Nightmare Reaper Farming Tips for 500 Powerups Guide

Nightmare Reaper Farming Tips for 500 Powerups Guide 1 -
Nightmare Reaper Farming Tips for 500 Powerups Guide 1 -

Farming method

Ok so chances are you’ve completed every other achievement in the game yet you still need all four of 500-powerups achievements. Continuing to play until like NG+7 or something is tedious. Farming Arena is also inefficient. Here’s how you can do it faster.
Wherever you are currently in the main game, play until you reach episode 3. Hopefully you’re not that far. Some of the episode 3 levels contain guaranteed powerups right next to the spawn. The idea is that you grab a powerup then immediately die (high toxicity helps). Rinse and repeat until achievement git. It’s actually not that bad. Here are the locations of the powerups.
Episode 3, section 1/3
– After exiting Fields of Death (winter/tanks/etc) back to The Wastelands hub, there is Horse Water + Reflection immediately at spawn
Episode 3, section 3/3
– When initially entering the third combat hub, Buried Ruins 1, there is a Nightmare Reaper immediately at spawn
– After exiting Flesh Pits and going back to the combat hub, there is a V immediately at spawn
Repeatedly grabbing these is definitely the fastest method of getting the achievements. Sorry I can’t be asked to reach episode 3 again to take screenshots.
Additionally, early into episode 3, once you exit Moon Terror back to The Wastelands hub there is a large collection of powerups around the level – 1 Reflection, 2 Horse Waters, 1 Nightmare Reaper, and 3 V’s. They’re all scattered around the map though, and none of them are directly at spawn so you may want to use the methods mentioned above instead. Guaranteed powerups on other levels, if any, are not nearly as interesting for this method.

Here we come to an end for Nightmare Reaper Farming Tips for 500 Powerups Guide hope you enjoy it. If you think we forget something to include or we should make an update to the post let us know via comment, and we will fix it asap! Thanks and have a great day!

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