Mortal Online 2 Beginners Guide + Basic Information and Tips

Mortal Online 2 Beginners Guide + Basic Information and Tips 1 -
Mortal Online 2 Beginners Guide + Basic Information and Tips 1 -

Here is one of the most detailed guides for this game in English, which deals with all topics and questions relating to the game. From character creation for various builds to the first steps in the starter area, crafting, the combat system, territorial control and all the features / activities that the game will offer us.

What is Mortal Online 2

Mortal Online 2 is a sandbox MMO developed by Starvault in a fantasy world with thousands of players, open dungeons, world bosses, first-person combat and territorial PVP wars. Defeat terrifying creatures and dungeons, build your own house, your own fortress, conquer guild castles, conquer territories to set property taxes on houses and sales taxes to fill your guild’s war chest. Become the best blacksmith / tamer / engineer / adventurer, trader, thief or master the different types of combat.
Here the fanmade community trailer showing scenes from the biggest wars and PVE Events with up to 300 Players.

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1. The selection of the game character

There are some important decisions to be made when creating the character. Height, weight, age and race determine and change the stats.
Each character has 1,100 free active skill points in the combat category and 1,200 active skill points in the crafting category. The player has the freedom to choose the skills himself and to choose between hundreds of skills. The size, weight and age can be changed afterwards using tinctures and special recipes. You are not forced to create a new character if you made a mistake while creating the character. Only the race and the associated clade gifts of the respective race (active and passive skills) cannot be changed afterwards. The abilities themselves can be changed, just not the race and its individual passive and active abilities.
There are some skills that every player should definitely learn and some optional skills. The following classes / builds are possible.
The DPS melee Build (Thursar), the tank (Ogmir), the resist/PSY fighter (human) that is well protected against magic, the dex fighter (Alvarin), the magician (Alvarin), the archer (Alvarin), the paladin (human) in heavier or light armor, the mounted fighter (Thursar or Ogmir), the mounted archer (Ogmir), the hybrid between a mounted archer and a footfighter (Ogmir), the hybrid between a mounted fighter and a Footsoldier (Ogmir or Thursar), the tamer (Alvarin) and many more builds.
At this point i want to post a forum link listing the best compilations of all races for each build. Including their weight, age and height.
1a. The paladin (human)
I can recommend every new player a human as their first character. The humans are one of the best paladins. He has slightly more skill points and more Attribute Points then all other races and one of his Clade Gift give them 50 additional Crafting Points and another Clade Gift allows him to wear heavier armor without sacrificing mana regeneration.
The human is not the fastest race, but neither he is the slowest. Humans don’t have the highest melee damage bonus, but neither do they have the lowest. The human is an all-rounder. He has so many skillpoints that he can try out almost all playstyles.
My character can wear medium armor, use magic, shoot a bow and is also a mounted archer at the same time, that can heal his horse with magic and even cast offensive spells.
I can recommend this build to every new player, and recommend creating a character that can deal damage both on foot and on horseback, if you choose to play 1 account.
My Human is a thoroughbred Tindramene, 23 years old, 200 cm tall and 130% stout. He get +2 maximum size through his clade gifts. That’s why I made him 200 cm tall and not 202 cm, so that these two points are not wasted.
Now to the skill points.
Mortal Online 2 Beginners Guide + Basic Information and Tips - 1. The selection of the game character - 740488A
Mortal Online 2 Beginners Guide + Basic Information and Tips - 1. The selection of the game character - 40788FE
I increased Armor training, so he can wear
a better protecting armor out of Platescales + Guard fur for the Helmet and Chest and the rest of the Armor is made from Platescales + Ironsilk.
Mortal Online 2 Beginners Guide + Basic Information and Tips - 1. The selection of the game character - BE35B0F
1.b The mounted fighter and and heavy foot soldier (Ogmir)
Ogmir, purebred Hugar, 30 years old, 172 cm, 130% stout
This character can wear the heaviest armors, is designed for maximum strength and can be played as a foot soldier and as a mounted worrior. This character can drink twice as many healing potions and heal himself with his Ichor pipe. The maximum strength is crucial for mounted fighters, since the weapons need twice as much strength for mounted players in order to achieve the full damage.
The mounted fighter has to look for a fast horse, because the damage of his attacks depends on the speed. What needs to be mentioned here is that the mounted fighter’s equipment and weapons are very expensive compared to all other builds !
Mortal Online 2 Beginners Guide + Basic Information and Tips - 1. The selection of the game character - 46947AE

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1.c The light hybrid (Alvarin)
between a magician, archer and worrior (Alvarin race)
To create the optimal character for this build you have to create a 31 year old pure bred Shevra (Alvarin) with the minimal height (159 cm), 130% stout.
This character has the lowest melee damage bonus and wears the lightest armor. This Character is prone to melee damage, but he is the fastest of the three builds. The Alvarin has an active buff to temporarily increase its movement speed and that of his colleagues. His main weapon is the bow and his magical spells. If necessary, he can defend himself in close combat, depending on how well you play and block, but you should actually avoid close combat with the Alvarin and should rather keep your distance. This character has the Marksmanship skill. Marksmanship and high dexterity increase the chance of a weakspot hit, if you hit your opponent with a headshot. His headshots with the bow completely ignore the enemy’s armor. The primary task of this character is to take enemy horses or tamed animals out of the fight as quickly as possible with headshots. This character is very good against highly geared mounted worriots that are using high end materials for their horse armors.
Mortal Online 2 Beginners Guide + Basic Information and Tips - 1. The selection of the game character - DE5E85D
Mortal Online 2 Beginners Guide + Basic Information and Tips - 1. The selection of the game character - 000CB23
Mortal Online 2 Beginners Guide + Basic Information and Tips - 1. The selection of the game character - 2C1ED5C
Archer Gameplay from TZone

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Light Hybrid dagger Gameplay from Diphrael
The light hybrid with marksmanship can alternatively be played with a dagger or a spear. Piercing attacks on a character with high Dex values and Marksmanship increase his weakspot chance. Attacks from behind have the highest Weakspot chance. In addition, the player has to find specific weakspot materials for the handel, grip and blade of his weapon.

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1.d The Dex-Mage (Alvarin)
The light hybrid (Alvarin) can later be converted into a full Dex Mage. I can only advise against building a full Dex Mage straight away, but first creating a hybrid, because as a Mage you don’t have all the spells at the beginning, you have to find the scrolls and therefore you need a bow or a weapon to farm.
Some Dex Mage Gameplay from Stats (The Dexmage have enough Points to be a tamer aswell, but it take long time, till you get your taming skills up to a point where you can tame strong animals, once the game comes out)

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Here some Dex Mage Gameplay (which focuses exclusively on healing and corrupting our opponents)

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The spell corrupt prevents enemies from healing until they have been purified.
1.e The Fat-Mage (Ogmir)
I cannot recommend them for beginners, as these are group-related characters. The Fatmage is very slow on foot and should be played on horseback. In a group the fatmage is very useful as a footmage and is the best healer. The reason why I cannot recommend this CHaracter for beginners is because you will not be able to avoid fights, unless there is a stretch of water nearby, as the other players will catch up with you, due to its slow movement speed, when you are not on a horse.
If you are still interested in the Mage, I can recommend this guide. – [] 
Every group needs a mage or hybrids to be able to heal each other.

2. Tutorials and the starter area The starting area called Heaven is the only instantiated area in Mortal Online 2.

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3. The combat system and the recommended key assignments

Combat Tutorial
First of all, I recommend every new player to change the standard key assignments, as they are far from optimal.
Assign Overhead to the Q key, Walk / Feint to the E , Last Spell to the R and Interact to the F.
This way you can hold down Q + right mouse button to block upwards and
Alt + right mouse button to block mid attacks. This is very important as it prevents input errors. If one opponent is standing on your left side and another player on the right side you have to continuously look arround and strave your mouse horizontal to see from which directions your opponents want to attack you.
This setting allows you to block both opponents. So you can turn left and right without input errors and block in the middle and upwards. This is very difficult without these settings, as it is difficult to move the mouse up or down if you are moving the mouse horizontally.
This gives you a huge advantage when blocking, as you can see in this video.

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Q and Alt can not only be used to block, but also to attack. Just hold down Alt or Q and press the left mouse button to perform overhead attacks or stab attacks. This allows you to do a lot of “fancy moves” to confuse your opponent. This takes some training, but you will be rewarded for it afterwards.
Now for the feints.
If you hold down the left mouse button and press E, you will cancel the swing and you can attack from another direction. But first to the basics.
Normal attacks take 1.5-2 seconds to charge to do full damage. A circle serves as an indicator that fills up until the maximum damage is reached. Combo attacks only have to be charged for a second and if you block in the right direction shortly before the enemy hit you with his weapon, you can carry out a counter attack. This so-called repost does not have to be charged at all. All you have to do is look in one direction and click the left mouse button.
This counter attack / repost can be faked/feinted. This is quite skill based and has to be done very quickly. You have a 2 second window to carry out your respost, but if you go for a feinted repost you have to charge your attack immediatly after the parry, becuase the counterparry timer would run out, because It take more time if you feint an attack.
How to feint a repost.
After parrying a strike, you have to perform a counter attack immediatly after the parry, press E before releasing the left mouse button, as this would carry out the attack, thereby canceling it and attacking from a different direction, by cust clicking the mouse once.
Here is a video about it.

YouTube player

It all takes a bit of getting used to at first, but the longer you play, the more you find out that the combat system is quite demanding and skill-based.
A really good player can win against 4 players with the same gear, if he use the terrain to his advantage.
Here is a professional Alvarin player. The Alvarin does hardly any damage and is normally played as an Archer, but he is a little faster than the other races and can jump higher. This player makes perfect use of his speed and the terrain and actually managed to defeat 4 new players

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Here is an additional comment on the Feints. Remember not to spin too much in the team fights. These are duel tactics. In team fights you always have to focus on the opponents, you might have to block several players and therefore many of the tactics shown are counterproductive in group fights. The risk of team damage is far too high. These feinted attacks and spins are very situation-related in duels and should only be used when the opposing player is in turtle mode. This means that he will stand still when he is low live and try to parry all off your attacks as he has little stamina left. If you use too many Feints, or turn too often, you will be punished for it. In teamfights i recommend to parry one player and try to hit another player not expecting you to swing at him. Try to attack with your friends at the same time from different directions.
This thread will help you to read the animations.´s-combat-school-training-a-new-student.3115/ – [] 
Try to combine Feints with the movement.
When you stand still while making spins the opponent will move out of range if he expect that. So try to make Spin Reposts and Feinted Reposts while spirinting to get behind the enemy. Change the attack when you pass him like in this Video. If you want to make an Overhead Spin while running you need to press W for moving, hold down Q at the same time (so that the left click will trigger an Overhead) + shift for running + while turning your mouse to the right side and click left mouse during the turn. In the Video i make a steb while running and turning my mouse to the right side, to run in a circle arround the enemy, press feint to cancel the attack and convert it into a swing, by further turning with my mouse to the right side to make a 360 degree turn and clicking the left mouse.

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4. What activities will the game have to offer ?

I think MO2 has the best and most extensive endgame you can find in an MMO.
Here is a list of all the activities that existed in MO1. Sadly many of the mechanics are not yet in the game, but the developers will do so as soon as possible. There is a big patch every 15 days.
Here is the List of all activities we will get in MO2 – [] 
Is the game only suitable for PVP players ? Quite the reverse!
The game has something to offer for all players. For crafter, PVP players, role players and PVE players. Check out this thread.

5. Full loot a problem or an asset ?

The game is designed for full loot. So you don’t have to worry. It’s not an MMO where you have to grind for your set for months and then cry if you lose it.
In the game the all day PVP gear is easy to replace. The materials are not particularly difficult to get hold of. It’s about crafting how to make the best gear. Which density of the main material is used, which inner lining is built into the armor and how many grams are used for it.
Each unit in the game is equal to one gram, which can be a bit confusing at first. You collect carrots and suddenly you have 480 carrots in your inventory. This number does not correspond to the number of carrots but means that you have collected 480 grams of carrots.
Are there high-end materials for which you have to grind for a long time?
There are such materials. One of these rare metals is Tungsteel.
Conventional steel is quite easy to make and does not take a lot of time to produce. Tungsteel, Cronite, Tindremic Messing, Skadite, Ognium… are high-end materials that need to be farmed for at least 5-10 or even 20 times as long.
Are players that are using these materials are invincible?
Do the other players use such materials? Do you have to worry about that?

No you don’t have to. Here is a direct comparison between conventional steel and Tungsteel.
Mortal Online 2 Beginners Guide + Basic Information and Tips - 5. Full loot a problem or an asset ? - FF7453A
As you can see, the Tungsteel weapons do only slightly more damage. You can kill some squishy builds with one stroke less, but the effort involved in making these materials is enormous and is not worth it for all day PVP. You’d have to kill 5-10 players to make a profit! That’s why nobody uses these materials.
Such materials are only used in meaningful battles. E.g. when defending your castle or your Guild territory. Whenever a lot of money is involved. The landowner can determine the property taxes on houses and the marketplaces. Losing a keep would cost a lot of money.
In All Day PVP the players will hardly use these materials and they are only up to 15-20% better.
Here is a tutorial on how to make steel, as it is the most widely used metal.

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6. Quests that nobody is forced to do

There are no traditional quests in the game like those found in other MMOs. By that I mean quests that the player is forced to do. Talk to an NPC, follow the arrow to the quest area, kill 5 mobs and return to town. This game relies on voluntary quests and almost all quests are secret quests.
Here are a few examples. The player kills a boss and the boss drops an item with which the player initially doesn’t know what to do with. The point is to find out what this item could be useful for. Is it a key to a door, a box, etc.?
In the first Game there was a troll dropping a key to a cave. A key was also found in the Risar Dungeon. The player did not know which box this key belongs to. You have to look for clues in this game to solve the quest. The developers want the players to deal with the lore. The lore can give you hints on how to solve the quest and the player will be properly rewarded for this. Most of the time, these quests require a group of players at one point. How does the player know what to do with this key? For example, this dungeon was not built by the Risarn / Orks, but taken by them after the war in GK. If the key does not fit in any of the boxes there, the player must conclude where the Risar lived before. There is a Risar village in the lava fields near the great wall. Maybe the key will fit in one of the boxes in this village ?
This is just a nod to how the secret quests work in this game. For example, special mobs drop special items for which certain skill books can be exchanged at hidden vendors and which do not accept gold as currency. E.g. for making new armor sets and weapons. They are not necessarily much better, they just have slightly different stats, such as a little less stab defense but more defense values against blows with the sword or bashing damage, but these are rare. These are certainly a popular in the action house.
Then there are the so-called tasks. Those allows the player to increase his reputation towards a faction. Killing an innocent player, attacking his horse in the city, and so forth will cost the player his reputation. If the reputation drops too much, the priests in the city refuse to revive the player. If the reputation drops deep into the mius, the city guards will attack this player.
Reputation can be increased with the tasks. There will be some tasks to explain the mechanics to the players. Collect some wood and put it in the action house and pick up your reward at the post office. Collect materials for the faction to secure the city. Transport an item to another city and get a few skill books, that can only be bought in specific towns.
Kill Risars and bring their ears / heads to the guards as the Tindramene are at war with the Risar Faction.
Pay a little gold to to take a lool the bounty board. According to the developers, all red players who are currently in the city will be listed there. After a certain number of murders, the character will turn red. You can still enter the city without the guards intervening if the reputation does not drop below a certain level, but the player will not be resuscitated by the priests in the city. In this game, the other players are not shown whether a player is a murderer (If he is red). On this bounty board you will be able to find out whether such players are in the city and you can then attack them in the city without the guards intervening. You will be able to give their heads to the guards for a reward.
By having a high reputation for the respective faction, you will be rewarded by paying less taxes and being able to visit places in the city that are not available to players with a low reputation.

7. Mitigating risks and losses.

As you already know, Mortal Online is a full loot game.
Many players have never played a full loot MMO like Mortal Online or Ultima Online. I want to go into this and show you methods how you can keep your losses as low as possible.
As mentioned earlier, the Gear is not too difficult to replace, but there are many local resources that can only be found in certain locations. Every city has its own bank box and marketplace.
Many players take the risk of transporting materials for which they have farmed for hours. I can only warn against this risk.
There is only one rule in such games. Don’t carry anything with you that you can’t afford to lose.
If I farm any materials, I sell them in the nearest town at the auction house.
Then I hand over the gold I have taken to the Tindrem Bank and let me pay out the Gold in my hometown and buy the materials there in the action house.
What is the Royal Bank of Tindrem?
This is a player-created guild / bank.
These are mainly PVE players and crafter who have concluded peace agreements with almost all PVP guilds and offer them the materials for this at a slightly lower price. They organize well-guarded gold transports to each of the cities on a daily basis. This Guild hire mercenaries for theit transports. These offer their service to other players. A player can deposit 100 gold in a city of his choice and withdraw 80 gold in a city of his choice. They take 20% for their service and organize the guarded transports, which their customers don’t need to worry about. These have their treasurers in every city.
Whether someone wants to use this service is up to the players, but I would rather pay 20% fees than undertake a dangerous transport andmaybe loose everything.
This guild also offered other services such as insurance for houses in the first Game. If your house was destroyed, they rebuilt your house and helped to secure the loot from your house.
Full Loot and local banks produces a lot of content and this makes the game unique.

8. Is spawn camping a problem ?

How can I bypass spawn camping?
In some lawless cities with no guards, a guild may not allow you to spawn there because they are besieging the priest.
Some guilds do that when they fear that you will revive yourselves there, run to the bank to grab a bow and try to grief them. Use the Voip and tell these players that they have nothing to fear from you. If that doesn’t help, search for another priest. These are indicated by red lines in the sky.
In every city there are several priests, so that it is difficult to lay siege to all of them. You can also press Tab and press spawn in your Hometown. Then you will be resuscitated in your hometown or in your house, depending on which priest you have chosen as “Homeprist”.
Some cities are guarded by anti RPK guilds and some are not. If the residents and besiegers of your city are too unfriendly, just change the city.
Some cities are well guarded by their residents and besiegers and grievers are not tolerated.

9. Is Mortal Online 2 a kill on Sight game ?

Some Guilds might kill you on sight, but i would not call MO2 a kill in sight game.
Some guilds are at war, but many guilds don´t kill untagged new players.
To prevent that MO2 from getting a kill on sight game, Starvault is playing arround with a regional murder count System.
Murder and manslaughter is only punished in the area where the crime was committed. You can murder anyone, but that would have certain consequences. If someone knows that a certain player is a murderer, that player can attack the criminal in the city without any consequences. The game is designed not to murder the players of your own kingdom, but rather that you form groups and attack another kingdom / city and its inhabitants, or try to defend your kingdom against invading hordes of barbarians.
At least that’s the developer’s vision.
Each player will only be allowed to create one character.

10. How does the territorial control work

We don’t know that yet, but I think the developers are refining the old system.
Here is the trailer from the first Game. I think the Territorial Control system from the first game will be carried over with a few changes.

YouTube player

A large guild with a certain number of players can build a castle. A certain radius around the castle was then indicated as their area. Within this area, the landowners could determine the property taxes for the player houses, which then automatically benefited the guild and filled their treasury / war chest. The territory of a kingdom could be expanded with the Terretory Control Tower. If the taxes were too high, this led to peasant revolts and the control towers were attacked. The guild with a castle benefited from the residents and should be interested in many players wanting to live in their area. This did not worked out so well in MO1, becuase houses were seen as a thread, becuase you could store Bolders in them. Hopefully this will not be possible in MO2. I hope that landowners will come to the aid of their residents, if someone wants to destroy their home. If the kingdom is attacked, many players might rush to the aid of its king, if they are satisfied with the sovereigns and they have treated them well. Who knows how high the future owner would turn the control screw. If the territory is expanded to include a city, entire cities could have been captured. The guild that occupied a city received taxes from the auction house and had full control over the laws that prevail there. The occupiers of a city could blacklist thieves and grievers. These could then be attacked by anyone and were flagged as criminalsm as soon as they entered a city in which they have been blacklisted. I was also possible to deactivate the guards, but that did not please everyone and generated great displeasure. Surely players would form up and want to drive out the ruler of the city and try to destroy the control tower. If a control tower was attacked, the guild who owned this tower and all other players got a message in the chat and tryed to defend or attack it. That lead to some huge battles.
The problem with the territorial control system was that the towers had too few hitpoints. Often these were destroyed before a major battle broke out. Sometimes the towers were only hit and the attackers then ran away.
SV has to improve this mechanics a bit this time. E.g. by repeating messages in global chat, every time a tower loses 1% of its hitpoints.

11. How good is the netcode ?

Can a combat system like Mount and Blade work in an MMO? How many players can participate in such a battle before rubberbanding and lag make the game unplayable?
In the last stress test, the developers wanted to collect data and stress the server to the maximum in order to collect as much data as possible about how the game can be optimized. A 500-player battle was organized. The result was impressive, considering how many players took part in the battle, that Mortal Online 2 have a combat system with hitboxes and free aiming like Mount and Blade. Here is my review and video from the huge battle.

YouTube player

In the first huge battle during the first stress test, 200 players took part. This went almost without a hitch.
The linked video shows recordings from the stress test battle of the second stress test, in which 500 players took part this time.
At first it was almost unplayable, but according to the developers that was due to a bug. I was thrown on the login screen and there was rubber banding. After the server restart, the situation has improved dramatically. In the video you can see the recordings after the server restart. According to the developers, there was a bug that caused the spawns of animals and monsters to triple and quadruple each time another server providedits computing power, which caused these problems. After the server restart and some optimizations and bug fixes, it worked. There was lag here and there, for example on this rock formation in the desert, which is a nodeline, but the game was still playable. I was able to block and I wasn’t hit by a gun from 5 meters away. You have to keep in mind that the game has not yet been completely optimized and yet and i think that we can already speak of a brilliant achievement. The system behind it is impressive. As I understand it, every node is a server. If a region is overcrowded, the other servers provide their computing power and share the computation of various actions.
A fight with 500 players is rather unrealistic. Maybe in rare situations during a siege where 20 different Guilds show up. That was an extreme situation that probably doesn’t happen that often. If the developers manage to make a fight with 200-300 players work well, I am more than satisfied. 500 players would of course be even better. SV seems to have gained a lot of feedback and experience from MO1, considering that the predecessor was almost unplayable with 50 players on the screen. Good job Starvault ! The performence have even be increased further from what i can tell. Watch the community trailer which show footage of the huge Tindrem siege !
I hope SV can even further improve the performance.

Hope you enjoy the post for Mortal Online 2 Beginners Guide + Basic Information and Tips, If you think we should update the post or something is wrong please let us know via comment and we will fix it how fast as possible! Thank you and have a great day!

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