Garry’s Mod A Guide of my Custom Headcrabs

Garry’s Mod A Guide of my Custom Headcrabs 6 -
Garry’s Mod A Guide of my Custom Headcrabs 6 -
This guide will be describing headcrabs that I have created and their abilities.


Part 1: Spinerabs

Garry's Mod A Guide of my Custom Headcrabs - Part 1: Spinerabs 
Spinerabs are smaller and skinnier versions of the fast headcrab, but unlike all other species of headcrab, do not need the hosts brain to be intact. In fact, all the Spinerabs need are a spine that is mostly intact. if the requirements are met, they will couple to a body (or person) and force it to do its bidding. These zombies (Mainly consisting of just lower halves of torsos) would attack with whatever they had left. These crabs would evolve after Gordon Freeman’s fight through Ravenholm. Due to the increase in dismembered bodies, the crabs needed new hosts to survive. These crabs can also spin webs like spiders, which almost caused them to be called Spidercrabs. This was soon changed however due to the web not actually used to catch prey but to actually traverse areas of the town that were not very safe. 

Part 2: King Crabs

Garry's Mod A Guide of my Custom Headcrabs - Part 2: King Crabs 
The King Crab is a genetic mutation in the headcrab species. Unlike their normal counterparts, King Crabs are much skinnier and lighter. This is, of course, only until they couple with a victim. once that happens, the king crab will secrete a substance onto the hosts head, instantly killing them. this will then trigger the body to begin secreting gasses, such as methane. The crab will make special preparations to reroute the methane being secreted into the crabs gas bladder. this will cause the crab to fill up like a big balloon, lifting the hosts body into the air. despite common belief, the crab has no control over the host. all illusions of control are just left over spots of methane, lifting up those limbs. The crab has one more trick up its sleeve, though. It will begin Asexual reproduction, which will cover the body of the host in numerous King Crab babies which will launch off the host to infect more unfortunate souls. 
Garry's Mod A Guide of my Custom Headcrabs 

Part 3: Bull Crabs

Garry's Mod A Guide of my Custom Headcrabs - Part 3: Bull Crabs 
Bull Crabs are cousins of the Poison headcrab, but were evolved after antlions began hunting down the headcrab species as a whole. The Bull Crabs look like average poison headcrabs at birth, but would quickly separate themselves and find an antlion nest. That is when they would choose a grub to infect by coupling with the grubs abdomen. The Bull Crabs must do this at a young age because adult antlions are too alert. As the grub grows, so does the crab. Infected antlions and healthy ones are very easy to tell apart as adults. The healthy antlions have a brighter green shell while infected have a very dark green, almost black shell. The infected antlions also have a lack of self Preservation, often launching themselves with all limbs ready to stab. If a Bull Crab is lucky enough to find a antlion guard grub, they will have limited control over it as it grows. That is why the Bull Crab will call other crabs to it to help maintain full control over the Antlion Guard. These Infected guards have a dark green shell with glowing spots seeping out. These infected creature will be aggressive to all things but headcrabs. This does not include zombies, as the Bull Crabs often mistake them for humans.Garry's Mod A Guide of my Custom Headcrabs 

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