Muck How to Pause the Game During Battle

Muck How to Pause the Game During Battle 1 -
Muck How to Pause the Game During Battle 1 -
When you’re in an intense battle and need to take a breather, pausing is your solution!


Why Pause?

Often, you’ll find yourself outnumbered, with fireballs and bones being thrown at you. Your health is going down, you don’t have time to eat, and you have no idea what to do. Normally, the mobs kill you, and then you have to restart from the beginning.

Pausing the game changes that. Instead, you’ll have time to think, plan your next actions, and figure out how to get out of the situation. In fact, pausing just once may not be enough. You may try to run and then realise you’re surrounded. Instead of hyper-ventilating, just pause again! Make a new plan, and muck on.

Or perhaps your mother is calling you down for dinner. Obviously, you’ll need to leave the game and go eat. If you need to stop playing the game for ANY reason, leaving your character unattended is highly dangerous. As soon as any mob catches sight of him, they’ll keep attacking him and ultimately kill him. Then, when you come back, you’ll be faced with the “Defeat..” screen. But there’s nothing you can do, right?

Wrong!! Pausing the game fully fixes that issue. Instead of screaming “5 more minutes!” you just need to pause the game and go do what you need to do. Then, you can come back, and unpause the game! That way, both you and your mother are happy.

How to Pause

Now that you’re convinced that pausing is essential, I will now list all the steps needed to pause the game known as “Muck”. Make sure to follow each step carefully and in order, or else it’s highly likely it will not work, and you’ll have waste valuable time failing at pausing.

  1. Look down at your keyboard.
  2. Look at your index finger.
  3. Move your index finger toward the middle of your keyboard.
  4. Look towards the top-left of your keyboard.
  5. Locate the key that says “Esc” on it.
  6. Move your finger toward that key.
  7. Move your finger towards the key until it’s about 1 inch above it.
  8. Lower your finger onto the key until the key can’t be pushed down any further.
  9. Immediately lift your finger upwards by 2 inches.
  10. Success! If all steps followed correctly, you should now notice three buttons on your screen, and everything else should stop moving.

(You may still hear sounds coming from the game, but this is perfectly normal.)

How to Unpause

Pausing is extremely useful, and is an essential skill in order to become good at Muck. But after pausing, you may soon realise that you’re doomed. All you see is those three buttons, and the background. But there’s nothing you can do! Your only option now is to close Muck, and start again…

Fear not! There are multiple ways to get out of the pause screen, and continue gaming. First of all, you can use your mouse to click the button closest to the top of the screen. This is the quickest way to unpause Muck.

If the first way is too daunting, confusing, or simply is not working, there is also a second way. Simply follow all the steps you did to pause the game. Pausing the game while the game is already paused actually UN-pauses it!


You now know how to pause and unpause in the game “Muck”! This is an essential skill, and the game will be much easier from now on.

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Written by Ginger Cat

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