Lust from Beyond Savegame File

Lust from Beyond Savegame File 1 -
Lust from Beyond Savegame File 1 -

This guide will help those who have reinstalled Windows, changed their computer and lost their game progress.


Developers are lazy. They haven’t made cloud saves and it’s very inconvenient. I passed the game on release a long time ago, deleted it and forgot it. I reinstalled Windows. Recently I wanted to play and, of course, the save disappeared. This is an unpleasant surprise.



1. Download savegame file;
2. Extract it from zip archive;
3. Copy the save file to possible savegames location;
Saves for the game by chapter! Choose only one!
Example of the savegame folder location:
C:\Users\%UserName%\AppData\LocalLow\Movie Games Lunarium\Lust From Beyond\profile
Saves: – [] 

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