Mad Games Tycoon 2 Hardware Release Dates & Info

Mad Games Tycoon 2 Hardware Release Dates & Info 1 -
Mad Games Tycoon 2 Hardware Release Dates & Info 1 -

Simple Hardware(Main Process, Main Memory, Graphics Chip, Sound Chip, Iternal / External Memory, Data Carrier, Cooling System, Screen, Input Device, Case)Release Dates and Info

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this guide has been updated in the BUILD 2022.02.07A version of the game.
if there is something missing or wrong in the guide you can tell me

Main Process Mad Games Tycoon 2 Hardware Release Dates & Info - 2A23690

HardwareRelease DateTech LevelComponent Rating
1 Mhz CPU1976 January (M1)15
1.5 Mhz CPU1980 June (M6)117
2 Mhz CPU1982 October (M10)238
3 Mhz CPU1984 December (M12)242
4 Mhz CPU1986 April (M4)369
12 Mhz CPU1990 June (M6)375
33 Mhz CPU1992 February (M2)4108
112 Mhz CPU1995 November (M11)4116
294 Mhz CPU1997 October (M10)5155
550Mhz CPU2000 May (M5)5165
2-Core CPU2004 April (M4)6210
4-Core CPU2009 February (M2)6222
2×4-Core CPU2012 July (M7)7273
8-Core CPU2015 August (M8)7287
8-Core Extreme CPU2019 September (M9)8344
12-Core CPU2023 May (M5)8360
16-Core CPU2027 March (M3)8376
24-Core CPU2033 February (M2)8392


Main Memory Mad Games Tycoon 2 Hardware Release Dates & Info - 5E63979

HardwareRelease DateTech LevelComponent Rating
128 Bytes1976 January (M1)15
1024 Bytes1979 June (M6)111
8 Kilobyte1982 July (M7)226
64 Kilobyte1984 December (M12)230
128 Kilobyte1986 February (M2)351
512 Kilobyte1989 March (M3)357
2 Megabyte1992 October (M10)484
8 Megabyte1995 November (M11)492
32 Megabyte1997 December (M12)5125
128 Megabyte2002 September (M9)5135
512 Megabyte2004 February (M2)6174
2 Gigabyte2008 May (M5)6186
8 Gigabyte2012 January (M1)7231
12 Gigabyte2015 October (M10)7245
16 Gigabyte2019 June (M6)8296
32 Gigabyte2024 April (M4)8312
64 Gigabyte2027 November (M11)8328
128 Gigabyte2032 July (M7)8344


Graphics Chip Mad Games Tycoon 2 Hardware Release Dates & Info - 7A16278

HardwareRelease DateTech LevelComponent Rating
TV Interface ADP1976 January (M1)15
TV Interface ADP-X1980 July (M7)115
Micon-SX 100 Chip1982 October (M10)234
Micon-SX 150 Chip1984 April (M4)238
Video-DP 10001986 May (M5)363
Video-DP 15001990 November (M11)369
X-Core 321992 February (M2)4100
X-Core 32 Plus1994 July (M7)4108
GFX Synth 1471997 October (M10)5145
GFX Synth 2332001 June (M6)5155
Nvaria RSX2004 April (M4)6198
Nvaria RSX Pro2008 November (M11)6210
AMP Radian2012 December (M12)7259
AMP Radian-NX2015 January (M1)7273
AMP RDNI 10002019 April (M4)8328
AMP RDNI 18002023 June (M6)8344
Nvaria Ray-X2027 May (M5)8360
Nvaria Ray-X II2031 October (M10)8376


Sound Chip Mad Games Tycoon 2 Hardware Release Dates & Info - 496E04B

HardwareRelease DateTech LevelComponent Rating
AMA Audio 13001976 January (M1)15
AMA Audio 18001980 May (M5)113
Yahami OXL 5001982 October (M10)230
Yahami OXL 10001984 November (M11)234
Viana ACI 891986 January (M1)357
Viana ACI 911989 September (M9)363
Createch DMP I1991 November (M11)492
Createch DMP II1994 December (M12)4100
Yahami Audio R31997 July (M7)5135
Yahami Audio R72001 June (M6)5145
Createch STA-Surround2004 May (M5)6186
Createch STA-Surround Pro2008 April (M4)6198
Viana X-HD 30002012 September (M9)7235
Viana X-HD 50002015 October (M10)7259
Yahami Surround X192019 July (M7)8312
Yahami Surround X232023 June (M6)8328
Blade RT-Audio 1.02027 May (M5)8344


Internal / External Memory Mad Games Tycoon 2 Hardware Release Dates & Info - EBAD68C

HardwareRelease DateTech LevelComponent Rating
No storage option1976 January (M1)15
128 bytes on cartridge1978 March (M3)111
1 kilobyte on cartridge1982 April (M4)226
4 kilobyte on cartridge1984 September (M9)230
8 kilobyte on cartridge1986 October (M10)351
32 kilobyte on cartridge1990 December (M12)357
512 kilobyte memory card1992 August (M8)484
4 megabyte memory card1995 February (M2)492
32 megabyte memory card1997 May (M5)5125
64 megabyte memory card2002 September (M9)5135
20 gigabyte hard disk2004 July (M7)6174
2 gigabyte memory card2007 May (M5)6174
80 gigabyte hard disk2008 February (M2)6186
500 gigabyte hard disk2012 January (M1)7231
800 gigabyte hard disk2015 October (M10)7245
1 terabyte hard disk2019 May (M5)8296
4 terabyte hard disk2025 December (M12)8312
512 gigabyte memory card2026 November (M11)8312
16 terabyte hard disk2032 May (M5)8328


Data Carrier Mad Games Tycoon 2 Hardware Release Dates & Info - E3A4535

HardwareRelease DateTech LevelComponent Rating
4 kilobyte cartridge1976 January (M1)15
128 kilobyte cartridge1982 May (M5)226
1 megabyte cartridge1986 November (M11)345
700 megabyte CD1992 September (M9)468
12 megabyte cartridge1992 November (M11)468
4 gigabyte DVD1997 July (M7)595
128 megabyte cartridge1997 September (M9)595
512 megabyte cartridge2003 June (M6)5100
25 gigabyte Blue-DVD2004 August (M8)6126
2 gigabyte cartridge2007 January (M1)6126
50 gigabyte Dual-DVD2012 December (M12)7161
120 gigabyte HD-DVD2019 May (M5)8200
16 gigabyte cartridge2020 September (M9)7175
64 gigabyte cartridge2024 April (M4)8240
250 gigabyte Dual-DVD2028 January (M1)8240


Cooling System Mad Games Tycoon 2 Hardware Release Dates & Info - 241BC52

HardwareRelease DateTech LevelComponent Rating
Air vents1976 January (M1)15
Heat Sink1981 February (M2)230
Small case fan1985 May (M5)360
Small fans for CPU and GPU1991 January (M1)4100
High performance fan for CPU and GPU1996 December (M12)5150
Tuned 3-fan system2003 June (M6)6210
Modern 4-fan system2011 July (M7)7280
Water-cooling system2017 August (M8)8360


Screen Mad Games Tycoon 2 Hardware Release Dates & Info - 2F2C167

HardwareRelease DateTech LevelComponent Rating
1.8 inch grayscale screen1976 January (M1)15
2.6 inch grayscale screen1985 July (M7)230
3.2 inch color screen1989 June (M6)360
3.6 inch touch screen2001 January (M1)4100
4.8 inch touch screen2004 December (M12)5150
4.9 inch 3D touch screen2008 September (M9)6210
5.1 inch 3D touch screen2020 April (M4)7280
5.2 inch 3D touch screen2024 December (M12)8360


Input Device Mad Games Tycoon 2 Hardware Release Dates & Info - DD8CE98

HardwareRelease DateComponent Rating
Controller I1976 January (M1)5
Controller II1982 February (M2)30
Controller III1986 June (M6)60
Modern Controller I1992 August (M8)100
Modern Controller II1997 December (M12)150
Modern Controller III2004 May (M5)210
Modern Controller IV2012 April (M4)280
Modern Controller V2019 August (M8)360


Case Mad Games Tycoon 2 Hardware Release Dates & Info - 40A8831

HardwareRelease DateComponent Rating
Case for stationary console I1976 January (M1)5
Case for handheld I1976 January (M1)5
Case for stationary console II1982 February (M2)30
Case for handheld II1982 February (M2)30
Case for stationary console III1986 June (M6)60
Case for handheld III1986 June (M6)60
Case for stationary console IV1992 August (M8)100
Case for handheld IV1992 August (M8)100
Case for stationary console V1997 December (M12)150
Case for handheld V1997 December (M12)150
Case for stationary console VI2004 May (M5)210
Case for handheld VI2004 May (M5)210
Case for stationary console VII2012 April (M4)280
Case for handheld VII2012 April (M4)280
Case for stationary console VIII2017 August (M8)360
Case for handheld VIII2019 August (M8)360


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