Peculiar Tales of Mid-Lake Pavilion How to Solve the Game

Peculiar Tales of Mid-Lake Pavilion How to Solve the Game 1 -
Peculiar Tales of Mid-Lake Pavilion How to Solve the Game 1 -

In case you don’t want to solve it yourself (I loved the idea but it is a bit tedious game mechanic-wise) both the easy solution and a list of other options.

The solution

There’s two ways to go about this, here’s the cheater one (skipping a lot of steps just to get that ending):
561 246
Dr. Gu Zhen (listed in contacts)
561 246
Dr. Gu Zhen (listed in contacts)
Dr. Gu Zhen (listed in contacts)
There will be a choice here, choose a kidney
If you want to you have a bit of charge left so you can call whatever number you want to before contacting doctor Gu Zhen last time.

The full explanation

Peculiar Tales of Mid-Lake Pavilion How to Solve the Game - The full explanation - B383909
As I mentioned above you can skip steps if you already know the numbers to call but you’ll be missing parts of the story. So here’s some of the other options. Please note that each call consumes 5% of your charge (except the police with 20%) and as soon as your charge drops to 10% you’ll get a call from Song, pretty much driving you into the bad end if you take it).
Quick tip: in case you just want more story just call Mom, Bao Wen and Snow.

All numbers I found:

110 – police
119 – fire police (the translation is awkward here so I think it’s more of another emergency number rather than firefighters)
328 666 – kidnapper (can call him if you want to, but he’ll go all Saw-mode with “this is the punishment for your sin” )
156 554Dr. Gu Zheng listed in your contacts.
245 129Mom, also listed in contacts.
237 774Bao Wen, your childhood friend. One of the numbers that gives you more info on the story and Ren’s life.
675 905Mr. Wang, college assistant.
484 783Yao Xing. Can borrow some money from him.
205 596Snow. Also some backstory for Ren.
598 284Song will call you herself when your phone charge is low, you can’t call her.
971 458 – bar where Ren was drinking, you need it to get Zhang’s number.
561 246Zhang who Ren was drinking with at the bar.

The obvious choice (call the police):

You’ll lose 20% of your charge by doing so and they won’t be able to help as the press will start falling really fast and Ren will stop the call.
The kidnapper will call you (328 666) to tell that you’ll die next time you call the police. Yes, the kidnapper is watching you.
It’s pretty much a bad end from here so you can call whoever you want.

The other obvious choice (call your mom):

245 129
Talk to her and you’ll get either Bao Wen’s number (your old friend) or Mr. Wang’s (college assistant).
237 774
Bao Wen will both talk to you and call you back. Again it’s pretty much a bad end from here so you might as well listen to what she has to say.
675 905
Mr. Wang, college assistant. Gives you numbers for Yao Xing and Snow.
484 783
Yao Xing you can ask him for money but obviously not the whole sum.
205 596
Snow tells a lot about Ren.

The full solution:

they’ll give you a number of a bar you were drinking in
971 458
the bar staff will in turn give you number for the person you were talking to
561 246
Zhang will give you some clues to start connecting the dots.
156 554
Dr. Gu Zheng will refuse to talk to you… unless
561 246
Zhang will explain more
156 554
Dr. Gu Zheng still refuses to talk
because come on
156 554
Dr. Gu Zheng good old-fashioned blackmail
Choosing the money option leads to the usual bad end.

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