Kovox Pitch – How to add New custom songs

Kovox Pitch – How to add New custom songs 1 - steamsplay.com
Kovox Pitch – How to add New custom songs 1 - steamsplay.com

Tips and Tricks for Kovox Pitch – How to add New custom songs

Guide on how to add new custom-made songs by the community.

Download the tracks.

You can also find them on our official Discord Server.
https://discord.com/invite/PGcAZCh – [discord.com]

Or in this drive folder:
https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1SaG2FzHiorrQlPt3bdHDvMkekXd0jFTD – [google.com]

Add them as a game.

Go to: C:\Users\user\AppData\LocalLow\Calvares\Kovox Pitch\Tracks

(Or you can click on the folder in the middle-right of the screen after opening the game.

Download Discord Create a brand new folder. Name it in this format: Artist Song Name, and then paste both the.track file and the.ogg into that folder. This must be done every time.

Downloading from Drive Just paste the folders on there.

If they are not working, make certain that both files have the exact name of the folder.


You only need to go Free Play > Tracks in the game. You can play.


All of the games are Medium. Made by Me.

If the balls are hard, I suggest reducing their speed by 1.

I’ll do my best to keep the Drive current, but it is better to join Discord as I can post songs faster there. (Sometimes even with the lyrics translated).

Feel free DM if something

The thumbnail of this guide is from the manga, “1 Only Reason”.

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