Path of Exile Guide to Stash Tabs

Path of Exile Guide to Stash Tabs 1 -
Path of Exile Guide to Stash Tabs 1 -
I always hear people ask which stash tabs they should get first.


What does each tab do?

Currency: Stores currency, and has a central large slot for holding an item. I personally use this to store something I am crafting. There’s a bunch of small slots down at the bottom to store prophecies and other stuff as well. 
Unique: Store ONE of each unique item. 
Essence: Stores all the essences used for crafting, has a large slot in the center. 
Maps: Stores maps, plain and simple. Makes it super easy to run maps of specific zones/tiers. 
Cards: Stores divination cards, can be set to only show full stacks. 
Fragments: Stores various boss key fragments, emblems, and splinters. Also has pages for Scarabs and Breachstones. 
Delve: Stores Fossils and Resonators. Has 2 large slots. 
Blight: Stores Oils and Blighted Maps. Has one large slot, and can be used to anoint items in said slot. 
Metamorph: Stores Organs and Catalysts. Has one large slot. 
Delirium: Stores Deli Orbs and Simulacrum stuff. Has 4 small misc slots. 
Quad: One tab that has 4 times the amount of storage as normal stash tabs. (Stuff will appear smaller) 
Premium: Can be renamed and recolored. Can be set to be visible to public. 

Which ones should I get?

Straight out the gate, I would suggest buying at least one premium tab if you’re in Trade. You can use this to have items listed while running maps and stuff. Much easier than spamming chat to sell items. 
After that, I’d recommend a Map tab. It will just make your life SO much easier. Set the affinity in it, and you can just ctrl click every map in your inventory to dump them all, and have them be Auto sorted. 
Currency tab next. Again: just makes your life easy. No longer have to sift through your tabs looking for stray Chaos orbs. 
After those, snag a quad tab. Just dump EVERYTHING into it. Minimize your time spent in hideout, and sort through it at the end. 
At this point you will want to upgrade a few more normal tabs into premiums. You can set each one to a different price and just fill em up with stuff, instead of having to individually price items. 
This is where I’d recommend getting the Div Card, Fragment, and Essence tabs. No specific order, just whichever you notice taking up a lot of space. 
From here on it’s more or less up to you. If you do a lot of delving, and think the Delve tab would facilitate faster/easier sorting, go for it. Same can be applied to Blight, Meta, and Deli. 
If you haven’t already, upgrade the rest of your normal stash tabs. 
I would only suggest getting the unique tab if you want to keep every single unique you find. There’s no real use for it, since most uniques aren’t worth much. 
If you decide at this point to buy more tabs, more power to you. Healthy mix of dump tabs, and premiums. At the time of writing this guide, I have 4 Dump tabs, and a folder with 6 tabs in it for potential builds. 


Buy whatever tabs you want, tbh. In whatever order you want. There is no “best” answer. I recommended what personally worked for me, but if you just want 45 quad tabs, go for it. Similarly, if you’re okay with the standard starting tabs, perfect. It’s your money, use it when you need it. 
Stash tabs go on sale often, and the main advice I would give is to wait until they are on sale. They are really nice to have, but you don’t need them to enjoy the game. 

Written by Canis dingo

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