MotoGP™20 MotoGP20 at 4K in Ultra using PS5 TAAU

MotoGP™20 MotoGP20 at 4K in Ultra using PS5 TAAU 2 -
MotoGP™20 MotoGP20 at 4K in Ultra using PS5 TAAU 2 -
This simple mod enables Unreal Engine’s PS5 Temporal Antialiasing Upsampler in the PC version of MotoGP20 to give you acceptable framerates at 4K output resolution.


It’s Wheelie Good!

If you have a graphics card with at least the power of an AMD RX Vega 56 or Nvidia GTX1080 and want to run MotoGP20 at 2160p (4K) with the Ultra quality preset, this guide is for you. 
Less powerful graphics cards may still benefit from this mod at 1440p (2K), so read on if that’s of interest to you. 
What is TAAU? 
TAAU stands for Temporal Antialiasing Upsampler. It allows a game to internally render at a lower resolution than the selected output resolution and is commonly used on consoles to leverage 4K output when the GPU doesn’t have the horsepower to render a game at full 4K. 
The version we’re invoking here is specifically tuned for the PS5 and works very well on recent AMD PC graphics cards. It should work fine on recent Nvidia graphics cards too, but I don’t have access to the hardware to test this. That’s where you come in. Feedback is welcome. 
This .ini file mod offers the following… 
– Runs in 4K PS5 TAAU mode at 60FPS+ on AMD RX Vega 56/Nvidia GTX1080 and upwards 
– Performance scale adjustment allowing you to optimise quality vs your desired framerate 
– Increases all texture and mesh LODs to better suit 4K output resolution 
– Increases view distances to reduce visible fade-in/pop-in 
– Optimises for best sharpness with minimal artifacts 
You’ll need to open File Explorer and click on the View tab then tick the Hidden items checkbox. Navigate your way to ‘C:\Users\YourUserName\AppData\Local\motogp20\Saved\Config\WindowsNoEditor’. 
NOTE: Substitute your Windows user name for ‘YourUserName’. 
Open Engine.ini by clicking on the file then right-click and select Edit, then copy/paste the following to the bottom of the file, not forgetting to include a blank line between the existing text and the new text… 
Save the file then right-click on it, select Properties, tick Read-only and Apply. Job done. 
Now launch the game and go into the graphics menu. Set Video Resolution to 3840×2160 (or 2560×1440 for less powerful graphics cards), then go into Advanced Settings and select the Ultra preset. Check that you’re achieving your desired FPS in-game. If not, see below. If you’re achieving it with FPS to spare, also see below. 
Optimising Visual Performance vs Framerate 
The first parameter setting (r.SecondaryScreenPercentage.GameViewport) relates to the internal render resolution. Setting a lower value decreases image quality while increasing framerate, and vice versa. It’s currently optimised for 60FPS+ in first-person view on a Sapphire PULSE RX Vega 56. 
NOTE: Don’t forget that you’ll need to temporarily revoke Read-only status on the file to make any changes to it. 
That’s it. Enjoy the view! 🙂 
MotoGP™20 MotoGP20 at 4K in Ultra using PS5 TAAU 

Written by Ray Sover

Here we come to an end for MotoGP™20 MotoGP20 at 4K in Ultra using PS5 TAAU hope you enjoy it. If you think we forget something to include or we should make an update to the post let us know via comment, and we will fix it asap! Thanks and have a great day!

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