Moonlighter How to manually install mods

Moonlighter How to manually install mods 1 -
Moonlighter How to manually install mods 1 -
Use this guide to quickly learn how to add mods to Moonlighter


Software needed

You need these to use mods with Moonlighter: 
• Moonlighter (Windows, Mac OS, Linux) 
• BepInEx (link in next section) 

Setting up mod tools

1. Make sure you have Moonlighter installed on your computer 
– if you just installed the game, make sure to run it at least once so any extra files can be generated 
2. Download the latest release of BepInEx for your OS: 
3. Once downloaded, extract the files to the folder with the Moonlighter executable. 
– If you are unsure how to download/install it, follow the directions on the BepInEx wiki: 
4. Run the game once and the BepInEx files will be generated. 
– If you want to change launch options, edit “BepInEx.cfg”, located at “Moonlighter/BepInEx/config” 

Getting mods

1. Get mods from 
2. Put your mods in your plugins folder located at “Moonlighter/BepInEx/Plugins” 
3. Run the game and enjoy 

Discord server

Need more help or want friends to play with? 
Join the Moonlighter Modding Discord server: 

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