Neon White Complete list of all Red Medal

Neon White Complete list of all Red Medal 2 -
Neon White Complete list of all Red Medal 2 -

Complete list of all Red Medal times


Red Medals are for beating the Dev (“torahhorse” on the leaderboard). Normally you can only see these once you have beaten them, but it’s convenient to know what target time you’re shooting for – you can technically view these in game, on the global leaderboard looking for the dev’s name, but I figured it’d be better to just write them all down here. They aren’t required for achievements, but really up the level of mastery you need to get on each level so I’d recommend going for them to any seasoned player. I just manually typed them all out so please let me know if I messed anything up.

Times Required

Movement 18.93
Pummel 8.32
Gunner 9.47
Cascade 10.21
Elevate 16.42
Bounce 19.05
Purify 10.44
Climb 12.75
Fasttrack 25.44
Glass Port 25.31
–Killer Inside–
Take Flight 17.54
Godspeed 6.13
Dasher 10.21
Thrasher 12.42
Outstretched 10.35
Smackdown 10.81
Catwalk 14.22
Fastlane 22.45
Distinguish 15.89
Dancer 17.06
–Only Shallow–
Guardian 22.64
Stomp 15.34
Jumper 19.15
Dash Tower 14.72
Descent 11.39
Driller 12.61
Canals 30.07
Sprint 19.63
Mountain 19.80
Superkinetic 20.10
–The Old City–
Arrival 22.95
Forgotten City 33.02
The Clocktower 53.68
–The Burn That Cures–
Fireball 19.12
Ringer 16.60
Cleaner 14.31
Warehouse 13.98
Boom 18.45
Streets 9.60
Steps 15.15
Demolition 9.73
Arcs 18.62
Apartment 23.79
Hanging Gardens 24.79
Tangled 13.98
Waterworks 21.97
Killswitch 27.64
Falling 22.48
Shocker 28.75
Bouquet 27.76
Prepare 30.09
Triptrack 35.97
Race 26.13
Bubble 19.43
Shield 18.73
Overlook 15.44
Pop 26.03
Minefield 17.55
Mimic 10.69
Trigger 24.38
Greenhouse 11.31
Sweep 20.30
Fuse 29.19
Heaven’s Edge 18.13
Zipline 17.55
Swing 23.12
Chute 46.27
Crash 33.22
Ascent 34.65
Straightaway 42.20
Firecracker 40.56
Streak 38.45
Mirror 47.20
Escalation 28.94
Bolt 40.18
Godstreak 30.76
Plunge 35.43
Mayhem 28.27
Barrage 36.97
Estate 44.97
Trapwire 24.60
Ricochet 36.33
Fortress 34.81
–The Third Temple–
Holy Ground 1:16.50
The Third Temple 2:27.16
–Thousand Pound Butterfly–
Spree 20.64
Breakthrough 17.45
Glide 23.31
Closer 34.15
Hike 22.48
Switch 32.43
Access 23.85
Congregation 33.24
Sequence 14.31
Marathon 1:31.33
–Hand of God–
Sacrifice 1:28.68
Absolution 1:47.62


For a lot of these, it’s sufficient to use the shortcut hinted at in-game by getting at least a Gold Medal, and really really tighten up your route past the Ace Medal. I’d recommend at least trying to find your own strats, it’s a lot of fun to discover optimizations – always look for spots to cut a corner or kill an out of the way enemy from the distance to save walking over there. However, when you get stuck “Neon White (Level Name) WR” can be a very useful google search.
I’ll link my video of all red times here if you want to reference it, but my strats won’t always be the absolute best, just a combination of homebrew and badly reproduced WR routes: – [] 

Written by SomeMugger

This is all for Neon White Complete list of all Red Medal hope you enjoy the post. If you believe we forget or we should update the post please let us know via comment, we will try our best to fix how fast is possible! Have a great day!

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