MannaRites Monk’s skills and features + build guide

MannaRites Monk’s skills and features + build guide 1 -
MannaRites Monk’s skills and features + build guide 1 -

Description of monk’s skills and features.


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The monk (Kellet) is a character with a hard difficulty of mastering.
His main feature is the use of accumulated adrenaline as a resource for the use of special moves.
The monk can only wield one type of weapon – knuckles. By default, the monk can perform a double jump, as well as perform a doublestrike while he quickly get back up from the ground [activate: jump button when falling as you touch the ground].
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MannaRites Monk's skills and features + build guide - Skills - 93EC220
…..1.1a) Speed up [1 skillpoint] – attack speed is increasing as you get adrenaline;
…..1.1b) Lightning strikes [1 skillpoint] – ability to use superstrike in a melee combo to unleash a quick series of strikes [activate: hold attack+block buttons right after a standart hit to an enemy];
…..1.2) Adrenaline boost [2 skillpoints] – generate adrenalline faster when attacking;
…..1.3a) Adrenaline damage [4 skillpoints] – if adrenaline bar is full, deal 50% more damage;
…..1.3b) Adrenaline crit [4 skillpoints] – if adrenaline bar is full, +5% to critical strike;
…..1.4) Resolve [8 skillpoints] – monk now lose only a bit of adrenaline when get hit;
…..2.1) Powerslide [1 skillpoint] – your tackle attack is now more powerful;
…..2.2a) Throw [2 skillpoints] – throw an enemy at your foes;
…..2.2b) Dodge [2 skillpoints] – quickly dodge out of harm’s way [activate: dodge button];
…..2.3) Iron Skin [4 skillpoints] – 5% chance to block any incoming attack;
…..2.4) Dodge Mastery [8 skillpoints] – 33% chance to block any incoming projectiles;
…..3.1) Healing Seal [1 skillpoint] – cast a healing seal, which healing everybody in the vicinity (even enemies) [activate: attack+block when adrenaline bar is full];
…..3.2) Healing fists [2 skillpoints] – resore a tiny bit of health with each strike, also heals other players characters in the vicinity;
…..3.3a) Adrenaline healing [4 skillpoints] – when adrenaline is full, all the healing receieved is increased by 100%;
…..3.3b) Constitution [4 skillpoints] – permanently adds 1 vitality;
…..3.4) Rejuvination Seal [8 skillpoints] – increase healing bonus of healing seal by 100%, enemies caught in the seal are blinded for a short time.
MannaRites Monk's skills and features + build guide - Skills - BE72EC5
When playing single and getting the first skill point, it is recommended to open the ability “Lightning strikes” [1.1b] to effectively use the accumulated adrenaline, and when playing with friend open “Healing Seal” [3.1] in order to be able to save another player in a difficult situation.
After choosing the first talent, Kellet’s improvement can occur in several directions:
…..1) the first branch of monk’s talents will provide maximum efficiency in spending adrenaline, and significantly increase striking power, which will be optimal for experienced players who are able to avoid enemy attacks;
…..2) if you have hard to blocking or dodging enemy attacks, then the second skill branch will increase the monk’s defense to more consistently maintain adrenaline at maximum, and also simplify control over the battlefield;
…..3) in co-op you can play monk as a healer, in this case is preferable to choose the third skill branch, which will give your team survivability.
When playing the monk, you need to pay special attention to the fullness of the adrenaline bar and try not to take damage in order to maintain a balance of adrenaline consumption to combine the use of special moves and lethal power.
Kellet’s skills Adrenaline Boost [1.2], Ironskin [2.3] and Dodge Master [2.4], as well as the use of armor that gives a chance for a passive block, can especially help to maintain the maximum available adrenaline.

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