So you want play METAL GEAR RISE: REVENGEANCE. You’ve seen all the memes. You’ve gotten rid off the anger. You have created your own path. Gustavo Fring’s incredible guide on how you can create a computer is available. But where do I start? The game doesn’t tell you much. There is no dodge button, and the tutorial doesn’t really help. So where do we go? You should go to the Steam Guides! This guide will teach you everything you need about METAL EAR RISING: REVENGEANCE.

This guide will include the following:

  • Movement
  • Attacks
  • Parrying
  • Blade Mode
  • Zandatsu
  • Special Moves
  • Sub-weapons
  • Secondary Weapons
  • Combos



So you’ve read the title, and now you’re ready to start reading this guide. I would like to thank the reader for trusting in me. As you read this description, you’ll find everything you need to know about movement and combos.

But before we start, let’s talk about “notation”. According to – []

“In linguistics, semiotics, notation is a system or symbols, characters or abbreviated expresions, used (in artistic and science disciplines to represent technical facts. In layman’s language, notation refers to a system of symbols used to communicate information. This guide will use this notation:

  • L = Light
  • H = Heavy
  • d = Dash/Ninja Run
  • j = Jump/Jumping At (j.L is Jumping Light for)
  • BM = Blade Mode
  • Z = Zandatsu
  • x = Number of times (. L x 3 refers to Light Attack inputted 3x, L x N refers to Light Attack inputted a number of times desired. You can use as many Light Attacks) as you want.
  • pause = Pause

    You got all that?

    METAL GEAR RISING: REVENGEANCE Basic manual guide - Introduction - B2AD189



By default, movement is set at “Keyboard”, however, I find it easier to use a different controller. Personally, I use XBOX.

The Keyboard movement is as follow:

  • W = Forward
  • A = Left
  • S = Down
  • D = Right
  • Jump = Space
  • Ctrl = Ninja Run
  • Move mouse = Camera
  • Mouse 1 = Light Attack
  • Mouse 2 = Heavy Attack
  • Shift = Blade Mode
  • E = Target
  • R = Ripper Mode
  • F = Zandatsu/Execution/Loot/Activate
  • C = Use subweapon
  • 1 = AR Mode
  • 2 = Sub-weapon Selection
  • 3 = Codec menu
  • Q = Use item
  • Z = Dodge (Offensive Defense)
  • X = Execution
  • TAB = Slow movement
  • Esc = Option
  • Mouse 1 (in Ninja Run) = Dashing Lighting
  • Mouse 2 (when in Ninja Run) = Swap Kick
  • Mouse 1 (when in Blade Mode) = Vertical slice
  • Mouse 2 (in Blade Mode) = Horizontal Cut
  • Move Mouse (in Blade Mode) = Free Blade Mouse 1 or 2 to cut)

    The following are the movements for XBOX:

  • Left Stick = Move
  • Camera = Right Stick
  • A = Jump
  • RT = Ninja Run
  • X = Light
  • Y = Heavy
  • LT = Blade Mode
  • RB = Target
  • Left Stick + Right Stick = Ripper Mode
  • B = Zandatsu/Execution/Loot/Activate
  • LB = Use subweapon
  • Up on the Dpad = AR Mode
  • Left on D-pad = Subweapon selection
  • Back = Codec menu
  • A = Use item
  • X+A = Dodge Offensive Defense (
  • Execution = Y+B
  • Click Left Stick = Slow Movement
  • Start = Other



METAL GEAR: REVENGEANCE has two types of attack. Light (L) and heavy (H). These attacks can be used in combos by pressing L,H.L.L.H.L.H. Repeatedly pressing (mash), either Light or heavy, will result in a preset) auto combo. Mashing L will give a string of infinite auto combo strings, while mashing H will give a combo that will destroy basic enemies and open them up to a Zandatsu.

Mashing L looks like the following.

YouTube player

And this is what H looks like when it’s mashed together.

YouTube player


Doktor says that parrying “is the keystone of your defense.” To master parrying, you must master METAL GEAR REVENGEANCE: RISING. Even if you don’t read the rest of this guide you will be a better player by learning how you can parry.

The tutorial does not cover parrying very well. To parry, you must keep your head in front of an enemy’s attack and press the Light Attack key. Click Mouse on PC by pressing and holding WASD. To activate XBOX, tilt the Left Stick and hold it while pressing X.

This is what parrying looks and feels like.

METAL GEAR RISING: REVENGEANCE Basic manual guide - Parrying - 5D073A4

Bladewolf, for example, has multiple attacks within one string. This is known as a “Combo”. Each attack must be parried separately. This means you need to keep clicking Mouse 1 on the PC and WASD while clicking Mouse 1 on the Mac. Or tilt and hold the Left Stick and press X on XBOX.

This is how repeated parrying looks.

METAL GEAR RISING: REVENGEANCE Basic manual guide - Parrying - 9B5B266

Blade Mode

It is vital to understand Blade Mode before you can play METAL GEAR RISE: REVENGEANCE. This mode is the game’s crowning achievement, and one of its core mechanics. Blade Mode allows you freedom to slicing your enemies to many pieces, including but not limited to: arms and legs, torsos and heads, necks, necks, shins and carnitas.

Blade Mode also allows you to execute the powerful Zandatsu (“grab and take”) technique.

This is Blade Mode.

METAL GEAR RISING: REVENGEANCE Basic manual guide - Blade Mode - EF868F8


The Zandatsu is also known as “cut-and-take” or “stab & grab” and is one of Raiden’s signature techniques. It is also known for METAL GEAR RISE: REVENGEANCE. Raiden can use this technique to instantly replenish his Blade Mode and health. Zandatsu can also be performed by pressing “F” or “B”, on XBOX. Once you have entered Blade Mode, a red square indicating the area where you are supposed, will be prompted.

After weakening an adversary, they will be stunned and turn orange. This is Zandatsu’s signal.

This is Zandatsu.

METAL GEAR RISING: REVENGEANCE Basic manual guide - Zandatsu - 2E5BA6E

Special Moves

During METALGEAR RISING – REVENGEANCE, you’ll earn something called “BP”, or Battle Points. BP is the games currency. It can be used to upgrade Raiden’s body, increase his fuel cell meter, or grant him various techniques or “special maneuvers”. These special moves are made by entering movements like up or down and an attack like L or H.

These are the special moves that you can use in (. Secondary Weapons are not included. We’ll get into them later in).

  • Aerial parry – WASD + click Mouse 1(while in flight), or Left Stick+ X (during flight)
  • Sky High – Up, up, and Light
  • Thunder Strike : Up, down, Heavy
  • Lightning Strike : Up, up, Heavy
  • Sweep Kick : Down, up, Heavy
  • Stormbringer: D.W.A.S. Heavy, or move Left Stick in an area, Heavy
  • Falling lightning : (when airbone) or (with left stick + heavy (when airborne)
  • Defensive Offense (Dodge): Light + Jump



You will encounter several weapons known as sub-weapons in METAL GEAR: REVENGEANCE.

These weapons aren’t required to win METAL GEAR ROLLING: REVENGEANCE. But they can be useful for bosses. Surface to Air Missiles are very effective against bosses, like the helicopters.

Secondary Weapons

You will meet many bosses in METALGEAR RISING. REVENGEANCE. Once defeated, these bosses will allow you to take their weapons with you into battle. Each secondary weapon has a specific purpose. Mistral’s pole arm, “L’Etranger”, is large and has great range. It can be used to chip away at an enemy’s health. Monsoon’s tactical sai, “Dystopia”, is a single-use projectile that can be used for many purposes. It can be used to hook onto enemies or just to toss it at them. Sundowner’s dual machetes, called ‘Bloodlust’ by me, are my favorite secondary weapon. They are extremely powerful and can inflict severe damage. They are fast and clunky, but they can cut enemies in half. Because of its wide range and attack options, Bloodlust can eliminate many enemies at once.


Combos are an important feature of METAL GEAR ROLLING: REVENGEANCE. Combos allow for more damage to your enemies than just one attack. As we mentioned, both your Light and heavy attacks can execute auto combos when you press multiple times. However, it is possible to get better results by manually entering attack inputs in a string.

Below are some combos you might use in the game.

(Notice: These combos may be converted into BM once the enemy glows bright orange.)

L x 3 H x 3 H (Mash)

YouTube player

L x3, H x3, H () – []

If the video doesn’t work, (

H, pause, L, L, BM, Z

YouTube player

H, pause, L, L, BM, Z – []

If the video doesn’t work, (

H, L. L x 2, Bm, Z

YouTube player

H, L. L x 2, B, Z – []

If the video doesn’t work, (

L, pause, L, BM, Z

YouTube player

L, pause, L, BM, Z – []

If the video doesn’t work, (

L, pause, L, jL x 4, jH x 2

YouTube player

L, pause, L, jL x 4, jH x 2 – []

If the video doesn’t work, (


Written by Walter White

Hope you enjoy the post for METAL GEAR RISING: REVENGEANCE Basic manual guide, If you think we should update the post or something is wrong please let us know via comment and we will fix it how fast as possible! Thank you and have a great day!

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