HUMANKIND™ How to Complete Da Vinci Event Guide

HUMANKIND™ How to Complete Da Vinci Event Guide 1 -
HUMANKIND™ How to Complete Da Vinci Event Guide 1 -

struggling to complete the challenges? here’s suggestions to help with every part.

General advice for challenges

The following suggestions can be helpful for gixing you flexibility to pursue all manner of objectives:

  • Hamlet difficulty and Peaceful Mode – Lowering the game difficulty will make it easier for you to do whatever you want. Peaceful Mode will similarly give you more latitude to pursue your goals, however, it may actually make it harder to achieve military goals, so don’t use it when pursuing those.
  • Blitz gamespeed – This doesn’t help in and of itself, but a faster game takes less time to play, so you can try more times in the same amount of real world time.
  • # of players – Less players means less competition for that particular wonder or culture, so you generally want a low player count. Be sure to pick a correspondingly small map size, unless you want to limit your opportunity for trade and war.
  • picking particular AIs – Pursuing peaceful goals? Fill your game with Pacifist AIs. Pursuing war? Militarist AIs will make it easier for you to rack up war support in the early game.


Da Vinci event strategy

I recommend trying to complete the challenges in two games.

  1. First, play an industry, influence and science focused pacifist game, and go for every challenge other than Machines of War. Low player counts will help with the wonder and Venetian challenges. Peaceful Mode may also help with everything but Machines of War.
  2. Second, play a bigger game with more AIs and go for the Machines of War challenge (and any of the other challenges you didn’t complete in your first game).

It’s also quite possible to complete every Da Vinci challenge in a single game. You’ll just need to make sure the map is big enough and there are enough players to wage enough sieges against, but not so many that you struggle to claim wonders and get the Venetian culture.

Science and Industry aka build tall

This one is really easy. Just build plenty of Makers Quarters and Research Quarters in your capital, and you’ll have no trouble hitting 1000 Industry and Science by the Contemporary Era. You’ll probably pull this off by accident while pursuing the Wonders and Science challenges, so I recommend you focus on those.

Machines of War aka destroy fortifications

This one is pretty easy. If you just fight a few big offensive wars, you’ll probably get this one without any special effort. Just build plenty of siege engines and fight plenty of sieges.
This can also be achieved by destroying districts via sacking or bombing.

Flight of Birds aka Early Modern biplane

Just Transcend your Early Modern culture and don’t forget to build the Biplane before you research Aerial Warfare or switch to a Contemporary culture.
I recommend going for this in the same game as the La Serenissima challenge because this one is easy to do on your way to completing it.

Live with Passion aka all extreme ideologies

Pretty easy, just push each ideology to the extreme of your choice. Only Civic choices and Events effect this, so just make sure every Event choice and Civic you pick helps move you away from the center and not towards it.

Eternal City aka bunch of wonders in one city

This will be pretty challenging on higher difficulties and with higher player counts, but with only 2 players it’s quite easy. Just make sure to develop plenty of industry and influence output to enable you to claim and build the Wonders. And of course, make sure to claim at least one Wonder from each era.
Note: the Wonders don’t all need to be in your city’s original territory, they can be in any territory Attached to the city.

La Serenissima aka Venetian science victory

Disable every victory condition other than Scientific Victory, and make sure to pick the Venetians Early Modern culture, then Trancend them into both the Industrial Era and Contemporary Era. Also make sure you’re the top science producer in the game. Simply spamming Research Quarters should be sufficient.
I recommend going for this in the same game as the Flight of Birds challenge, because the Venetians are an Early Modern culture compatible with it.

Written by P. Goreman

Here we come to an end for HUMANKIND™ How to Complete Da Vinci Event Guide hope you enjoy it. If you think we forget something to include or we should make an update to the post let us know via comment, and we will fix it asap! Thanks and have a great day!

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