How to Fix Keybinds in Lords of the Fallen

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How to Fix Keybinds in Lords of the Fallen

Alright, friends, have you ever felt like your gaming experience could be a lot smoother? Like, if only those keys were in the right place! Let’s dive into one such scenario with Lords of the Fallen, where the controller layout might have you more tangled than a set of Christmas lights!

Why Is My Keyboard Doing All the Heavy Lifting?

So, here’s the deal: using a keyboard and mouse often means your keyboard hand is like an octopus, doing almost everything. Ever noticed that imbalance? It’s like one hand is doing a solo marathon while the other’s just taking a leisurely stroll.

What’s Up with Lords of the Fallen 2?

Now, when you jump into Lords of the Fallen 2, you’ve got a bazillion actions (okay, more like 17, but who’s counting?), and guess what? Your keyboard hand is still doing the heavy lifting. Feels kind of awkward, doesn’t it?

Don’t Forget Your Gaming Gear!

Here’s a game-changer: Get yourself a mouse with at least two thumb buttons.

⚠️Heads Up, Gamers!

Lords of the Fallen might not give you the heads-up about these extra mouse buttons. You know, those mysterious “Use to perform action” tips? Yeah, they’re probably talking about your mouse’s thumb buttons!

Leveling the Playing Field

Ready to balance things out? With those thumb buttons, you’re spreading the love between both hands. Say goodbye to the clunky, error-prone chaos and hello to smoother, more fluid combat.

Time for a Keybind Makeover!

How about we fix those keybinds now? It’s makeover time!

1. Let’s Tweak Running and Jumping

First off, running and jumping. They’re kinda the bread and butter of gaming, right? So why are they on such weird keys? Let’s shift ‘Run’ to SHIFT and ‘Jump’ to SPACEBAR. Feels more natural already!

2. Dodging with Style

Next up: dodging. Instead of an awkward stretch, how about we assign it to a mouse thumb button?

3. Easy-Peasy Ranged Attacks

Ranged attacks are cool, but hitting SHIFT? Not so much. Let’s move that to the other mouse button.

4. Switching Ranged Options Like a Boss

Switching between lantern and ranged attacks should be a breeze, right? Just hit ‘1’ to toggle. No more fumbling during those “oh no!” moments when every second counts.

5. Optional: The Magic of Macros

Want to feel like a wizard? Combine multiple actions into one key with macros! Imagine casting Soulflay with a single button.

Getting Comfy with Your Controls

By tweaking a few things, we’ve made the game feel like home. Your hands are now free to play the game instead of playing Twister with the keys.

Next-Level Gaming with Programmable Gear

Ready to take things up a notch? Programmable gear is your ticket to gaming nirvana.

Unleashing the Power of Macros

Speaking of upgrades, ever tried macros? They’re like your gameplay sidekick, ready to jump in and save the day. I’ve got a favorite setup that’s a game-changer for Lords of the Fallen.

Why Combine Ranged Options with a Mouse Click?

This macro’s a multitasker:

  • Lantern: It’s soul-sucking time!
  • Spell 1: Because who doesn’t like extra firepower?

Ready to turn the tables on the toughest bosses? With these tricks up your sleeve, you’re all set to dive back into the game and play like you’ve never played before. Game on, friends!

So, what’s the takeaway? Don’t just play; play smarter. Tailor your controls, use those macros, and make the game work for you. Because at the end of the day, it’s all about having a good time, without the stress of juggling keys. Ready to give it a try?

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