Muck How to actually become an invincible god

Muck How to actually become an invincible god 1 -
Muck How to actually become an invincible god 1 -
Day 1:
Find the cool stones that make you strong and place a crafting table and furnace.
Create wood tools, and get to the iron tools.
Night hits, run from your base so mobs will not spawn near it and attack any of the structures.
Kill mobs with iron tools and get that sweet succulent coin.

Day 2:
Mine some gold get some birch and make gold tools, then make mithril tools, and finally craft some mithril armor.
Open as many 25 gold chests as possible.

Day 3:
Craft a ♥♥♥♥ ton of furnaces and create a stair case to the sky, at the top create your actual base.
Open more chests

Day 4:
Place distracting wood walls around the island and get the enemies to destroy them, until you’re out of their render distance, so now they’ll be continually breaking a wall that won’t break until you load back into their render distance.
Get some adamantite tools if possible

Day 5:
Destroy chunks if they haven’t spawned already, always lead enemies away from your base.
Keep getting those upgrades.
Eventually make chunkium weapons.

Day 6:
Continually get upgrades until every chest has been looted.

Congrats you are now the most powerful god in the entire world and can one shot everything with your chunkium hammer.

Safety not guaranteed.
Epic cool swagness guaranteed.
Rated 69/10 by Big Chungus – “This was a very epic guide, and extremely beneficial to saving my love life, I will 100% recommend this to my great friend Peter Griffin!”

[May take more than 7 days]



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