Idol Manager Normal Commands + Cheat Menu Guide

Idol Manager Normal Commands + Cheat Menu Guide 1 -
Idol Manager Normal Commands + Cheat Menu Guide 1 -
This started as a hot key guide (with the how to use cheats) and has started to turn into a community built list. I do check this frequently and try to answer questions in 24 hours (if I feel like they would turn into a faq I will add it). Also your name will get a shoutout if you add to the list of cheats unless you request otherwise. Happy gaming!


Normal commands

Time speed: 1,2,3 
Spacebar: pause/resume 
Right mouse button: close/open side tab 
Middle mouse button: open next side tab 
M: Mute music 
Z: Performance 
X: Promotion 
C: Spa 


This cheat menu was probably meant to be removed from the debug as it will cause complications with certain hotkeys. 
Before you can use the cheats press F7 five times (I’m not kidding). After pressing it five times you should hear a sound similar to coins being added to a jar of coins, (best analogy I can think of,) this means the debug menu is active. 

  • ~ (the tilde key) will trigger a dialog *Note you may need a certain number of idols or staffers* 
  • Z to trigger a local audition 
  • X to trigger a regional 
  • C to you guessed it worldwide audition 
  • Y will give you 1 Million Yen 
  • F will add 100 fans 
  • P will add 1000 research points of each type 
  • U will unlock all genres for producing singles however be careful with this one as one person in the comments claimed that the U key made singles impossible to produce.

I do want to say that using cheats does make the game less exciting so use it only if stuck between a rock and a hard place… or… not I can’t tell you what to do. 

Things that I missed and got pointed out

This first shout out goes to KG 

  • B: Random Relationship Buffs and Debuff for random idols (Could be a positive or a negative) 
  • F2: Reset Special event cool downs 
  • F3: Rest Idol’s stamina points 
  • F5: Quick Save/Load 
  • F9: Not really a cheat but assets in game will reset

Second shout out goes to… well this name is a mouthful… ahem The second shoutout goes to R.I.P Rick May 

  • S: raises the individual fame stars for every idol you have. does not effect company fame.

(I do want to warn players who don’t quite know how the mechanics on this one. The more famous your Idol is the more money it takes to keep them happy.) 


Q: Does using cheats disable achievements? 
A: No, or at least not yet. 
Q: Will every question work its way into the guide? 
A: Maybe? If the question is unrelated to the contents above I won’t, otherwise I will try to add it. 
Q: Where did you find out about the cheats. 
A: and you guys ^^ 

Written by WhatUpAmerica

Here we come to an end for Idol Manager Normal Commands + Cheat Menu Guide hope you enjoy it. If you think we forget something to include or we should make an update to the post let us know via comment, and we will fix it asap! Thanks and have a great day!

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