How to Edit ESDF Keybinds in RAILGRADE

How to Edit ESDF Keybinds in RAILGRADE 1 -
How to Edit ESDF Keybinds in RAILGRADE 1 -

How to Edit ESDF Keybinds in RAILGRADE

Hey, friend! Ever felt like your fingers are doing a dance routine while playing RAILGRADE? Yeah, I get it. Customizing your keybindings can be a game-changer. Let’s dive in!

For starters, we’re not messing with the camera tilt and zoom right now. The “Orbit camera” and mouse wheel are cool as is. We’re going to focus on the other keys.

First things first, let’s slide every key one notch to the right. Yup, just like that slide dance move! Except for V and T keys, of course.

Then, let’s change all the V keys to A. This way, you can smoothly toggle between commands like you’re flipping TV channels.

How to Ace Your Keybinds

How to Edit ESDF Keybinds in RAILGRADE 2 -
How to Edit ESDF Keybinds in RAILGRADE 2 –
How to Edit ESDF Keybinds in RAILGRADE 3 -
How to Edit ESDF Keybinds in RAILGRADE 3 –

Finally, move that T key to either Q or V, whatever floats your boat. This makes your gameplay smoother than butter on toast.

If your keyboard has a classic Control key rather than LCtrl, you should set the “Follow train” command to either V or Q. This is like upgrading from a flip phone to a smartphone.

Exploring Keybind Possibilities

If you’re one of those lucky people with a fancy mouse, consider assigning the “Orbit camera” to a side button. Just a heads-up, though the middle mouse button can be a bit touchy over time.

ESDF vs. WASD: The Pinky Struggle

Switching to ESDF from WASD may feel like going from driving on the right to driving on the left side of the road. Your pinky might have to stretch a bit to reach the LCtrl key and don’t even get me started on the Alt key.

Why Preset Keybinds Would Be the Real MVP

Picture this: You’re hyped to try a new game. You get in, and…ouch, the default keybinds are like wearing shoes on the wrong feet! Wouldn’t it be amazing if games came with preset keybinds?

Having presets would save you from that “uh-oh” moment of resetting your keybinds three times before getting it right.

Making Gaming Even Better

These presets wouldn’t just be a convenience; they’d be a game-changer. No more fiddling around, just pick a layout that suits your style, whether you’re a button masher or a strategic clicker.

It’s like the game devs saying, “We get you, and we want you to enjoy every bit of the game without the homework.”

That’s it for this guide How to Edit ESDF Keybinds in RAILGRADE.

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