How to Make More Gummies Using Springbean Method in Ooblets

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How to Make More Gummies Using Springbean Method in Ooblets

Ever wondered how to get rich in gummies in Ooblets without breaking a sweat?  With the Springbean method.

How to Unlock the Wishing Well’s Magic

First things first, find that cute little wishing well in the town square. Once you get your hands on your book/grumble from the beginner’s guide—you know, the tutorial—you’re ready to start collecting wishies. You’ll need 75 of these cuties for the trick to work. Don’t worry; gathering them is as easy as chatting with your neighbors and picking up odds and ends from the ground.

How to Grow Seeds Into Gummy Gold

Once you’ve got your wishies sorted, head over to Meed’s Seeds to buy some seeds. Now, these seeds are your key to a treasure chest of gummies. Plant and water in 5 days, you’ll have 3 crops from each seed. Pro tip: Watch for sales at Meed’s Seeds to buy seeds at a discount.

Where to Sell Your Springbeans for the Best Price

Time to cash in! Take your fully grown Springbeans to Dubbles’ Coffee/Spressy Shop. Here’s the kicker: while Meed’s Seeds gives you a measly 6 gummies for each Springbean, Dubbles hands over a whopping 9 gummies. Imagine selling 20 stacks of seeds there—you’d be a gummy millionaire! Oh, and a quick note: avoid grinding your beans into Ground Beans. It won’t make you any extra gummies unless you’re into cooking.

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