Inscryption Act 3 – Map Guide

Inscryption  Act 3 – Map Guide 1 -
Inscryption Act 3 – Map Guide 1 -

Mapped out Game Map for Act 3, because I kept getting lost. SPOILERS.
Hopefully this can help someone else find the things I needed help looking for.


S = Start
X = tile, x = tile with NPC
– = directional path, ~ = hidden path, # = bridge
C = checkpoint, $ = shop
O# = entrance to boss zone, B# = boss
P = pelt, L = log message, K = lock
Inscryption  Act 3 - Map Guide - Map - 6E4EF26
I may have missed some spots, I was mostly documenting it to find the last pelt I was missing. Kind of rushed finishing the rest after I finally found it. I never got the Bone King key, so idk what is past that lock.

Written by imtired400

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