machine.

Aigis was the last party member to experience her awakening on December 30th. Her Persona transforms to Pallas Athena, making her immune to Pierce skills while adding Samarecarm and God’s Hand and Akasha Arts Strike abilities that provide unparalleled protection.

As with Junpei, Aigis also begins her adventure on an unsteady note as her single-target buffs have limited usage. Furthermore, Aigis doesn’t progress well when it comes to developing her offensive skill set, reaching a plateau with medium strength skills Swift Strike, Heat Wave, and Fatal End without progressing further and developing heavy tier skills as intermediary steps before mastering physical attacks.

Once she reaches level 47 and begins learning group buff skills, she truly shines as a versatile member of any party, quickly augmenting everyone within seconds and making an impression boss fight performance. Paired up with Junpei and Koromaru (The Answer/Portable), together these three can set up group buffs for all combat aspects at once in rotation; once Diarahan is acquired she also serves well when a*signed Heal/Support roles within a party.

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