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Outward Basic Guide For Beginners 1 - steamsplay.com
Outward Basic Guide For Beginners 1 - steamsplay.com
Meant to be an order priority of outings/ missions as well as some basic tips


Washed up on the beach

Loot your spawn area to the best you can (you can get a free extra outfit if you unequip the one you have then talk to Yzan) scrapping one of the shirts is recommended. Try to fight the hyenas one at a time if you can (opening fights with your kick skill will help a lot (if you kill both, you will likely get 2 hides which you can craft with one of the basic shirts to make makeshift leather attire which grants a +5 pouch bonus allowing more carry weight. A trader garb can be found or bought and can hold +8 pouch space so I actually prefer it when it is an option) 
The spawn area contains 1 junk pile, 1 hollowed tree stump, a mining pick, a fishing harpoon, 7 gaberries, 3 seaweed, a bandage, bread, tattered attire, and a machete (hopefully I am not missing anything). 

Basic tips on what to look out for early on

Know that you can only specialize into 3 of the skill trees, but the bottom skills can be purchased from all skill trees 
Gather all you find for the beginning (first 6 outings) especially what is around town, 
Carry weight is a big limitation: you will want the better backpack (25 silver one that holds 50 from the general merchant and start his ledger quest by talking to him) 
You will want an iron version of the weapon type you want (before leaving, have preferred weapon type equipped and talk to gatekeeper to receive a free skill for it). 
(be on the lookout for: scaled leather (which can upgrade the primitive satchel: your starting one in the lighthouse if you get 3 of it) an emerald (opens a door in the manticore lair in the Enmerkar forest for a backpack that has 85 carry capacity and 10% stamina efficiency bonus) a ruby will be helpful too: it is the quest reward for 2 of the 4 ledger quests) 
In all city/ towns you can buy an extra backpack and drop it on the ground to use as a storage (they will not despawn if in the town/ city) to use it like a chest drop it on the ground, open its inventory then open your inventory to allow moving items back and forth. 
2 Power coils will get you the backpack with the best capacity from a door in the north bandit camp (Mont calm clan fort) 

If you encounter the traveling merchant

He has many potential locations which you may become familiar with. 
Things to look out for that he sells: Master trader (boots or hat (you can get the garb free in the Enmerkar forest))- (these grant better movement speed, better stamina efficiency, decent weather defense, and bonus pouch space) scaled leather, plant tents, gems, trader garb (for +8 pouch capacity), and stamina potions and health potions make for a good resource 

First outing

Do a beach run by going through Cierzo storage through the drop off (I like to fish the shore, kill the shrimp if you have a good way of doing so, pick up blue sand: either it will give you resources towards heavy armor or sell it for 14 silver a piece (these are far more visible at night), attain tribal favor from giving beach dude (Michel Aberdeen) a bandage). I like to head north and slightly east from the last fishing location on the shore where there is a potential location for the traveling merchant as well as a supply cache, a hollowed tree stump and way up the mountain close to the beach (on top there are some gabberies, greasy fern, an iron spire and some eggs) going over the mountain saves a good amount of time. I often sleep at the butterflies (marking a safe sleep loctaion) near the supply cache north east of the beach you just looted until night at which I go back to the beach (on the way there is a hollowed tree stump and a couple pearl bird locations) to go in the starfish cave for more blue sand, a junk pile, and 3 seaweed (one is underwater past the shrimp). 

Second outing (Trog cave)

Troglodyte cave (Blistering Burrow) for mushroom shield for Helen (mushroom lady on the deck) in that cave there is a giant heart garnet which is important for the blue chamber faction questline but otherwise can be sold for 30 to Helen or 15 from anyone else 
Helen tells you where it is but for a beginner’s guide just go out the main gate and stay following the mountain to your left 

Third outing (south bandit camp + conflux mountain? + pirate cove?)

South bandit camp (beware the pressure plate traps near the 2 outdoor chests)(you will want 8 or more tripwire traps for the wendigo in the prison, place them in front of the right gate after entering the prison) → 
optional: conflux mountain for a shorter trip to a merchant to sell as well as acquiring the mana (once you have mana you can get the cool boon from the 2nd watcher below the leyline access point and the flamethrower spell from the first watcher after choosing your free spell) you want (blue chamber entrance is easiest to speed through, just look for the blue skull to find your way through the mini-labyrinth (or just drop in then go right, right, straight, right, then around the rocks to the big door). 
(optional start pirate treasure hunt quest in pirates hideout which is in the middle of the far south up a mountain and down the south side then across a bridge 
(read the paper and speed loot, odds are the pirate can kill you better than you him unless you either have magic (fire sigil + spark for fire balls works well on him just kite him) or spiritual varnish (attainable in ghost pass for free))) 

Fourth outing (North bandit camp: Mont Calm Clan Fort)

North bandit camp (montcalm clan fort) – I recommend bringing 6 tripwire traps for the cleaver halberd dude on the top of the building (placing them before going up the big staircase). Extra tripwire traps could be helpful to fall back to if you get overwhelmed. try to aggro a single enemy at a time. 
There are 3 basic bandits, an armored hyena, a greatmace bulkier bandit, 2 archers (out of the way), an ice witch, a bandit captian (halberd dude) 
The white tent farthest near the southern entrance is where your gear spawns if captured here 
As far as looting: there are 3 junk piles (in basic houses, one normal chest (in the south most building), Ornate chest (at the highest elevation), a door which requires 2 power coils which contains the Mefino’s backpack (110 weight capacity: the biggest) a sunhat and one of the green mage shirts. 

Fifth outing (Immaculate camp + Vigil crystal)

Immaculate cave found north of the conflux mountain (ask for help then pick power) 
+ vigil crystal (the big green gem you can see from a distance) there are 2 forged golems and a molten forged golem (I like to use tripwire traps and handle them one at a time: they do a lot of impact damage and the molten one can ignite you: fun to catch with mace infusion if doing one handed maces) I would loot the ornate chest at the top near the crystal after looting the building you can enter 
The building you can go in has 2 ghosts, I suggest sneaking down to the chest in the lower section without being spotted then speed looting the junk pile in the upper area before exiting (fighting ghosts is nearly impossible without magic damage, but they can be kited fairly easily ) 
then if not done yet: optional conflux mountain for mana as well as fast place to sell 

Sixth outing (voltaic hatchery: optional, best to speed loot this early)

Don’t try to fight the enemies in this dungeon this early, just run away from the enemies and loot what you find, try to flip the 3 levers to open the blue shield bubble 
You can lead the lightning enemies to the pistol shrimp and they will fight each other. 
What’s important from this dungeon: an ornate chest (up some stairs next to the blue shield bubble), light mender’s lexicon (the reward for flipping the 3 levers and going back to where the blue bubble shield used to be), 2 blue sand locations, two chests (found in the tunneling around water level and near one of the levers), and one corpse 

We are skipping the ghost pass and vendavel fortress until later

Ghost pass can grant you access to the hermit skill tree a graveyard, a secret wine cellar, and a cave which is part of the holy mission faction questline (inside this dungeon is the wendigo associated with the Vendavel fortress quest as well) 
Both of these dungeons are best done later when you have strong gear and skills (though could be done just about any time if you know what you’re doing) 

Travel to the Enmerkar forest in the far east and a bit south

Go to Enmerkar forest → Berg + activate cabal of wind altar at the highest elevation in the city 
(feel free to head back to the Chersonses once you have the money for skills such as from Eto in Cierzo and from the hermit through ghost pass if you have a good way to deal with ghosts, but remember you can only specialize into 3 skill trees) 
This region is the easiest way to earn money early in the game 
Make sure you have at least 3 rations or you will have to find or make them before traveling 

Starting out in Enmerkar forest (Berg)

I suggest buying one of the 25 silver 50 capacity bags to use as storage and placing it someone convenient. 
a cold stone gets you a nice reward from the alchemist here. 

First outing in Enmerkar forest (manticore lair + immaculate cave 2)

Royal manticore lair found in the far north west (try not to fight the manticore(s) but rather lead the first one to the trogolodytes for them to fight each other, be careful of the pressure plate traps on the sides of the room: staying in the center of the room is relatively safer) (in the upper most area you can use an emerald to get zhorn’s backpack: 85 capacity + 10% stamina efficiency bonus as well as a medium ruby to get a palladium mining spot and a trog chest) →Immaculate cave 2 (in the far west: just hug the right mountain when coming from the manticore lair) (when you ask for help from the immaculate pick equipment for a free master trader garb) then head east to get back to berg 

Second outing in Enmerkar forest (Cabal of wind temple)

Cabal of wind temple found which can be on the map in the west of the region (try to avoid the immaculate: they are really tough to kill this early) and just run to the pit inside the stadium like area: the hole is the dungeon you’re aiming for 
(bait the 5 shell horrors into center room and flip the switch near the entrance to instantly clear the room this gets you a lot of money but requires a lot of open carry weight) 
There is one shell horror on the second floor across from the entrance, you can get that one into the middle room by going up one of the elevators, baiting the shell horror to the side of the elevator (the guard rail) then go back down and it will fall onto the elevator, then run to the nearest gate and bait it in there. 
After all 5 shell horrors are dead the gold wall disappears and you can loot the ornate chest and get the thrice wrought halberd (sells for 750) and all the shell horrors drop some resources which can be useful but heavy 
You then can leave out the back door to avoid the immaculate again. 

Third outing in Enmerkar forest (face of the ancients)

Face of the ancients 
Don’t bother fighting the burning men just run past them and speed loot the entrance after going down the rope 
when you get into the cold section head right passed the ghost then right again and you will find a junk pile, follow the right wall till the next intersection and head left towards a second junk pile and a chest further in guarded by a ghost. Head back to where you entered the cold section and stay right to find another chest, follow the right wall again to a ramp, go down it then head left then a quick right for another chest, follow the right wall from there to find a ghost and the wendigo up the ramp 
I suggest that you lead the first cannibal (wendigo) to the two obsidian elementals (fire horses) for them to duke it out and have like 10 traps ready for the winner(s) 
Once the wendigo dies you can take the skycrown mace (to use or sell later) and the key to the dungeon which opens some gates one of which has a scarlet idol inside which can be brought to the room with the fire horses to receive a dagger after placing it on the stand in front of the woman statue (this dagger sells for 600 rather than the 300 you get for giving the idol to the dude near the rope on ground level: at the entrance of the cave) 
This dungeon has a massive amount of loot try to have bare minimum gear that can get you through it safely 

Fourth outing in Enmerkar (vigil crystal 2)

have a method of magic damage such as the artifacts found in the previous outings 
Skycrown mace can serve you really well here for both high impact damage as well as frost damage 
you can hit the molten forged golems through the fake wall at the entrance to make fighting them safer 
clearing all the ghosts is recommended 
this dungeon is a little bit of a puzzle every other teleport grants access to the teleportation red orb while the other teleports its just floating fire 
using the red orb brings you on a roof of the underground building where there is a fire horse and a burning man which happen to be a bit tricky to handle alone without a strategy 
I suggest you use frost damage and high impact (like skycrown mace and frost paper from seaweed crafted with linen cloth and the cool boon helps too) to get better impact you can use the rage boon bought from the hunter skill trainer near the main entrance of berg. kill the fire horse first else it could stagger you to death between the homing fireballs and the high impact spiral attack it does, the burning man is far easier to handle after killing the obsidian elemental (fire horse). 
After defeating the fire enemies on the top there is an ornate chest (often with really good loot) 
This is the location of your first legacy chest (place an item you’d like to give to a character of your next playthrough of the game and sometimes it will upgrade the item as well) 

Optional (Toxic hive lord) + explore the rest of the region

Through the forest hive dungeon you can work your way up to a clearing with some trees where the toxic hive lord is (beware its bees: they can be a killer) (it drops the world edge great axe: a fantastic two handed axe) but it is a beast to face (it is weak to fire, but has 2k health so your going to have a long fight unless you use explosives or a ton of traps) Kiting it is almost always necessary. 
The rest of the region contains some minor dungeons 
the first broken tower dungeons (crypt) has a lever which opens a room in a dungeon with a tree on top of it on the island with the 2 bridges going to it 
They buffed this monster to being probably the hardest non boss enemy in my opinion (They were trying to make it harder to get the axe it drops because the axe is so strong. 

Move on to the Abrassar desert

Abrassar desert →found in the mid-south of the regions immaculate cave 3 (pick no gift → that he should keep it) → found in the mid-north optional shipwreck (to continue pirate treasure hunt) → found in the far east the city of Levant (grab at least 2 power coils and skills you want) this is where you get the warm boon (from smooth the tailor) 

Optional Explore the area

If you want the legacy chest it is easiest found in the north west of the shipwrecks within the slide dungeon (entering at this entrance you make a left go up the slope around the stalactite (spike coming down from the ceiling) take the key off the skeleton to your left up the slope (killing the rock mantis is optional: I personally ignore it) then with the key you go past the entrance you came in and hug the right wall: there is a corpse and a junk pile then a door which the key opens inside the middle room is the water level lowerer but you do not need to switch it until later if you ever do: (it adds a lot of confusing paths to the dungeon) to your left is an ornate chest then at the end of the hall are 2 corsairs which should be easy enough to take out, then you flip the switch near stairs that go down, go down the stairs and go through the door at the bottom: inside there is a shell horror (or beastie as I call them) inside you have to flip one switch to open another gate then the switch through the gate, doing this will open the gate with the legacy chest upstairs (killing the beastie is optional but you better move fast if you aren’t going to kill it). 
Stone titan caves is a way to get on of the best one handed axes but you have to read all the purple text within the dungeon so exploring the dungeon is important (this cave is part of a quest for the holy mission faction later) There is a drop down near the giant stone sword you can walk up which lets you get the strong box backpack (2 protection, 4% preservation, 60 capacity) 
The electric laboratory in the far north east is a great way to get free power coils, it gets you a lot of loot if you complete the quest that starts once you reach the upper most level of the dungeon by interacting with the purple orb, this is also the way to get one of the best spears in the game as well as a tsar stone, ethereal damage is very useful for this dungeon (as it does extra damage to most machines) 
The colossal hive cave in the mid south is a large dungeon with a lot of decently strong enemies (there is a lot to explore in this dungeon) 
The Sand rose cave in the far southeast is a dungeon I would only go through for the backpack found there it is the brass wolf backpack which gives you physical damage protection and capacity of 75 
The wind alter is in the far north near the cabal of winds tower (this one contains a shell horror so be ready to fight if you enter) 

Travel back to The Enmerkar forest

Here you should stop by the hive dungeon in the south east (not the one to get to the toxic hive-lord) inside you can continue your treasure hunt quest 
After that you should travel to the hallowed marsh region past the face of the ancients 

Once in the Hallowed marsh

You should know most enemies in this region take reduced damage from the decay type 
travel north into the Ziggurat passage, inside you go up the elevator to your right, find the lever and pull it (there is a skeleton guarding it) there is loot to get up there, go back down the elevator there is a junk pile on the main floor, the switch should have opened the door which is to the left if you came in the entrance, through that gate there is a blade dancer (while they are pretty weak they can stagger you pretty bad) past that there is another lever to pull unlocking another chest and the gate that is down the stairs in the entrance room, go through it and make a quick left to take the idol off the podium thing, go back to the entrance with it and place it on the podium there: doing this spawns a bridge which can get you to the rest of the region. To get to the bridge exit the dungeon where you came in go up the slope and go right before the big rock and past the hallow tree stump. 

Important places in the marsh

At any point you may go to monsoon: the main city of the marsh 
The dark ziggurat (North of south-west) and the spire of light (the far south-east) both contain bosses (the spire has the light mender who is immune to lightning and weak to decay, and the ziggurat has the plague doctor who is the opposite (weak to lightning and immune to decay) 
The dead roots dungeon is for the parallel quest to the holy mission faction and is one of the more urgent quests that starts once you join any faction 
The giants city and Reptilian lair are important for the blue chamber faction (the giants liking you is important) 
The cabal of wind alter is in the far south west near the region change location for the Chersonese. 
The jade quarry (East of the far south-west) is probably the hardest base game dungeon because you have to move through a toxic swampland which has confusing tunnels and little lighting (I recommend wearing some decay resist armor if you can to minimize the poison damage and bring lots of regen (health potions and great health potions) 
If you are doing the treasure hunt quest you will want to read the paper in the steakosaurus hideout in the middle of the far south 
The last location for the immaculate cave is near the steakosaurus hideout, If you followed my directions this far the immaculate will give you one of the best halberds in the game (you will have to go through some of the toxic water so carry at least one antidote and some way of healing) 
To find this immaculate camp (if coming from the spire of light you want to cross 3 bridges going south west (the steakosaur hideout is on the right over the second bridge), after crossing the third bridge, go left (south) most place on the island: there should be some ramps in the water near the edge of the island cross over them and continue heading east through the toxic water though try to mitigate the damage you take by spending minimal timing in the water. You will find the cave near some livweedi and some palladium you can mine, if you continue east of this cave you can find one of the tombs meant for the strange apparitions quest which startts when you flip all the switches in the spire of light and exit the spire going north-west) 
If you want the legacy chest you will have to flip all the switches in the spire of light (you will not need to beat the light mender boss to do this just walk around the entrance to the light mender boss fight) go down to the base level of the dungeon go through the door down there flips some more switches and go through the gated off portal bubble thing, there is a strong enemy guarding it and there is a secret two handed mace hidden just past the legacy chest against the wall 
All other locations in this region are relatively minor 
The strange apparitions quest has 5 ghost locations all found in the south-east quarter of the map (first spotting outside the spire of light begins the quest): this quest earns you the light mender’s backpack (amps lightning damage 10%, food preservation 25%, capacity 75) 

After all your exploration and gathering of gear and skills

After all your exploration, gathering of gear, and acquiring the skills you want: join a faction 
Then your timed quests begin: 
After joining a faction you should complete all parallel questlines (they say you have to wait 3 days for your main faction questline but you can take all the time you need in between each of the faction quests in the 3 day intermission): 
Vendavel Fortress quest found by going to Ceirzo after starting a faction(20 days to complete else fail and lose Cierzo) 
Purifier started by finding a corpse on the main path from monsoon to Ceirzo with the sun stone lights near little before halfway after joining a faction (35 days to complete else fail) 
Rust and vengeance (the Soroborean’s DLC parallel quest) (100 days to complete, can be reset twice to 60 days each from defeating key bosses) (this quest is the longest one in the game) 
Blood under the sun found by visiting any inn after the trigger: the conference in berg (40 days to complete, must start after the meeting in Berg as part of your faction and must be finished before your third faction quest) 
If you really want to min-max your play through I recommend using the outward wiki to find your ideal gear and skills both linked here: 

Finish your faction quest but what’s next?

After doing your faction of choice there are 3 end game bosses per region as well as the second DLC region called the Caldera in The Three Brothers DLC, this region is found in the far south of the Enmerkar forrest after talking to a Currier in the berg inn after finishing your faction (past the burning tree) 
For help with the bosses and DLC region refer to the Outward wiki 

Written by aseductivwalrus

Here we come to an end for Outward Basic Guide For Beginners hope you enjoy it. If you think we forget something to include or we should make an update to the post let us know via comment, and we will fix it asap! Thanks and have a great day!

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