HUMANKIND™ How to win in difficulty level mode

HUMANKIND™ Tips How to Win in Difficulty Mode in Game Tips 1 -
HUMANKIND™ Tips How to Win in Difficulty Mode in Game Tips 1 -

a brief guidance to win a humankind difficulty game by wars in fewer turns

To share and record my conquering way to win the game, here are the key points of every era:

1.for the 1st era

before choosing the location of the capital ,get familiar with every ancient era Civ’s features. Based on that, during exploring the map, think about the location+Civ combination.

In this era, I found a 11/11 location and another higher food/production location for my capital , but I chose the 11/11 one,because it has a tile surrounded by 4 mountain tiles, I decided to use Zhou as my starting Civ. Another reason is Zhou is able to use money to spread the culture to get society quickly.

Hunting should be a good choice during this period, but unfortunately I didn’t find any animals or curious.


after I entered this era, I decided Huns as my next era Civ and Mongolia.

Try to get 7 stars quickly, balance your effort in 7 aspects stars pursuit is better than one aspect effort. As Zhou is good at developing technologies, so you can improve your resources earlier.

About the first society choice, I chose +3 faith but not the +5 influence, because the 2nd choice of the religion is the most important, will be mentioned in next era.

Be careful at outpost location choice, the further to the capital, the cost of influence is higher, choose more food locations, because Huns horsemen need 4 population to activate. After made some output location choices, try to get the society of -50% outpost influence cost and then put down the outposts.

before the end of this era, say 5 to 10 turns, pay attention to other players’ choice in getting next era Civ. If No one get Huns, then you need prepare some influence to recruit Huns’ hose archers.

Diplomatic is also important, try to get one alliance and keep good relationship with other AI players, usually after 3 agreements signed, AI will agree to align. open map and meet other players.


recruit the horse archers, and rush, choose those outputs near other players to recruit in the first wave. During Marching, always keep one slot empty in your troops, and gather around you units to take down other players capital ASAP. Use single unit to do 1 on 1 pursue.

Remember to choose the religion code of +10 war desire when enemy troops defeat or they retreat. This is important for fast storming the map.

After you take down several cities, you will get stars very quick, and also negative influence income, just ignore. Now you should be No.1 in score rank.

Keep building your horse archers and be careful when encountering large troop of anti-cavalry units, for example Persia Immortals.


you will need lots of money to upgrade your Huns horse archers, don’t let them die,take down enemy cities and they will pay you lots of money after some time, now you can upgrade your units and spend the money as you like.

Now the rest of this game is just rush and conquer. No tips for the left eras.

Thanks for reading.Good luck.

By San

Here we come to an end for HUMANKIND™ Tips How to Win in Difficulty Mode in Game Tips hope you enjoy it. If you think we forget something to include or we should make an update to the post let us know via comment, and we will fix it asap! Thanks and have a great day!

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